January Fab Bag

Hello all! I was missing in action for a long time. Actually I had lost my enthusiasm and the will and determination somewhere. I know this cannot be an excuse but I had to tell you what happened to me. Anyways, as I am back, I want to share with you guys the review about a product that I loved during the month of February. If you read my January Favourites post, you must have seen a product I mentioned there. Yes, I am talking about the much raved product, the Naked Potion Lotion. 
I received this product in my January Fab Bag (read about the January Fab Bag here) and since then I am loving this product a lot. Naked is an organic skincare line by the gorgeous supermodel, Lisa Haydon. The thing I liked the most about this moisturizer is it is 100% organic and preservative free. 
Product Category: Moisturizer
Brand: NAKED
Price: 1,300 INR for 200gms (Available at

NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon

Packaging: The Naked Potion Lotion comes in a glass jar with a metallic gold screw cap. A small note about the product and the brand, printed on a hand-made paper, also comes attached with the jar with a jute twine. The packaging makes the product more natural and rustic.
NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon

NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon
NAKED Potion Lotion by Lisa Haydon
The Product: The Naked Potion Lotion is a light-weight moisturizer with a lotion-like consistency. The cream is white in colour. It has Aloe, Rose hip oil, Geranium, Avocado and Lavender extracts which nourishes the skin and revitalizes it. 
On my hand


My Experience: My first impression about the product was ‘OMG! It’s by Lisa Haydon!”. Lisa, I think, is one of the hottest supermodels and is blessed with a great skin. At first, when I received the product, I was happy because I thought it will help me get a fresh and dewy skin like Lisa Haydon. And, it did. I have used it throughout the month of February and as it was cold, my skin didn’t act up. The cream, as I told you earlier, is very light-weight and blends very well into the skin. It has a cooling effect to it that your skin feels rejuvenated at once. It gives the skin a dewy finish that is good for dry skin beauties. As my skin is super-dry in winters, it’s good for me in winter but in summer it accentuates my oily zones and my skin looks greasy. The cream has a nice and fresh fragrance that keeps reminding you that it’s a 100% organic product. As this is a pure organic product, it’s best before 3 months from the date of packaging and lasts longer if stored in refrigerator. My overall experience with this product is good. I think it’s good for me to use it during winter than in summer.

My rating- 9/10

Will I buy it again- Yes, in the next winter!

I highly recommend this product to all dry skin beauties and those who have oily/combination skin, you can also try it in winters.

Thanks for reading the review throughout. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment down below. Have a great day ahead. See you next time with a haul post J

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Hi all! I hope you all are doing great. Temperature her is increased a bit, so now I am always in a comfy and warm mood. I know I am running a bit late in blogging, I am not posting regularly. I want you to know that my studies for Post-Graduation have began and I am always filled with Edward II or The Tempest, so blogging has become slower than ever. Nevertheless, today I am going to post a sneak-peek of what I got in this year’s January FAB BAG. So, let’s jump into the post.
As I told many times before that I have been so lucky since I subscribed to the Velvette Fab Bag. I hhave never got anything that has disappointed me so much. This month’s bag was not an exception. I have got some lovely products, one of which is a lip product that made me happy J
This is the overview of what came in my January Fab Bag-
The January Fab Bag is the worst bag I have received after the October one. It is a red coloured bag which is so cheap-looking. I didn’t like the bag at all.
Here is the list of products I received in the Bag-
1. Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment- Antique Bronze
2. Nyassa Alphonso Body Butter
3. Naked Potion Lotion
4. The Nature’s Co Spearmint Body Wash (Bonus)
The lip gloss is my favourite product from this bag. This is an everyday n*de shade with some shimmers.
This body butter is less like body butter and more like a concentrated lotion. It smells like mango smoothie and reminds me of the ‘mango days’ in summer.
The Naked is a handmade, organic skincare line by supermodel Lisa Haydon. I have got the Potion Lotion by Naked which is a face moisturizing lotion. I love this because I love using organic products and it’s also preservative free.
The card provided by the website which consists of the products-list, says it’s the The Nature’s Co Lavender Body Lotion whereas I actually have got The Nature’s Co Spearmint Body Wash. Anyways, I personally didn’t like the strong minty smell. But I don’t mind using it as it’s a bonus item.
Also, I have got this cute calender 🙂
The overall experience with the January Fab Bag is great. I have got some nice products including a Sally Hansen and a Naked product. With this, my 3 months subscription comes to an end and I am definitely convinced to subscribe again.
Thanks for reading my post everyone. Now here is a news for you. I have just created a Facebook page for this blog. I want to thank everyone who have Liked this page and those who have not liked my page yet, please do it now. I need your love and support. I am also listing my other social networking sites below-

 Be safe and be happy always. Good Night 🙂
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