Hello lovelies, here I am back with another review as promised. I actually have been trying a lot of new launches for last couple of months and thus there is a delay in posting. Last month Garnier had launched another facial skincare product which is included in their Pure Active range. This is the High Foaming face wash. Garnier say that this product has the benefits of two commonly used Indian herbs- Neem and Tulsi (basil). Today, I will be sharing my experience with this product. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@cherryontopblog), you must have seen a picture of the product. I have been using it since then. I think it has been almost a month since I started using it. I am now ready to deliver my views. So, let’s jump into it!

Price- 105 INR for 100gm and 60 INR for 50gm

Packaging- The first thing I liked about this product is its fresh packaging. It comes in a clear bottle with a regular flip cap. The packaging is sturdy, totally spill-proof so can be traveled with. The transparent bottle allows you to keep checking how much product you are left with. That’s a good thing for me. 
Product- The product is a green coloured gel-based foaming cleanser. The consistency is slightly runny. It lathers a lot thus it is true to its claim of being a high foaming face wash.

My thoughts-  I wash my face with this face wash thrice a day. I normally take two drops on my palm and apply it directly on to the skin. Only two drops are adequate for my face and neck. I like to rub this product on my skin for 10-15 seconds to form the lather (not that it requires that much of time, it is just that like too much lather on my face). The great thing about this face wash is despite being a high foaming cleanser, it doesn’t dry out your skin. I have used foaming cleansers in the past and they used to leave my skin with a stretchy feeling after every use. Garnier Pure Active High Foaming face wash is nothing like them. It rather replenishes the skin giving a natural glow to it. Every time I use this face wash I feel my skin is oil-free but not dehydrated. It makes my face soft and supple. Another thing is that it takes off all the oil from my skin (I have extremely oily t-zone) thus leaving it healthy and fresh. I don not have acne-prone skin so I can’t make a remark on that part. I can say that this product has not caused me any breakout so far.

Overall, I am totally in love with this product. This is one of my HG skincare products now. Being a gel cleanser, it suits oily to combination skin perfectly. The price is within budget. I did not find a single reason to dislike this product. So far I am happy with this product. 
That’s all, people! I hope you found this review helpful. Have anyone of you used this? I would love to know your views too. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share with your friends. Hope to follow my new blogging schedule. I will be here with a new post soon. Till then be safe & keep smiling! 

Disclaimer: PR sample but honest review. 

Contributor- Shaik Shahnaaz

Presenting, the first ever guest post on Cherry On Top. Hope you like the post. Feel free to comment and encourage our guest.

Hello all,
I am with the review of my favourite brand AMWAY ARTISTRY. We all know how Amway is quite popular in India and they do have most effective products but expensive. But trust me every penny is of worth!!!And now we are going to see about the product AMWAY ARTISTRY ALPHA HYDROXY SERUM PLUS. Now let’s move on to the review…

About The Product:

What the company claims:
·         Improves skin smoothness by over 60% in 12 weeks
·         The only Alpha Hydroxy product to contain skin-soothing oat extract
·         5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid
·         Oil free, colorant-free, fragrance-free
·         Allergy tested
·         Ophthalmologist and dermatologically tested
·         Can be used with Retin-A therapy
·         Reduces skin flakiness
Price & Quantity: INR 2299 for 30ml.
Shelf Life: 36 months
Product Description:
Amway Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus is light yellow and transparent, it is very liquidy and has sticky consistency.When applied on the skin it absorbs fully but leaves a dry layer. Maybe it sounds strange but true!!

The serum comes in an elegant cylindrical pump dispenser with pumping mechanism. When the pump is dispensed, the base inside moves up and ensures minimum product wastage.

My Experience with Amway Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus:
I got this serum from my brother’s colleague and he is an Amway agent. We all know how Amway distributors are pushy to get their products…As soon as he showed this product to me I was bit hesitant to get this because of the PRICE!!!!But thought of giving a shot by looking at its claims.  

I tell you this serum is awesome…the results were visible in the first week itself. I had severe acne problem during my college days and was on doctor’s prescription for more than 3 years…my acne was reduced but those ugly stubborn scars were there. After using this serum the redness was reduced to a great extent and my face was becoming smoother day by day. It renews your skin.

Initially I found a bit difficulty in blending because it has sticky consistency, but after it gets absorbed fully you don’t even feel that you’ve put anything on your face…even in summers…no greasiness. 

We all know the importance of AHA’s for our skin..
·         Improves skin pigmentation
·         Decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
·         Dry skin exfoliation
·         Increases sunscreen absorption
·         Improves appearance of sun damaged skin

This serum acts as a mild peeling agent too. It heals the redness and even red spots if we get due to any allergy. Due to continuous usage, there is a lot of improvement in skin’s firmness and elasticity plus it controls acne, white heads, black heads to a great extent too not even the pimples during the month time…awesome right 🙂

·          one of the best premium skincare brands
·          Controls and reduces acne to a great extent
·          Improves skin tone
·          Improves skin firmness and elasticity ,makes you to look younger
·          Reduces redness
·          Gives a good glow
·         works as excellent make up base
·          controls oil to a great extent even in humid weather
·          Acts as a mild peeling agent
·         Works as excellent night cream
·         Very mild
·         Lasts for 3-4 months

·          The PRICE!!!!
·          Availability (can get only through Amway agents)
·          Makes skin bit dry
·          Can’t be used alone
·         AHA’s will not suit sensitive skin people
·          If stopped using, skin comes back to its normal stage

Final Verdict:
I love this serum and stands true to what it claims!!! It slows down the ageing process and reduces pore size too. If you want to have younger looking skin and increase the firmness then do get it.

Well, no, I may buy this again after I enter into my 30’s to increase the firmness and reduce the ageing process and the price also holding me back to get!!

About The Writer:
NameShaik Shahnaaz
Skin color-medium/wheatish
Skin type-combi oily acne prone
Hair type-medium length wavy
Hair colour-brownish black
Hi,I am Shaik Shahnaaz and I am doing my masters in HR, passionate about skin care and makeup.  I am very sensitive girl,talkative,friendly nature,shopaholic blah blah…

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