Ayurveda is an ancient science consisting of medicinal studies about the various healing benefits of natural ingredients. Experts have been using it for centuries. In today’s modern world, the scientific support provided by multiple researchers has just encouraged many more people to take an ayurvedic approach to treat health issues. As for the most used and well-known natural ingredients in the field, Yashtimadhu is a herb that is among the best ones. 

Yashtimadhu is a sweet-tasting herb more widely known as licorice. Its botanical name is Glycyrrhiza Glabra, and it is used all over the world for its many medicinal properties, especially when it comes to hair health. You can use Yashtimadhu in oil or powder form with honey, and regular consumption in the recommended amount of dosages can change your hair game forever. Ayurvedic experts have proved the multiple benefits of this herb regarding hair health, and if you’re someone who has many hair problems, Yashtimadhu just might be your key to healthier hair. Here are the different ways in which Yashtimadhu can benefit your hair-

Benefits Of Adding Yashtimadhu To Your Hair Care Routine

Soothes Scalp Infections:

Yashtimadhu is inherently full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties effective at soothing the scalp. It reduces harmful effects of dust particles and free radicals that can cause itchiness, scalp irritation, swelling, dandruff, etc.

Boosts Hair Regrowth:

This Ayurvedic herb increases the blood circulation in your body, in turn, increases the supply of fresh blood to the scalp. This provides a sufficient supply of nutrients to your scalp and helps in the regeneration of cells that help stronger, healthier hair regrows.

Improves Hair Quality:

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Yashtimadhu have soothing effects on your scalp. Deep nourishment and rejuvenation of hair follicles provided by this herb improve hair elasticity, reduce thinning of hair, get rid of problems like dull, lifeless hair, split ends, etc., to give you softer, stronger hair.

Benefits Of Adding Yashtimadhu To Your Hair Care Routine | Cherry On Top Blog
Source: thehealthsite.com

Reduces Hair Fall:

The hair growth-enhancing properties of Yashtimadhu play a role in reducing hair fall. Since it helps strengthen hair strands from the root and provide better nourishment to the scalp, Yashtimadhu dramatically reduces hair fall with regular usage. It helps you have more robust, thicker hair with better roots that don’t break off easily.

Prevents Premature Balding and Greying of Hair:

Multiple reasons like genetics, stress and more are the reasons for premature balding and greying of hair in young people. Yashtimadhu has properties that can help you combat this. It encourages your hair follicles to offer more coverage and regrow over a larger space. It is also a widely used ingredient in hair dyes as it helps stop the spread of white hair. Yashtimadhu is full of flavonoids and phytoestrogens that increase pigment production and give your hair its natural black colour.

Using such herbs has proved helpful to countless people over the years, and you can take advantage of it as there are hardly any significant side effects involved. Learn more about the uses of Yashtimadhu from Traya, a one-stop-destination with helpful information for better health.


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