The kurti is the quintessential women’s dress in India. It is cool, trendy and highly versatile. The fact that it is still making an appearance on the runway clearly indicates fashion designers have faith in this simple yet elegant item of clothing. Kurtis provide an easy alternative to the modern woman who wants to look fashionable without having to wear wraps of cloth on her body.

Well, the versatility of this dress has seen a proliferation of designs many of which are appearing on runways and in fashion magazines. Here are some of the trending kurti designs that fashion designers in the country are working on:

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

1. Tail Cut Kurti

It has made its presence on the Bollywood carpet with fashion icons, such as Sonam Kapoor and Kangna Ranaut donning the same for social functions. It is perfect for parties and the short side on the front gives a tail-like effect on the back. It is comfortable to wear and you can accessorise with jewellery, sunglasses and flats.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

2. Anarkali Kurti

This is one the most popular kurtis and it has undergone a revolution in terms of design. Anarkali kurtis redefines your fashion style and adds a touch of grace and glamour. It works perfectly with any body shape and you can wear it to wedding, party, or even a formal event. Most models accessorize using ethnic jewelry to give it a more authentic feel.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

3. Angrakha Kurti

This is a borrowing from the traditional kurtis worn by royal court’s performers. It has received a contemporary touch of glamor and appeal. It is a simple design of double wraps tied with the help of strings. It is popular with Bollywood actors and celebrities in India. Some of those who have tried it out include Anushka Sharma, Karen Kapoor Khan among others.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

4. Trail Cut Kurti

This is one of the most popular kurti trends in India today. Kalki Koechlin and Twinkle Khanna have worn this design and it has now become one of the hottest fashion styles in the country. It features C-cuts from both sides and it comes in different materials including chiffon, georgette, silk and crape. It is perfect for day wear, dinner occasions, romantic dates and any other use. You can also pair it with leggings, skinny jeans or treggings.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

5. Dhoti Kurti

It was just a matter of time before the dhoti styled kurtis became a trend. Like with all dhoti-inspired lady wear, this kurti is having a big impact in the fashion industry. It is loose and comfortable and this makes it perfect for any type of parties. The dhoti kurtis gives a designer feel to your party wear and heads will keep turning. It is now easy to buy designer kurti online and select from a large inventory of high-quality dresses.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

6. Flared Kurti

Flared style never gets old in lady’s fashion. It reignites the ordinary kurtis into a fashion gem instantly. You can go for wide or narrow flares but remember flares are best for taller ladies.

The fashion industry in the country is buzzing with the kurti rebirth. From indo-western styles, gown styled kurtis, Pakistani kurti to the printed kurta, there is no stopping this revolution. Go on and sample some of the best kurtis in the market.

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