Hello all! Hope you’ll are doing well. So, are you done with your Valentine’s Day planning? Have you decided what to wear on that special day? If not, then I have a guide for you to choose the perfect outfit for the upcoming occasion. I have created a few ensembles to give you an idea of what kind of outfit you can choose for the different times of the day. So, here it is-

~Daytime Drama~

~Midnight Magic~

I hope you guys liked my effort. I will be glad if you get any help from this post and make your Valentine’s Day more stylish. Thanks for being here. Good luck and have a happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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It’s a bit of a cliché, but New Year’s Eve really does tend to be one of the best parties of the year.  At the same time, most people accept that Christmas Eve is actually a better night to go out, but that tends to be because people are conscious of the fact they need to be awake and ready for family festivities the next day, so are more relaxed rather than in full on party mode. Yet, the same level of effort doesn’t go into getting dressed for a Christmas Eve party; the focus is 100% on New Year’s Eve.
With that in mind, we’ve looked at some of the best dress brands for women to choose when planning their New Year’s Eve outfits.


Quontum dresses were huge a year or two ago. No, they haven’t fallen off the fashion radar, it is just that the brand has stopped getting the column inches they once were now that most women are aware of it.

For those who aren’t yet in the know, a Quontum dress combines the hallmarks of the classic little black dress with neon strips and a secret material blend to pull in any unflattering areas of your body and make you look incredible all while boosting your confidence. The perfect party dress in so many ways!

Alexander McQueen

If you have an increased budget and are able to go designer for New Year’s Eve 2013-14, then Alexander McQueen is likely to be the best choice you can make. The reason is simply that you have a wide variety of styles and colours you can potentially choose from and ensure that you look different from everyone else.
The price of a McQueen could be a downside, however, so it is not recommended that you wear one if you are travelling to an outdoor party in a city centre, for example, as the chances of rain and stray drinks are considerably higher. If you’re going to a cocktail party in a classy bar, then get buying!

Henry Holland

Henry Holland is a young and still emerging designer who has already made a name for himself in the United Kingdom, primarily through his partnership with the popular Debenhams department store. If you’re looking for something young, chic, and probably featuring an animal or a unique print, then Holland is the way to go. H! by Henry Holland is his quirkiest label, although there are some great pieces to be found in his House of Holland label, too.

Ben de Lisi

If you’re looking for something with a designer feel but want your spending to be in double rather than triple digits, then you can do a lot worse than get your New Year’s Eve dress from Ben de Lisi. If you’re the sort of girl who likes to keep her fashion simple, then this is a great label for you to use, as it predominantly focuses on relaxed fits that will leave you feeling sassy and confident, and the great prices mean it isn’t a disaster if you do come into contact with nasty weather or a stray drink!

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