Hello people! Welcome to the last day of the Fall Party. My heart aches saying that this is the last day of a wonderful journey. Toady’s post is about hairstyles. I am going to show you 3 easiest hairstyles that are really quick and simple. I like my hairstyles quick because you all know I am a lazy girl and no matter how much time I get to get ready, I always run out of time. So, let’s see what I have chosen-

1. Messy Bun- This hairstyle has been my favourite the entire summer and I am pretty sure I am going to depend on this the rest of the year. It is a life-saver, believe me!

Source: www.thesmallthingsblog.com

2. Pony Tail with a Twist- This is another of my favourites. When I have no time to search for my bobby pins, I go for an easy-peasy pony tail. This have been my favourite since high school! Recently I found a photo on Pinterest of a really cute, edgy yet quick pony tail. It immediately became my favourite. Let me show you-

Source: www.hairsilver.com

3. Easy Braid- Braid is my another favourite for its comfort and simplicity. Braids make your look effortless and it also makes your hair manageable. Plus, it gives you that unique boho chic look! Found the following on Pinterest-

I hope you guys liked the post. I am sure you have got enough ideas to make you hair look messy and classy at the same time. With this post, I dolefully announce an end to our Fall Party. I hope you liked all the posts because I loved doing them for you. Tomorrow, I will do a roundup of the posts I posted throughout this week. Remember, this is just the end of this week. I will continue blogging and presenting you the best content. A few more interesting posts coming soon. So, please keep reading. Meanwhile, do follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates of my life. Happy Weekend. Be safe & keep smiling!

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Disclaimer: Some of the pictures in this post does not belong to me. I found them on Pinterest and loved so much. I have responsibly credited the original sources of these images. 
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