Before writing the post,I want to clarify that I have a boyfriend since 2007 and I love him so much,secondly, I don’t own a Zenfone. The post I am going to write has nothing to do with any
of them, my boyfriend won’t be upset for this and this post won’t get affected for not having a Zenfone.

Since we started dating, wenever chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day as our anniversary comes right after it, instead we celebrate our anniversary. But I won’t deny that whenever I watch other couples enjoying Valentine’s Day, wandering here and there with hands in hands, I get little sad. I miss being with him.

Technology can get you anything and everything. Since we don’t catch up or celebrate Valentine’s Day together, I have something as an alternative. I am sure, my boyfriend won’t be jealous of it. For those who feel the same as I do, who keep waiting for their partners to finish their jobs and for those who are not taken yet, I have something that can be your ultimate Valentine. Here is how your Zenfone can be turned into a perfect Valentine-
1. A Perfect Gift: Now, you don’t have to worry about your man to understand your needs and gift as per your choice. Just ask him to leave his wallet with you and you can be your own Santa. Download any Online Shopping Application on your Zenfone and order anything from books to clothes or chocolates.
2. A Perfect Date: You don’t need to wait for your man to be free to take you to a movie when you have your own Zenfone. Watch any type of movie and don’t bother about buying expensive tickets or about waiting for your bae at the theater. Watch your movie with yourself in a cozy theater like your living room.
3. A Perfect Chef: No need to stand in a queue of a star-rated restaurant. Download a cook-book on your Zenfone and cook numerous Valentine’s special meals. The best thing is no one will point out your flaws.
4. A Perfect Photographer: Your Zenfone can be your personal photographer too. Now you have your Zenfone, you don’t need to bear with your grumpy boyfriend who makes faces wheneve requested for a selfie. Your phone is ready to click you in any pose and your perfect pout. With your Zenfone’s amazing camera you are always selfie-ready.
5. A Perfect Mood-maker: Romantic songs, peppy numbers, rock and roll no matter what your liking is, you Zenfone is able to lift up your mood and create an ultimate Valentine’s ambience
with your favourite songs playing in the background.
*P.S.- It’s all humour. Please take it lightly.  

That’s all folks! I hope you liked this post.

This post is written for the Indiblogger Happy Hours Campaign in association with ASUS.

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