Maybelline Color Sensational range is one of my favorites now. And, what I like for regular use is 205 Nearly There. It’s a great color to wear whether it’s day or night. It’s such a cute pinkish nude color. I actually not fond of nudes and naturals, I love pinks, mauves, berries and such vibrant color. But after using this I am shocked to see that nudes can also look cute.
So, let’s review this.

Without Flash
With Flash
With Flash – Applied 2-3 times

Brand- Maybelline
Type- Lipcolor
Price- 375 INR

With Flash

Without Flash

1. It has a nice smell.
2. Moisturizes your lips for long.
3. Glides on your lips easily.

Color doesn’t come out in a single application.

Hey gals! First of all I want to thank all the people who supported my initiative to write reviews and leading a lifestyle blog. I want to thank all my reader, followers and supporters. Pink and Peaches is nothing without you.

Coming to the post today, this is Monday again and it’s REVIEW TIME!! This is my very first nail polish review and my first try to do an NOTD. I don’t know whether I did it right or not, but, I know that you guys will correct me if not. Let’s jump into the review.

Today I am going to review one of my favorite nail colors, Lakme True Wear Nail Color in Classics-1 Sabyasachi. I love this color so much. My sister has bought me this nail paint and since then I am in love with that.

Brand: Lakme
Type: Nail Color
Price:  90 INR for 9ml (I got some discount)

This nail color has a very stunning color, a dark pinkish-mauvish-brownish (I don’t know what really is it!). I love it, it so compliments my skin-tone. I love the density of the liquid. It doesn’t spread on the nails, it gives a nice finish in one stroke.

1. Dries fast.
2. Easy to apply.
3. Nice color.
4. Nice density.

That’s it gals. Please rate and comment if you find this review good. Thanks for reading. Tell me what is your favorite Lakme nail color and why.

Hello lovelies! Every Wednesday I will be posting one or more products review which I like the most.

Today, I am going to review Garnier BB Cream. Garnier BB Cream is India’s first Beauty Benefit cream. It is a miracle skin protector that perfects the skin in a blink. It works as it claims. It is a real miracle.

With the pack

In my bare hand
After blending

You can use it to prep your skin before make-up. It can also be used as a face primer. If you don’t like using foundation in day time, Garnier BB cream is best for you. It’s a moisturizer, it makes your skin glow, it’s a perfector and it’s TINTED!!!
Brand- Garnier
Type- BB Cream
Price- 199 INR for 40gms
What I like about the Garnier BB Cream :
*It gives you a subtle look.
*Doesn’t cover your actual skin tone, it actually perfects it.
*Moisturizes for almost 8 hours.
*Contains SPF 24.
*Makes the skin glow.
*Lasting Fairness.
What I don’t like about the Garnier BB Cream :

*40 gms is the highest quantity they produce. They should make a bigger pack. I use it everyday!!
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