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It would be an understatement to say that I dislike summers. Bangs stuck to the forehead, makeup melting at a lightning speed and pimples attacking my face are just some of the problems that my super oily skin has to face during summers. Needless to say, summers and dog days are synonymous for me. However having dealt with such a skin type for more than 5 years, I have learned about some amazing tips which help me in combatting it to an extent. Since I am an  ardent reader of beauty blogs, I have discovered some pro make-up artist tips which have helped me in doing the same. I am going to share those very tips and tricks with you in this post. Let me get started with them!


Have a break-up with harsh cleansers

I was under a misconception for a long time that by using harsh cleansers, oil will be away from my oily skin for a considerable amount of time. Clearly, I was under a false impression. I wondered how my oily skin still felt so oily just within minutes of washing it. It’s after a bit of research that I discovered that I was wrong. When you use a harsh cleanser, it strips off moisture content from your skin. In a bid to compensate for it, your skin produces even more oil. This is why it is always recommended to use a gentle cleanser that removes oil and impurities without creating dryness on the skin. My favourites are Forest essentials Kashmiri Saffron cleanser and Dove beauty moisture face wash. Use Jabong coupons to purchase them at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.
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Don’t touch makeup the wrong way

How many times have you looked into the mirror after a long, hot day and realized where did all the foundation go? The obvious next step after seeing this is taking out the compact from your purse and touching up your face to mattify it. But wait! Think for a moment! Does putting on powder on an oily skin even make sense for you? The right way to touch-up makeup is by first blotting away the excess oil by using a blotting sheet and then using compact.

Five Fabulous Tips for Oily Skin|

Use a moisturiser

Another widely spread misconception among oily skinned girls is that they should not use a moisturiser. Do not think of moisturiser as your enemy. To keep your skin hydrated, it is essential to use a moisturiser. Not using a moisturiser will also make your makeup look cakey. Oily-skinned people should user a water based moisturiser it hydrates skin without making it greasy. These types of moisturisers are lightweight in texture and get in absorbed completely. Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer is much-raved drugstore option. You can find a huge variety of moisturisers online on Limeroad. Do not forget to avail Limeroad coupons via CashKaro to get awesome discounts and Cashback offers to lower your bill.


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Layering is the key

Be it eyeshadows or blushes, you need to learn the art of layering. If you are fed up of your beauty products fading away within a short span of time, start layering. Layer a powder blush over a cream blush or stain to prolong the staying power. Use cream based eyeshadows underneath powder eyeshadows. Secure pencil eyeliners with a liquid eyeliner on top to avoid fading and smudging.


Five Fabulous Tips for Oily Skin|
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Seal your efforts with a fixing spray

Picture this: You spend more than an hour in front of the mirror, putting on multiple products on your skin labelled with labels like “Long-stay”, “non-comedogenic” and more. It’s been only 10 minutes for you in the sun and you can already feel your makeup evaporating. That is super annoying, right? Bid au revoir to such a painful situation by getting hold of a makeup fixing spray. A makeup fixing spray should be sprayed from an appropriate distance. It will help you in making your makeup last for long hours in spite of the sweltering heat you will be in.

Five Fabulous Tips for Oily Skin|
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Hello lovelies, here I am back with another review as promised. I actually have been trying a lot of new launches for last couple of months and thus there is a delay in posting. Last month Garnier had launched another facial skincare product which is included in their Pure Active range. This is the High Foaming face wash. Garnier say that this product has the benefits of two commonly used Indian herbs- Neem and Tulsi (basil). Today, I will be sharing my experience with this product. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@cherryontopblog), you must have seen a picture of the product. I have been using it since then. I think it has been almost a month since I started using it. I am now ready to deliver my views. So, let’s jump into it!

Price- 105 INR for 100gm and 60 INR for 50gm

Packaging- The first thing I liked about this product is its fresh packaging. It comes in a clear bottle with a regular flip cap. The packaging is sturdy, totally spill-proof so can be traveled with. The transparent bottle allows you to keep checking how much product you are left with. That’s a good thing for me. 
Product- The product is a green coloured gel-based foaming cleanser. The consistency is slightly runny. It lathers a lot thus it is true to its claim of being a high foaming face wash.

My thoughts-  I wash my face with this face wash thrice a day. I normally take two drops on my palm and apply it directly on to the skin. Only two drops are adequate for my face and neck. I like to rub this product on my skin for 10-15 seconds to form the lather (not that it requires that much of time, it is just that like too much lather on my face). The great thing about this face wash is despite being a high foaming cleanser, it doesn’t dry out your skin. I have used foaming cleansers in the past and they used to leave my skin with a stretchy feeling after every use. Garnier Pure Active High Foaming face wash is nothing like them. It rather replenishes the skin giving a natural glow to it. Every time I use this face wash I feel my skin is oil-free but not dehydrated. It makes my face soft and supple. Another thing is that it takes off all the oil from my skin (I have extremely oily t-zone) thus leaving it healthy and fresh. I don not have acne-prone skin so I can’t make a remark on that part. I can say that this product has not caused me any breakout so far.

Overall, I am totally in love with this product. This is one of my HG skincare products now. Being a gel cleanser, it suits oily to combination skin perfectly. The price is within budget. I did not find a single reason to dislike this product. So far I am happy with this product. 
That’s all, people! I hope you found this review helpful. Have anyone of you used this? I would love to know your views too. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share with your friends. Hope to follow my new blogging schedule. I will be here with a new post soon. Till then be safe & keep smiling! 

Disclaimer: PR sample but honest review. 

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