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Hello all, hope you’re doing great. As you all know (only you have been following my blog), I have renewed my subscription with Fab Bag for three months. January is the last month of the subscription. So, this is my last Fab Bag as of now. Let’s see what I got inside my January Fab Bag and how did I like my Fab Bag- January ’15 contents. 
Here’s how the January edition Fab Bag looks like. It’s a shiny pink bag- the material is of a faux leather kind of finish. I like it but I can’t say I love it as compared to the last two Fab Bags I received. Not so much of my liking.

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked

Now, the contents-
The first thing I noticed right after I opened the cardboard box was a lovely mask- purple and glitters- my heart was stolen. I think this is a symbol that endorses the theme of this month i.e. Beauty Unmasked. I liked the idea. Now, let’s see what came inside the bag-

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
1. LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil: As you can guess, it’s a lip crayon from LAQA & Co. which is a New York based cosmetic company. I got the shade Jammy Bastard which is a beautiful peach-y shade. The most amazing part is this lip crayon gives a great coverage in a single swipe and the colour pay-off is commendable. Sadly, this shade washes me out. But, I think I would use it as a balm or stain instead of applying it like a lipstick. The full size is priced 800 bucks for 3ml and I believe I’ve got a full size of this product in my bag. Cheers for that!

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
2. Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Face Wash: I didn’t know the meaning of Moussant, so I googled it and found that it’s a French word that means ‘Foaming‘. Now I get it, it’s a foaming gel cleanser! Bioderma is one of the best known and most reputed skincare brands of the world. I’ve always wanted to try their Sensible H2O toner and now I have another of their specialties- the moussant face wash. I will try it really soon and will let you guys know my thoughts about it. So, keep an eye at my Facebook page and Instagram.  

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
3. Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection: You all might know that I had been using my Cetaphil moisturizer but it’s too thick for my skin, so I skipped it in the mornings. Then came this Splurge Daily moisturizer which is my current favourite moisturizer. It’s not too thick, not too light. The consistency is just perfect for me. Most amazing fact is that it’s handmade and does not contain any harsh chemicals. I have been using this for three days now and I have already become a big fan of this product. I think I should write a full review on this product soon.

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
4. Seasoul Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask: It’s a coincidence that I was looking for a mud mask for quite sometime and couldn’t decide what to get. Then came my January Fab Bag and what I get to see is this! I have not tried anything from this brand before, it’s totally new for me. Dead sea mud is rich in minerals which provides the skin the essential minerals that it needs. Apart from the Dead Sea mud, this mask also contains some other ingredients, one of which is Moroccan Argan. How cool is that! This mask is for dull, dry and acne-prone skin. I will use it soon and write a review for you guys. 

What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
What’s In My January ’15 Fab Bag?| Beauty Unmasked
That’s all for my January’15 Fab Bag. Hope you liked the products that I got in this month’s bag. I liked all of them. This bag focuses on the inner beauty and the needs of the skin which is a great thing to follow this new year. Here my 3-months subscription with Fab Bag comes to the end. I am not sure if I would renew my subscription at this moment or not, but if I do I will surely let you guys know. Before I conclude, I want to remind you guys that Cherry On Top is completing it’s 2nd year on 13th of January and I am hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page on that particular day to celebrate the 2nd blogversary of my blog. Make sure you check out the giveaway on the 13th. 

Thanks for reading. See you next time. Till then stay safe and keep smiling!

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In case if you’ve missed reading them-

Hello all, here I am with a new post and as I promised in my previous blog post, this is going to be a review/unboxing/unbagging of my Fab Bag for December. If you have read my previous post then you would know that I have resubscribed with Fab Bag and I got some lovely products in my November Bag. The same happens with this month’s bag- I have got quite nice products this month too. Let me show what came inside the December bag.

First thing first, the look of the bag for this month is beyond pretty. The bag is made of a faux leather type material with a studded texture. The bag is in red colour that goes very well with the Christmas theme. Now the products-

Fab Bag December 2014

Deborah Milano Rossetto Atomic Red Lipstick- 07

Deborah Milano Rossetto Atomic Red Lipstick- 07

1. Deborah Milano Rossetto Atomic Red Lipstick- 07: I am thankful to Fab Bag for including a full size lipstick in this month’s bag and that too of a brand like Deborah Milano. I really liked the shade as this shade complements my skin tone a lot. Don’t you think it’s very close to the Pantone’s colour of the year, Marsala?

Tattva Body Butter & Lip Scrub Vanilla Cinnamon

2. Tattva Body Butter & Lip Scrub Vanilla Cinnamon: Every month, Fab Bag introduces a new brand and send some samples out to try. This time it’s a brand called Tattva. I have received a sample size body butter filled with a delicious smell and a sugar-based lip scrub. I am really forward to use the products very soon.

 Kronokare Itsy Bitsy Massage Oil Kit

3. Kronokare Itsy Bitsy Massage Oil Kit: I am receiving Kronokare products for the second time and all thanks to Fab Bag. I have got the oils in Cooling and Detoxifying. I have not used these two yet but will start using them soon.

Gift: Chocolato Chocolatey Christmas Gift

4. Gift: Chocolato Chocolatey Christmas Gift: Fab Bag is generous to send these delicious handmade chocolates as an early Christmas present.

IndiEco Luxury Handcrafted Candle

5. IndiEco Luxury Handcrafted Candle: I am into scented candles these days and it seems Fab Bag knows me too well. This particular candle has a lemon-grass scent which is really soothing after a tiresome day. This brand is run by a lady named Payal Tyagi and the wonderful fact about this brand is it is a result of the labour of the women of lesser means. I am glad to receive this candle in my December Fab Bag.

What’s in My December Fab Bag?

What’s in My December Fab Bag?

So, that’s all for my December Fab Bag. Hope you liked the products. From this lot, my favourites are the lip scrub, the lipstick and the candle. Don’t forget to tell me which one did you like. Also, Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope all your wishes come true. Will talk to you in my next post. Till then stay safe and keep smiling!

What’s in My December Fab Bag?

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Hi guys, I hope all of you are doing great. I am sorry for the delay in posting. I was in an emotional state for a few days as my boyfriend’s aunt was admitted to hospital and later she was in Coma and finally passed away last Sunday. It was a nervous and emotional instability that we had to go through for almost a week and I constantly had to comfort him as he is a very inhibited person. That was not easy, to see a person die and then be strong to make someone else strong.

Anyways, let’s get into the post now. If you are reading my blog from yesteryear then you would know that I had subscribed for a monthly subscription service named ‘Fab Bag’. My subscription was for 6 months and when it ended, I did not resubscribe. But recently when they revealed their November Bag, I had got enough reason to resubscribe (Stick to the post and you will get to know why). So, I resubscribed for 3 months. Fab Bag has impressed me this time because I loved the products that came in my November Bag. I know it’s little too late for the ‘November Bag’ as it’s already December, but it’s because of me as I subscribed at the end of November. Normally they ship the bags on 15th of every month so you can receive the bag for that particular month within 18th. (Dates mentioned are for my pin code, you might get them earlier). So, without further ado, let me show you what I got inside my November Fab Bag

First of all, see how the bag looks! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s gold, it’s medium sized and the chain has got a gorgeous key at the end. Remember what I said? ‘Enough reason to subscribe’! 
Products Inside My November Fab Bag
Products Inside My November Fab Bag
Now let’s move on to the contents of the bag. I have got 7 products in my this month’s bag which is very exciting, one of them being a free gift by applying a coupon code-

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

Products Inside My November Fab Bag
1. City Color Cheek Stain (Coral): This is a stick type cream blush. I love the packaging. The pigmentation is also good, not great but it is buildable. It has finely milled shimmers which is good because in winters you need some glow in your skin. It is paraben-free! 

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

2. Wella Enrich Treatment Mask: The size it came in  is very small, I believe it’s 25 gms. I think if I use it as a mask, I will finish it in a single use. I have used it once as a conditioner and it didn’t give a great result in that way. 

Products Inside My November Fab Bag
3. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment: I have heard many bloggers are raving about this brand (including my favourite, Shayoni from Sweet And Bitter blog) and I know this brand is worth raving as I have used a conditioner from the brand which I got in one of my Fab Bags. Anyways, I have not used this product yet so I can’t tell you anything about this except that I don’t like the smell at all. I will use it and then update you on my Facebook Page or on my Instagram.

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

4. Votre Invigorating Orange Hand and Foot Gel Scrub: This smells AMAAAAZINGG! this is all I have to say about it. I haven’t used it yet but I have a feeling that it is similar to the Fab India Gel Scrub that I finished a few months back.

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

5. Gulnar Handmade Soap in Lavender: I don’t know why but I don’t like the scent of Lavender but this soap smells really nice. I am so much into handmade soaps now so I will try it for sure. I haven’t started using it but as soon as I do, I will let you know my views. 

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

6. All Good Scents Perfume Essentials: I think this is the first time I have received a perfume sample in my Fab Bag ever since I subscribed to them. I would want to appreciate them for this. Receiving a perfume sample in your subscription bag/box is surely much more gratifying than receiving a nail polish remover. This particular scent named Radiant has a beautiful musky fragrance which is very warm, not too strong. This sample has a spray nozzle which is amazing!

Products Inside My November Fab Bag

7. Free Gift: Kronokare Body Lotion and Shower Gel Kit: This is the product/kit I got as a free gift for applying a coupon code. It is my first time using this brand. I always wanted to use Kronokare as this brand offers a huge variety of products which are sans SLS and Parabens which is awesome. I have started using the body lotion and it smells lovely, very soothing and really moisturizing. 
Products Inside My November Fab Bag

I  also got a booklet in my bag which contains all the descriptions for the products that I received in the bag along with some other products available in the Fab Bag website with some discount coupons. 

So, that’s all for my November Fab Bag. I hope you liked the  products. I really liked what I got in my bag. I have also received my December Fab Bag yesterday and I am excited to show you what I got inside it as I liked them so much. I will post it within two days, so don’t forget to check out that. Till then, goodbye! 

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Hello all! I was missing in action for a long time. Actually I had lost my enthusiasm and the will and determination somewhere. I know this cannot be an excuse but I had to tell you what happened to me. Anyways, as I am back, I want to share with you guys the review about a product that I loved during the month of February. If you read my January Favourites post, you must have seen a product I mentioned there. Yes, I am talking about the much raved product, the Naked Potion Lotion. 
I received this product in my January Fab Bag (read about the January Fab Bag here) and since then I am loving this product a lot. Naked is an organic skincare line by the gorgeous supermodel, Lisa Haydon. The thing I liked the most about this moisturizer is it is 100% organic and preservative free. 
Product Category: Moisturizer
Brand: NAKED
Price: 1,300 INR for 200gms (Available at

NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon

Packaging: The Naked Potion Lotion comes in a glass jar with a metallic gold screw cap. A small note about the product and the brand, printed on a hand-made paper, also comes attached with the jar with a jute twine. The packaging makes the product more natural and rustic.
NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon

NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon
NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon
The Product: The Naked Potion Lotion is a light-weight moisturizer with a lotion-like consistency. The cream is white in colour. It has Aloe, Rose hip oil, Geranium, Avocado and Lavender extracts which nourishes the skin and revitalizes it. 
On my hand


My Experience: My first impression about the product was ‘OMG! It’s by Lisa Haydon!”. Lisa, I think, is one of the hottest supermodels and is blessed with a great skin. At first, when I received the product, I was happy because I thought it will help me get a fresh and dewy skin like Lisa Haydon. And, it did. I have used it throughout the month of February and as it was cold, my skin didn’t act up. The cream, as I told you earlier, is very light-weight and blends very well into the skin. It has a cooling effect to it that your skin feels rejuvenated at once. It gives the skin a dewy finish that is good for dry skin beauties. As my skin is super-dry in winters, it’s good for me in winter but in summer it accentuates my oily zones and my skin looks greasy. The cream has a nice and fresh fragrance that keeps reminding you that it’s a 100% organic product. As this is a pure organic product, it’s best before 3 months from the date of packaging and lasts longer if stored in refrigerator. My overall experience with this product is good. I think it’s good for me to use it during winter than in summer.

My rating- 9/10

Will I buy it again- Yes, in the next winter!

I highly recommend this product to all dry skin beauties and those who have oily/combination skin, you can also try it in winters.

Thanks for reading the review throughout. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment down below. Have a great day ahead. See you next time with a haul post J

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Hi all! I hope you all are doing great. Temperature her is increased a bit, so now I am always in a comfy and warm mood. I know I am running a bit late in blogging, I am not posting regularly. I want you to know that my studies for Post-Graduation have began and I am always filled with Edward II or The Tempest, so blogging has become slower than ever. Nevertheless, today I am going to post a sneak-peek of what I got in this year’s January FAB BAG. So, let’s jump into the post.
As I told many times before that I have been so lucky since I subscribed to the Velvette Fab Bag. I hhave never got anything that has disappointed me so much. This month’s bag was not an exception. I have got some lovely products, one of which is a lip product that made me happy J
This is the overview of what came in my January Fab Bag-
The January Fab Bag is the worst bag I have received after the October one. It is a red coloured bag which is so cheap-looking. I didn’t like the bag at all.
Here is the list of products I received in the Bag-
1. Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment- Antique Bronze
2. Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter
3. Naked Potion Lotion
4. The Nature’s Co Spearmint Body Wash (Bonus)
The lip gloss is my favourite product from this bag. This is an everyday n*de shade with some shimmers.
This body butter is less like body butter and more like a concentrated lotion. It smells like mango smoothie and reminds me of the ‘mango days’ in summer.
The Naked is a handmade, organic skincare line by supermodel Lisa Haydon. I have got the Potion Lotion by Naked which is a face moisturizing lotion. I love this because I love using organic products and it’s also preservative free.
The card provided by the website which consists of the products-list, says it’s the The Nature’s Co Lavender Body Lotion whereas I actually have got The Nature’s Co Spearmint Body Wash. Anyways, I personally didn’t like the strong minty smell. But I don’t mind using it as it’s a bonus item.
Also, I have got this cute calender 🙂
The overall experience with the January Fab Bag is great. I have got some nice products including a Sally Hansen and a Naked product. With this, my 3 months subscription comes to an end and I am definitely convinced to subscribe again.
Thanks for reading my post everyone. Now here is a news for you. I have just created a Facebook page for this blog. I want to thank everyone who have Liked this page and those who have not liked my page yet, please do it now. I need your love and support. I am also listing my other social networking sites below-

 Be safe and be happy always. Good Night 🙂

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a great Christmas and you must be busy getting prepared for the New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe that New Year is around the corner. Feeling really excited! I have a hell lot of things listed for shopping and now wondering how would I manage to accomplish it. Anyways guys, I have just got my first ever Fab Bag in my hands today.

In case you are wondering, this is just the old wine in a new bottle. Vellvette Bag has now just changed their name to Fab Bag. But I personally liked their previous name. Anyways, let’s see how Fab is the bag-

The bag is just the typical black bag primped with some colourful stars on it which I found to be really gorgeous and very significant keeping the ongoing festivities in mind. They have done a good job on the bag, I must say. Here is a look of the bag-

This is the overview of what I got inside the bag-

Products that I got in this month’s Fab Bag-

1. MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss- Shocking Pink
2. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Conditioner
3. LA Splash Nail Splash- Blowfish Purple
4. Bonus: Anna Andre Nail Enamel Remover

What I love about this gloss is the shade. I was looking for a barbie pink lipstick for a few weeks and I got this in my December Fab Bag. Though MUA is nowhere a ‘deluxe’ brand but still I love it as I have never used any lip product from MUA. Also, it’s going to be my first pink lip-gloss. I have no idea why I didn’t got any description card with this product.

This will be my first product from this brand. I have seen some bloggers got this in their November Vellvette Bag. I loved the packaging and the product also seems to be good. I haven’t used it yet but I will in a few days.

This will be my third pink/fuchsia nail paint that I got this year. I liked the colour. The top part of it got some dents which I didn’t like at all. I am yet to use it.

I don’t get the point of sending a nail paint remover in a beauty subscription bag, that too from a brand like Anna Andre. It may have been Sally Hansen. Nevertheless, this remover says it’s Acetone free and enriched with Vitamin E. That sounds good. Let’s see how good does it work.

I have been lucky since I have subscribed for the Vellvette/Fab Bag this year. Where I heard a lot of bloggers sharing their disappointments, I found my bag full of pretty good products. Then comes the question how Anna Andre and MUA are ‘deluxe’ brands. But as the nail paint remover came as a bonus, I don’t mind either it is from a deluxe brand or else. Talking about organizing, I must consider it as a big mistake how the Team Fab Bag have forgotten to include a description card with the lip gloss they sent.

You can subscribe for your Fab Bag here.

Overall, I liked my this month’s Fab Bag and what came inside it. I am pretty much satisfied with what I got. The nail paint and the lip gloss appears to be very good. I haven’t used the conditioner and the nail paint remover yet but I hope they work good for me.

That was it guys. I will come up very soon with another new post. Till then, be safe, be happy. Good Night 😀

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