Everyone wishes to visit Ladakh at least once in their life. It is one of the dream destinations for travelling enthusiasts. Not only is Ladakh famous for its top attractions and amazing weather, but this place has Gompas and Buddhist Monasteries too. The landscape, atmosphere, mountains, and the overall Tibetan environment are extremely appealing. Located at a whopping height of 3,000 meters above the sea level, Ladakh has amazing surprises for all its tourists. The place is a dream vacation spot for people who want to explore the natural beauty of the mother earth.

Ladakh is mostly visited in summer. Though winter or monsoon isn’t the bad visiting time, it is better to play safe since roadblocks are common in Leh-Ladakh during monsoon. Read on to know about the best places that make Ladakh the most pristine tourist destination.

Leh Palace – The Royal Mansion Built by an Ancient King

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

Commonly known as Lhachen Palkhar, Leh tops the list of Ladakh’s most popular tourist places. Located in Leh, this beautiful structure was constructed by Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. The building is a Royal Palace that holds a great history. The builder of this Royal Mansion i.e. the King Sengge Namgyal along with his family was the first-ever residents of the palace.

Leh Palace is one of the tallest Tibetan buildings. The height of this mansion makes it a viewpoint for tourists who want to admire the beauty of the whole of Ladakh from a height. If you get a chance to visit Ladakh, head to Leh Palace in the evening and watch the sunset view from the top. This Royal Mansion looks more magnificent when the locals light up the entire palace during special events and festival seasons like the Galdam Namchot festival. In this festival, people living around Leh and Ladakh gather near this Palace and celebrate the occasion.

You might have heard of the major Kashmir attack in the 9th century? Well, it damaged the significant parts of Leh Palace. However, this Royal Mansion still looks wonderful.

Magnetic Hill

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

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You can avail a car rental in Leh with a driver to explore Magnetic hill and watch some magic happening around the place. As soon as the vehicle is parked, it moves up towards the hill (opposing the force of gravity). At a height of 14,000 ft and a distance of 30 kilometres from Leh, you will find this Magnetic Hill – which is known for its magnetic power that catches the attention of tourists from different countries.

Chadar Trek

The Frozen River Expedition is a 6-day trekking trail that begins during the end of January and ends in February. The people residing in and around Leh take the Zanskar road in summers. However, the Zanskar River cannot be explored in the winters as a strong layer of ice is formed over it. The frozen lake looks like a white blanket, which is also called Chadar in the local language. Hence, the name Chadar trek.

The trek route looks like the most difficult of trails, but it only involves a flat stroll. The trek is perfect for tourists who want to explore tall mountains covered in snow and Zanskar River. The only mode of transportation to Leh is by flight. Since a considerable part of the city is covered in snow, there is no way a train or local bus can take you to this heavenly destination. But, the city and its amazing attractions can be explored via roadways. Avail a reliable Leh taxi service and visit all the beautiful places in Ladakh.

Tso Moriri

This 100 ft deep lake is identical to the Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Tso Moriri is not a popular tourist destination, but the scenic view and tranquillity are top reasons that make it a must-visit place. The background features snow-covered mountains and the surroundings boast of the beautiful hills.

As it is a less-popular destination, Tso Moriri does not receive a lot of crowds. To explore the picturesque mountains of Ladakh and the serene atmosphere of the hill station, this can prove to be a perfect destination.

Pangong Lake

Best Places to Visit in Leh/Ladakh | Cherry On Top

Located at a height of 4,350 meters, Pangong Lake is a popular tourist destination in Leh-Ladakh. The length of the lake is approximately 12 kilometres. Pangong Lake is especially famous for its length that connects India to Tibet. Roughly two-thirds of the Pangong Lake is in the Tibet region. The speciality of Pangong Lake is the colour of its water, which keeps on changing every hour. It turns from blue to light blue, green, and grey. The water changes colour several times, making it a magical lake for Ladakh tourists.

Considering the height, the temperature around this area is -5 degrees to 10 degrees Celsius. Pangong Lake is not open for tourists in winter since heavy snowfall and a freezing temperature freezes the lake. The place garnered the attention of the tourist after getting featured in many movies.

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Hi, guys! Today, I am going to write about something very quirky and fun like wigs. We are generally made to believe that wigs are for those who have very thin hair or are completely bald. But that, my friend, is not the case anymore. You can always oomph up your look by simply wearing a wig. It also lessens the time of doing your hair every time you go out for a party. I was recently introduced to who have the best possible collection of natural-looking wigs.

About Beautyforever

Beautyforever Mall Is A Global Human Hair Enterprises, Which Has Variety Of Human Hair Products, Such As Human Hair Weave, Lace Closure, Hair Extension, Colored Weave And Various Of Accessories. We Specialized In Set Design, Production, Sales. Service Over The World.

Remember the times when you had to reach a party at a certain time but you are stuck with styling your hair, using various hot tools and if you are like me, you realise you are a jerk when you are halfway through styling your hair and that doesn’t come out to be as good as you saw on Pinterest, you wish there was something that could make it easier. This is why you’ll need a wig that is already styled up for you and looks exactly like your hair because they all are made with human hair, unlike the ones you generally see in stores or on cheap sites.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

The human hair wigs on come in various textures from curly, kinky curly, jerry curly to straight, kinky straight, body wave, water wave, deep wave, natural wave. Also, their lengths vary somewhere from 10-26 inches. You can also browse through different hair colours to make the wig naturally blend in with your original hair colour.

Among the different weave bundles, I totally loved their Brazillian Body Wave Bundles because they look extremely natural and the texture is something that you can rock everywhere from parties to work or other functions. They have quite a variety in human hair weaves- Virgin Brazillian Hair, Virgin Indian Hair, Virgin Peruvian Hair and Virgin Malaysian Hair. With all these varieties, they have made sure you get your perfect match.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

They have also a 6×6 closure lace wigs. If you don’t know what that exactly is, let me tell you.  A 6×6 hair closure size is 6 by 6 Inch. A high-quality lace has strong breathability, so the bigger the lace size is, the stronger the breathability is. A 6×6 lace front closure is generally placed at the front top of your head. The coverage area is bigger. The lace closure 6×6 is 6 inches width and 6 inches length. The hair is knotted into the high-quality lace hole, smooth for touching, and comfortable for wearing.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

So, next time you stuck at styling your hair, you know where to go. Human hair wigs can sound a little intimidating since we do not know where they are sourced from but with Beautyforever, you can trust 100%. They have virgin hair bundles which means they have not been used before you. If you get used to them, you will realise that these are one of the best accessories one could ever own. So, pick your favourite now!

Holidays are right around the corner and I know a lot of you are still making your Holiday Shopping list. Well, I am still trying to recoup my impulsive expenses during the time of Diwali but I am also looking for some new clothes for me and also for some of my closest ones as gifts. Recently, I came across a website called African Mall and was excited to see their huge collection of crop top, co-ords and trendy dresses. Today, I am going to share some of my favourites with you guys.

Co-ord sets are quite popular these days and to be very honest, they look super cool as well! Be it two piece skirts set or matching sets, I am up for both as I have never tried any of them and badly want to have them in my wardrobe.

For the first set, I have chosen this black side ribbon long sleeve jacket and pants set which looks absolutely stylish and classy. This outfit alone can jazz up your everyday look effortlessly. The colourful ribbon detailing on the sides adds a little oomph to the outfit. You can dress it up with some red booties or dress it down by pairing it up with loafers or espadrilles. Both of them would complement the outfit a lot.

Matching Co-ord Set African Mall | Cherry On Top

For the second one, I went for a skirt set that has a long sleeves top and a mini skirt. How cool and sporty does it look! If you are not comfortable enough with a crop top, you can wear a tank top or cami underneath. To spruce up the outfit a little bit, wear a neon tank top and it will look so much more attractive.

Two-piece Skirt Set African Mall | Cherry On Top

Next on my wishlist were their jumpsuits and rompers. To be very honest, both these styles are totally new to me. I have never worn a jumpsuit or a romper before. I am more of a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ kind of a girl. This time, on this festive occasion, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try outfits I have never tried to have always been sceptical about. So, this time, I am keeping these items in my fashion wishlist.

For the first outfit, I chose to start with a romper. This snake print romper is a great option for those who want to look stylish effortlessly. This type of prints actually makes the entire look very rich without much styling. A good print of pattern reduces the effort and cost of accessorizing. This outfit can be worn to a party. I am looking forward to styling this with a statement purse and chunky knee-high boots.

Snake Print Romper African Mall | Cherry On Top

For jumpsuits, I have picked up this one. This shiny grey off the shoulder jumpsuit looks very attractive and sensuous. You can most definitely wear it to a party and your outfit will be a conversation starter. I’ll style it up with chunky black boots and huge golden hoops. If you are wild enough, you can also jazz this outfit with neon accessories.

Jumpsuits and Rompers African Mall | Cherry On Top

These were some of my picks from I hope you will like their collection because I definitely did. Also, let me know how do you like my wishlist. See you soon in my next post!


There are several catalogues out there for ordering women’s clothes in the UK. They allow you a variety of credit options, so you don’t have to miss out on the latest fashion. Let’s take a look at the top online catalogues for women’s clothes.


Very is an online catalogue that offers so many different types of products. From homeware, electronics, toys, clothing and a whole lot more. There is a wide range of women’s clothing available on this website, they are super high quality and one-off pieces that you will not be able to find elsewhere. When you order with Very, you can pay outright or you can sign up to one of their credit options including “take three payments” and a minimum monthly payment until your account is settled.


list of top online catalogues for women's clothes | Cherry On Top

For the hottest catwalk looks recreated for you, SimplyBe is one of the top online catalogues for women’s fashion. There are some absolutely gorgeous clothes and shoes on this website and they come in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of women. The credit options on here mean you can get some emergency outfits or some new clothes for all seasons without paying it all upfront.

Some of these credit options may not be available to you, but luckily there are some catalogues which are more lenient with their credit checks, often known as bad credit catalogues.


This catalogue doesn’t just stock women’s fashion but it is one of their best sellers. This catalogue has such a wide range of clothes that you are guaranteed to love. This site gets its name because it is always adding new clothes to the collection so you can always stay up to date on what is hot. In addition to some original fashion brands, you can also find clothing and shoes from all the brands you already know and love including Converse, Mango and SuperDry.


list of top online catalogues for women's clothes
list of top online catalogues for women’s clothes | Cherry On Top

Grattan is an online catalogue that has been strong for over 100 years and it has such a wide range of fashion no matter what your taste might be. Grattan gives you many incentives to sign up including a big discount off your first order. Top brands worth with this online catalogue and you can also discover some new ones that you absolutely love.


For women who are a little larger and looking for all types of fashion, this is a catalogue worth signing up for. The clothes on this website look way more expensive than what they actually are, and there are regular sales so you can save even more money on your purchases. Signing up for a credit account on FashionWorld right now will actually give you 30% off your first order and there is no interest until March 2020.


Online catalogues in the UK have grown in popularity over the years. If you love the convenience of having your chosen fashion delivered right to your front door and you want to pay for your clothes over time, this could be the perfect choice for you. Hopefully, this list of top online catalogues for women’s clothes has helped you out in deciding where to shop.

No matter the size of your bedroom, there is a need to develop creative solutions to make good use of your bedroom space. When you use creative storage solutions for bedrooms, you can transform a small room into a cluster-free and cosy space. The following are some of the ideas you need to implement in your bedroom to make good use of the available space:

Maximize the Space under your Bed.

It is one of the easiest ways of adding some extra storage space in your bedroom. You can achieve that by buying a storage bed, create some storage space under your bed, or raise your bed and install some storage containers.

Get a Simple Bedroom Bench or table.

It is a simple technique of creating some space for some items in your bedroom and is ideal for both small and large rooms. You can place items such as pillows, blankets, or anything else in your bedroom. Usually, the benches are placed at the end of a bed, but you can place them anywhere you want. If you decide to have a bedside table, opt for one that has drawers and shelves.

Built-In Shelves.

If your bedroom has inadequate space to build regular shelves, you need built-in shelves. Alternatively, if you want to store clothes in particular, you may want to install a fitted wardrobe instead of shelving. In both cases, the design allows homeowners to place their items inside a storage section which will be flush with their bedroom walls. Once you have the shelves in the bedroom, you will not need to worry about the falling of your precious items and breakage.

Use Trunks.

Trunks are effective solutions for adding some storage space in your bedroom. Usually, the trunks are placed under a bed and can be used to store items such as blankets, pillows, and clothes. You can buy one large or multiple small units.

Install Hanging Shelf Organizers.

It is a perfect solution if you have limited space in your bedroom. Most of the units have ample space for items such as shoes, comforters, and clothes.

Make use of Storage Cubes.

Storage cubes are creative solutions to help you make good use of your bedroom space. You can use the cubes to store your stationery, clothes, among other things. The units come in a wide range of colours and are ideal for a teenager’s bedroom.

Knee-Wall Storage.

The storage solution can be built at one of the corners in your bedroom. It is built inside a wall to save some space. It is an ideal storage solution for a kid’s bedroom as they will not be tempted to climb.

Use Mirrored Door Wardrobe.

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms | Cherry On Top

A typical wardrobe may take ample space in your bedroom. A sliding mirrored wardrobe will provide storage for your clothes and also save some space that typical closets would take when doors are opened.

Dressing Table.

Buy a dressing table with a narrow design with some storage space. The dressing table will provide some space to stash your items.

Bookcase Headboard.

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms | Cherry On Top

It is a creative storage solution for all sizes of bedrooms. The units have multiple shelves which you can use to store books and other items in your bedroom.

The wedding day will come and go but the photos that will be shot on the wedding day will be cherished for many years to come. Exceptional photographers g will combine art and science to capture your wedding photos perfectly. There are plenty of photos that should be taken during your wedding day and this article discusses the must-have photos. Check them out:

  1. Getting ready photos

The getting ready photos that you should ensure are taken include photos like one the bride having her hair made and when she is being applied makeup. Have a photo of the gown taken as it is hanging on a padded hanger. Taking some life shots like the shoes of the bride and the jewelry will also make some beautiful photos for your album.

A detailed shot of the bride and the bridesmaid’s bouquet should also be included in the getting ready photos. Have some photos of the mother of the bride zipping or buttoning the wedding dress. One photo that should not miss is the reaction of the bride to the wedding gown and another one that should not miss is the father seeing the daughter in the wedding gown for the first time.

Take some photos of the groom getting ready with the father and the groomsmen and don’t forget to take one with the best man. Those are just some ideas of the getting ready photos, you can be sure to add more.

  1. The ceremony

There are also some photos that you must make sure to take during the ceremony and they include groom walking down the aisle with his mother, bride and her escort waiting to walk down the aisle and not forgetting to take the photo of the escort giving the bride away. I almost forgot that the first photo for the ceremony should be the interior and exterior of the venue before the guests arrive.

Also, make sure to have a picture of both sets of grandparents walking down the aisle. The special moments such as the candle lighting and readings should be included in the ceremony photos too. The picture of the bride kissing is a must-have and don’t forget to have photos of the bride and groom leaving the site. A wide shot of the guests from the couple’s point of view should be taken and make sure to have photos of the couple reciting the vows.

  1. Before the reception

There are also a couple of photos that should be taken before the reception or before the ceremony. Make sure to have a photo of the bride and groom together (alone) and not forgetting a photo of the bride with her mother as well as a photo of the bride and her dad. Have a photo of the bride with both parents and a photo of the bride with her entire family.

On the groom’s side, make sure to take a photo of the groom with the father and groom with the mother too. Take a separate photo of the groom with both parents and the groom with his immediate family as well.

A photo of the bride and the bridesmaid is necessary and so is a photo of the groom and the groomsmen. Don’t forget to take a photo of the groom and the bride with the entire wedding party. Just as with the other photos, these are just suggestions so you can be sure to take even more photos.

  1. The reception

It is during the reception that a lot of things happen and it is the time you need to make sure to take photos of the highest quality. One of the photos that is a must-have is a photo of the cake and the photo of the interior and exterior of the site before the guests arrive. Still-life of place cards, menus, decorations and champagne glasses needs to be taken as well.

The guest arriving photo should be taken and not forgetting a photo of the groom and bride arriving. A close-up of family and friends making toasts should also be taken. The photo of the first dance and the bride dancing with the father is a must-have.

Take a photo of the parents and grandparents dancing. A photo of the DJs or the live band performing will also be a nice addition to the wedding album. Don’t forget to take a photo of the bouquet and a photo of the cake before it is cut. And finally, don’t forget to take a photo of the bride and groom leaving the reception.

  1. A generational photo

If the parents and the grandparents are still alive, then a generational photo will be a perfect idea. Have a close-up photo showing off the generation of the 3 generations of the happily married women. Like take a photo of the bride, the parent of the bride and the mum of the parent of the bride.

  1. Individual bridal party shots

It is a busy day and it is very possible that you might forget some important photos like a photo of the bride and the bridal party. These photos will turn out to be very useful as it is most likely that the bridesmaid and the groomsmen don’t know each other and they are going to get a chance to know each other. The photo will also make your bridal party that you really care about them that you want a photo of a solo photo with them on your special day. Print out the photos and include them in the thank you notes.

  1. Centrepieces

You spent a lot of time picking up the small details for your wedding decoration and you need to have a picture of them taken so that they can be seeing how hard you worked to plan for the best day of your life.

For perfect wedding photos, you need to hire photographers such as wure wedding photographer who are really good at what they do.

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Ask any adult how often s/he uses what s/he has been taught at school or university. Ask to calculate the logarithm or derivative, multiply or divide three-digit numbers without a calculator – even these simple operations cause difficulties for most graduates.

Therefore, academic knowledge is definitely necessary, and often useful, but the college and the university can teach you such things that you would never have done before. Here are five of the most important skills any college may teach you.

Search and Find a Way out of Any Situation

5 Things That Your College Taught You | Cherry On Top

A modern training program does not imply a single free minute. Students receive dozens of voluminous assignments every day, and it is impossible to physically cope with them alone. Student savvy is useful for this. And overall, college teaches you to find solutions from the most difficult situations. For example, it is always realistic to ask someone to “write my essay for me,” pay for it and sleep calmly.

To Be Honest

In the continuation of the preceding paragraph, the college teaches the understanding that being cunning, flexible, and resourceful does not mean being a cheater or appropriating other people’s achievements. And by the way, the aforementioned qualities are excellent when studying in college. Even if the essay was purchased, it does not negate the need to study its content and be ready to answer questions.

Respect People

When you study in college, you automatically find yourself in a multi-environment, which consists of people who come from different cities and countries. All of them have their goals, support individual spiritual values, believe in different gods, or do not believe in them. It is this cultural pluralism that makes it possible to learn to respect people, their opinions, views, goals, and ways to achieve them.


It has been said so many times about the versatility of student life, that there is no point in going back to it again. However, the essence does not change. It is impossible to tear oneself apart between study, sports, the university’s extracurricular life, entertainment, friends, and personal relationships. Therefore, college teaches you to set the right priorities. Today, from morning to night, your priority is training, tomorrow you need to be present at the university football team gathering, and this is a priority. This is a very important skill to be able to determine the main thing at the moment.

Build Relationships

5 Things That Your College Taught You | Cherry On Top

The college teaches another important thing – a good relationship between people is almost a guarantee in the success of any business. It is important to have a good relationship with everyone in college. It is important to find a common language with senior students since only they can tell what to prepare for and, for example, warn about teacher leaps. It is important to have a good relationship with this instructor since it is beneficial to have his approval when you are in sports training tomorrow. It is important to be friends with classmates, with whom you can always ask about the latest events at the lecture if you missed something. Finally, it is important to be friends with your campus neighbours. Otherwise, your life runs the risk of becoming hell. The conclusion is as follows – you will not graduate from college without communication skills of 100 level.

This is not all useful things that can be learned in college. A college education is a real life, and after graduating from it, you will never be the same person. Fortunately, all acquired skills and knowledge will remain with you forever, so use them wisely in adult life.

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People, who know the power of a daily nap, know too of its benefit. Having a nap somewhere in the middle of your routine is the best improvement you can have for yourself. If you work from home you have an added advantage since you can lay down in your Casper mattress, put relaxing music on and have a fast nap. Those who are away from home too can get somewhere within their work or school environment and enjoy a quick nap as well. A nap lets you power up for the remaining of the daily duties.  If you have a pet you have witnessed how often they take naps, and also other animals that are not necessarily domesticated. There is a great secret that animals seem to know that we humans take for granted. We tend to think naps are for the lazy and undetermined individuals. Hence through this socialization people who take a nap feel ashamed especially in public scenes.

Counters burnout

While most naps are taken during the middle of the day. The reason is mostly since they help counter the burnout and the information overload that has been gained in the first half of the day. Although most people find naps as unnecessary, especially with the workload that is laying ahead of them. It is vital to know naps are awesome ways to boost your productivity and feel refreshed to finish your first half of the day. The difference of people who nap and those who do not is evident in their performance in tasks that they are assigned not limiting to the various daily routines of people.

Lifts mood

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap

You could have had a bad night’s sleep and considering you have to show up at work or school. The cranky mood is evident and it easily rubs off on others unknowingly. Taking a nap at your lunchtime break is the deal breaker for a fresh mood and energy boost to finish up the day. This feeling of contentment after a nap gives you a shift in your mood that is worth it. Hence, the nap stigma that most people are affected with especially when working shift jobs or 12-hour jobs should stop to enable people to experience this self-improvement sleep tool.

Multiplied alertness

A study by NASA found out that a 40-minute nap increases your alertness by 100% a better percentage outcome from the caffeinated and energy drinks we consume to keep alert. When you are overcome with sleepiness especially during your shift work for an instant as a nurse. Taking a short nap will enable you to serve people better, and careless mistakes that can occur when administering medicine to a patient are minimal to none compared to other nurses who despise taking short naps. This works all the time and even short naps after work if you have an event to attend take a short nap to glow you up instead of making you look all weary at the function.

Improves your senses

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap | Cherry On Top Blog

Our senses can be affected by a relaxed body that has come straight from a nap. Such a case is when you feel almost everything is beautiful. Viewing a sunset is beautiful, food tastes better, bird sounds or music is fantastic to hear and even weird smells don’t smell as horrible. Basically, your senses improve and become clearer and profound after a good nap. Through this, your creativity is also given a boost and you are able to easily get those light bulb moments after a nap than when you are exhausted.

Suppressed cortisol hormone

The cortisol hormone is also known as the sleep hormone. Whereby while you nap for thirty minutes to one hour your cortisol hormone is suppressed. Through this, your body is able to rest and heal effectively from any stress issues that might arise when you were sleep deprived. This is crucial since if the cortisol hormone levels increase they will increase abdominal fat, glucose intolerance and weaken your immune system which has risks that can lead to diabetes and heart ailments.

Keeps you sane

People who are sleep deprived due to poor sleep cycles tend to have hallucinations and imagery’s that they cannot even describe. This is due to the uncoordinated circadian rhythm and a mix up of brain chemicals that make you fatigued. These fake memories due to poor sleep patterns can be improved by taking short naps if a complete rest is impossible due to commitments and to keep you insane before your colleagues think you are going mad.

Other benefits

The Benefits and Importance of a Nap | Cherry On Top Blog

Napping will assist a lot while handling complex subjects and a lot of workloads that you should study in your school work. Through this, it boosts your memory when you have a nap consistently. It becomes important to retain both your short and long term memory. Another awesome benefit is napping saves your money in a unique way. If you count the amount you spend on a cup of coffee or an energy snack daily to a nap. You could have an excess of thirty dollars with you. Choosing to nap is an inexpensive and natural way of enjoying the benefits you seek out in these caffeinated products.

The western trends and habits have cocooned as to a certain lifestyle of hard work and not taking naps. You may call it a nap or siesta but enjoying it and not going different to your circadian rhythm will improve your life tremendously. The world’s great men and women were also great nappers. Some of them as Churchill, Napoleon, and Edison among others neither did nor forfeit taking their daily nap. Just as having quality sleep is important to every human. A nap has the same effectiveness especially when it is consistently taking the performance of the mind and body to a new level. In summary, since naps take only a few minutes giving it a try and practising it for a while you will be able to see the differences when you napped and did not.

I hope you enjoyed reading so much about the quick naps. Now, don’t feel guilty of them!

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Disclaimer: Guest Post

Every couple wants to remember their wedding day with fondness and pride. It doesn’t matter if they had a small immediate family only ceremony or a huge affair with hundreds of guests. This is a day that never loses its importance in a person’s life. So, how do you immortalize your perfect wedding? Good photographs and a movie would keep the event fresh in your mind and let you relive it whenever you want. The wedding should be made to be worth photographing with planning and decor.

When the Plans Are Set, Look for A Photographer

Anyone can take photos, but only a few talented photographers can bring the wedding to life with still photos and movies. Plan to hire a videographer for your special day. These special photographic experts are trained and talented at taking videos and still photographs of a wedding capturing all the most special moments and people.

Look for videographers near the wedding site and visit their websites to view examples of their work. Compare several videographers and compare their work and their prices. Then call each of them to check on their availability on your wedding date. Ask for references. Will they meet with you before the wedding so you can tell them the most important shots to get and plan when photographic work will be allowed? How long will the wait for the finished work be?

Making the Wedding Worth Photographing

Once the wedding photographer, date, and location are finalized it is time to plan the perfect wedding. This wedding should be within an affordable budget for the couple or the bride’s parents depending on who is paying for the wedding. Make the venue pop with beautiful flowers and carefully chosen décor. Choose a colour scheme and a theme for the décor.

Decorate both the wedding site and the wedding reception site in coordinating colours. Bridal bouquets should be echoed in table bouquets, desserts and wedding cake. Choose an attractive and meaningful site for the wedding and reception. Coordinate the invitations, table linens, table and place markers, and more. And, don’t overdo the décor. Sometimes less is more.

Making the Wedding Mean More to Guests

Now that you have a beautiful place for a wedding and a good photographer, go one step further and take a few steps to make the wedding more meaningful and inclusive for guests. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, thank all the guests for their attendance and the contributions they have made to your lives.

Next, tell the story of your romance and lives. This can be done in written format each table, during the wedding ceremony, or at the reception from the head table. Then, invite the guests to be part of this meaningful event. They can be invited to write messages about how they know the couple, giving blessings, or giving well wishes. These messages can be tied to a special tree or slipped into a box or another container.

The reception is another chance to include guests in your happiness with music chosen to commemorate the romance, sing-along songs, and more. There should be a time when guests can speak to the new couple and give verbal blessings. A photo booth could be fun. Disposable cameras at each table for guests to record the event from their perspective work well.

A wedding can be truly monumental if it is well planned and thoughtfully executed to include guests. The photography choices can enhance the event. A lovely setting completes the event.

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