How many times you carry a huge make-up bag or torso to the school or college. Never, right? But touch ups during the long weary periods is a must. Stocking up the nuts and bolts is must. So, what are the essential things that must be in your pouch? I have created a list (in no particular order) for you. Check out the list-
  • Moisturizer: If you have dry skin, you would certainly need a moisturizer during the school/college hours. Be it moisturizer or hand cream or body butter; keep them in your bag to avoid dry skin.
  • Lip Balms/Chap-sticks: Lip balms are quite important because, in school/college, we need to do a lot of job talking, blabbering and gossiping. So, our lips get chapped several times and lack moisture. Mending it by applying lip balms or chap sticks to avoid persecutions.

  •  Facial Wipes: Facial wipes come into two different varieties, dry and wet. It’s good to use a wet wipe as it contains moisture. There are several kinds of wipes available in market, cleansing, moisturizing, makeup removing, soothing and a lot others. You should choose a cleansing wipe as it does all the necessary things for you. Cleansing your face and neck during school/college is more than important.

  • Blotting Sheets: Some of you might have experienced patchiness or shine on your skin after a few hours of putting makeup or cleansing your skin. To make your skin look matte and natural use blotting sheets to blot the redundant oil from your skin.
  • Hand Sanitizers: This is also an essential thing that should be kept in your BSK. In school/college, we meet several people, go to toilet and do more other jobs that could defile our hands. So, we should use a hand sanitizer to basically keep our hands clean and prevent germs to invade into our body. 

  • Nail Clipper: Nail clippers can be proved as your emergency assistant. Think, you are rummaging inside your bag and one silly nail breaks. For a girl, when a nail breaks it feels like a heart-break! So, having a nail clipper in your survival kit is very important.
  • Rubber bands, Bobby pins: It’s almost impossible to maintain untied hair throughout the long hours of school/college. So, keep some rubber bands and bobby pins in your bag, so that you could manage your hair whenever you need to.
  • Eye Lash Curler: Eyelash curler can help your eyes to open up instantaneously. Keep an eyelash curler to transform your weary eyes to rejuvenated eyes.

  • Deos/Mists: Body odor during the periods is the biggest turn off one can have. Stinking body is certainly a no-no. Keep deos or mists in your bag to freshen up yourself.
  • Water: Always keep a bottle of water in your bag to avoid dehydration and skin impurities. Keep in mind, 8 litres of water per day is essential to keep healthy. 
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