Winters aren’t the easiest of times. It means you have to be more careful about everything you do for yourself. In India, the weather in winter is the most pleasant of all. It is the only 3 months in the calendar without heat, humidity, or sweat. So, we Indians tend to take advantage of this season as much as possible. Winter is the time when we plan more outings, picnics, and road trips. Here, I am sharing some tips that you must consider to make your vehicle winter road trip-ready.

  1. Take Your Car for a Service: As you need to shop before your trip, your car also needs some upgrades to get ready for the trip. Ask your mechanic to check your car’s engine, radiator, and battery well. In winter, having a fast start is quite hard. Make sure the tyres are in perfect condition. It’s really important to get them checked before they hit the road. For that, you can your ride to bmw service centre for further checking.
    9 Things You Need to Check before a Winter Road Trip
  2. Have an Emergency Kit Ready: No matter if you are driving alone or with your family, keeping an emergency kit with you is always a wise idea. Your kit should contain booster cables, an air compressor, extra windscreen washer fluid, flashlights, and a first aid kit.
  3. Headlights: Your headlights need some extra attention, as during the winter you get less time for daylight. Check beforehand if your headlights are properly aimed and all the lights work well.
  4. Oil Tank: Never fill your tank more than halfway. It’s ok to stop a few more times for fuel than to start with a full-tank.
  5. Winter-ready Tyres: Make sure all four of your tyres are winter tyres. The so-called all-season tyres might not work well for a long, long trip. It’s okay to spend some more money than regret later.
    9 Things You Need to Check before a Winter Road Trip
  6. Battery: Charge your battery well before starting your trip.
  7.  Take your car for an Emission test: Before setting off on a long trip, make sure your vehicle is functioning properly.
  8. Pack Everything well: Before heading out, make sure you have kept all your documents (license, insurance, PUC, etc.). Also, make sure you have your chargers, enough USB cables, food and water, warm clothes, etc.9 Things You Need to Check before a Winter Road Trip
  9. Final Check: Your final check will be to check if your GPS is working properly. you have taken a look at the weather report, and then you are finally good to start your long-planned trip.


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