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Hello all, if you remember I had posted a picture of me with Ajoy Sengupta, the National Makeup Artist and Training Head for Givenchy India. If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, then here is the picture (do follow me on Instagram ^_^)

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So, last week I got an opportunity to meet Ajoy at the South City Mall, Kolkata and get a makeover done by him. I couldn’t be happier! On meeting we greeted each other then he went on introducing me to the Givenchy cosmetics. That was my first time to a Givenchy counter. I was head over heels in love with the cosmetics waiting there for me. Ajoy showed me some of their classics and also some of the new launches and both of the categories were absolutely to die for. I got to see and touch their Le Rouge lipsticks, the ones with gorgeous black leather packaging for the first time. Here are some pictures of the products-

My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|

My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|
My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|

After we had discussed about the products and the brand, we headed straight to the makeover session. We decided on to go for a neutral yet gorgeous Christmas Party Look with neutral eyes and bold lips. My favourite! 
He started off by cleansing my face in order to remove any trace of makeup from my face. Then he went on to apply a serum to my face. He said serum works better than moisturizers because they sink into your skin quickly and effortlessly. Thus it gives a natural look to the makeup you put on afterwards. Then he applied another product from their Hydra-Sparkling range which hydrated my skin and gave it a glow instantly. My skin was so soft, supple and radiant after the skincare session. [All products will be listed at the end of this post.]
Coming to the makeup part, he began with priming my face so that the makeup stays for the longer period of time. Then he went off straight to the eyes as we were going to work with shimmery shades and it was obvious that there might be some fall-outs. First, he applied a black kohl pencil as close to my lash-line as possible and also between the eyelashes to give it a smokiness. Instead to drawing a proper line, he chose to smudge it a bit while proceeding towards the inner corner of my eyes. Then he went on to apply a dark brown shade from one of their Prisme Quatour eyeshadow quads to the outer corner of the eyes and blended it inwards leaving the inner portion nude . Then he took a shimmery orange shade on the inner corners outwards till about half way across the lids. Keeping it nude with no dark color helps to keep the light/ bright color and intensity/pop of color. Then from another quad he took a pale gold eye shadow and applied it to the inner corners of my eyes to give it some pop of colour and at the same time it gave an illusion of wider eyes. He chose a pencil liner over a liquid liner to line my eyes. We opted for a brown eyeliner as it seemed to look more natural. Then he went to the chocolate brown shade again and went over that liner and smudged it a bit creating a diffused wing at the end. With the same dark brown shade he lined the outer half of my lower lash line and for the inner half he used the same pale gold shade. As there was a lot of shimmer going on on the eyelids he decided to choose a matte compact powder to define my brow-bone area. He finished it off with applying a few coats of mascara. He also defined my brows. The finished look was so beautiful and that too using a few products. Here is a closer look to the eye makeup before mascara-
My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|
After the eyes, he started doing my base makeup. He started with applied a foundation to the center of my face- forehead, nose, cheeks and chin then began blending it well to the rest of the face. Then he applied a dust of loose powder to set the makeup, a bronzer to define my cheek bones and give a bit of structure to my face and finally he finished off with a bit of blush on to the apples of my cheek to give some flush to my face. For lipstick, I chose to wear something other than red so I ended up choosing a bright coral shade as it was matching my outfit. Here is the finished look-
My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|

My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|

List of Products Used-
Hydra sparkling Sap Serum 
Hydra sparkling Radiance Booster 
Acti’Mine Primer – mango 
Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation #6
Prisme Quatour Braise 8 ( orange and brown) 
Prisme Quatour Impertinence 4 ( dull gold) 

Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil (black and brown)

Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara

Lip pencil #3/ #4 
Le Rouge Lipstick #305 Rouge Égérie (orange coral) 

Things that I learnt from Ajoy Sengupta-
  • Let your moisturizer sink in to your skin before you start your makeup.
  • A hydrating serum is always better than a moisturizer because it sinks in to the skin very well.
  • Start applying the foundation from the center of your face as the light hits the center first.
  • Lining the lower lash line completely would make you eyes appear smaller. Instead, line it half way through with darker colour and add lighter colours towards the inner corners.
  • Applying light shimmery shades to the inner corners would make your eyes appear winder.
  • Don’t skip contouring your face as it gives a depth and definition to your face, especially if you are going to be clicked. 
  • Lastly, do not skip your skincare regime. A properly maintained skin is the best canvas for any makeup.  
I will try following these tips and incorporate a lot of his techniques to my makeup routine. It was really a fun time learning about makeup with Ajoy. This makeup look is also suitable for New Year’s Eve. 
My Givenchy Makeover: Bronze Smoky Eyes & Bold Lips by Ajoy Sengupta|

Did you know?
Givenchy, founded in 1952, was the first brand to introduce eye-shadow quads to the makeup industry. 
Today is the 31st guys, New Year is a few hours far. I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2016. Be safe & keep smiling!

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