Which College Festival Diva are you? 

College Festivals are the place where girls meet their best friends, crushes and people they hate to love. From organizing, cheering, performing, competing and winning, the festival diva must never forget to look glamorous every step of the way. Elle 18 helps you identify the best look suited to your personality. Whether you are simply cheering for your friends or leading the core team of your college, Elle 18 shows you how to do it in style!

IdentityThe Peppy Cheerleader

Every college needs a cheerful girl who uses her energetic personality to cheer her team and gain some points for team spirit. The Peppy Cheerleader requires an energetic look that makes her stand out and get herself and her college recognized. Keep those lips moist to cheer with the new range of Elle 18 juicy lip balms.

Tasks: Cheering and shouting out innovative slogans just got simpler with a non-sticky lip balm containing Vitamin E, Olive, oil and Jojoba oil to ensure nourishing, soft and smooth lips in pink, mauve, red, berry, peach and beige!

IdentityThe Leading Lady

A college festival needs a team and more importantly a leader to run the show. She’s the girl seen running around the campus, getting things done and allotting tasks. She requires a tamed look which is smart and spunky, formal yet fun. Get the best of both worlds with the Elle 18 Nail Pops.

Tasks: Be it signing bills and greeting guests, funky, youthful nail colors in explosive shades called Nail Pops are guaranteed to make you lead the way with gorgeous nails.

Identity The Girl-in-charge

College fests can be a lot of fun and can be the ideal place to create the best memories with your friends. But every college needs a girl who is firm and means business when it comes to keeping the festival secure. For those long hours, to liven that face up she has Elle 18’s Glow Foundation.
Tasks: Checking bags, managing long lines, and monitoring crowds require a lot of work which can tire the face out. Elle 18’s Every-day silky delicate texture foundation with SPF 8 blends into your skin to give you a bright radiant look all day long.

 Identity – The Coy Chica

Not all girls can cheer loudly or lead the way; some girls silently admire the talents of others and just find college festivals a way to be with their friends. That doesn’t mean they can’t get noticed! She is the coy chica and she does have a way to get noticed with Elle 18’s Color pop liner.
Tasks: To make college fests an even more eye popping one, The Color Pop range by Elle 18 brightens your experience with Wacky shades like Gun Powder, Purple Pataka, Blue Blast, Silver Spark and Green Grenade

 IdentityThe Glowing Star

Taking center stage at a college festival can be nerve racking for anyone, but someone’s got to do it. She needs to shine on stage and let her talent come through… To help her shine like a star she has Elle 18’s Glow compact
Tasks: Singing, dancing, acting and walking the ramp just got more glamorous with a slim and easy compact. It smoothens and moisturizes the skin at the same time protecting it from the glare of those heavy lights. Shine bright like a star! 

Elle 18’s New Range of Products

Elle 18 is the iconic youth make-up brand announces the launch of its new range of make-up products comprising of everything from foundations to lip balms, making it the perfect pick for trend setters around the country. The fashionable new range comprises of a Glow Foundation, Glow Compact, Color pop liners and a Juicy Lip balm that gives teen divas the power to shed their inhibitions and look their gorgeous best. 

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