All kinds of partnerships and couplings require commitment and cooperation from both parties. A healthy relationship must have clear dialogue, integrity, and regard for each other. There should be no power disparity. Companions should communicate and should be free to act independently without being threatened with consequences.

Can we have strong partnerships? Yes sure, it’s achievable.

What Successful Relationships Look Like

Here I decode some of the things that successful relationships have:

An appreciation for personal privacy and confidentiality. You don’t need to stay at your partner’s side constantly. While in the beginning, you two might want to be inseparable, it’s not healthy in the emotional sense of a long-term relationship.

If you have everything going right, and you two are sensitive to each other’s needs, then one way to take your relationship to the next level is to discuss things that impact you both. Finances, yes. Future plans, yes. Health, as in STIs or sexually transmitted infections, yes. And one such STI that we must talking about is HPV.

I mention STIs and HPV because partners often think that their sexual health is an individual concern. Safe sex practices are good enough, is the belief in most young people in relationships (at least among my friend circle).

I agree that in a relationship knowing everything about your partner is not always necessary. But it is required that the couple be open about their vulnerabilities especially in terms of health if it can potentially affect the other person.

Here, you might be wondering why HPV is a point of concern for many people. Why should couples worry, especially if they are loyal to each other and are committed? Let’s talk about what HPV is and how it can spread. Also, do statistics paint a picture that we should sit up and take notice of?

What is HPV?

HPV or Human Papillomavirus is the most commonly transmitted infection of the reproductive tract. Majority of sexually active people may contract the virus within months to a few years of becoming active. Around half of these infections are with a high-risk HPV type which means they can cause certain types of cancers.

Who is the risk of getting infected?

By engaging in vaginal, anal, or oral sex with a carrier of the virus, one can contract HPV. Even when an infected person shows no symptoms, HPV can still be transmitted. You can contract HPV even if you have had just one sexual partner. Years can pass before one experiences infection manifestation after having sex with an infected person.

There is an important fact that touching surfaces with HPV infection like a wart or an area or a surface where HPV has been present like a pool or shower can increase the risk of infection.

How does HPV spread ?

There are a few ways in which HPV is spread. Knowing about these is important so that one can be careful.

Body-to-body contact

It is primarily transmitted through close skin-to-skin contact during anal, oral, or vaginal sex.

Having sex orally or deep kissing

Any sexual activity, including oral sex and passionate kissing, has the potential to spread it.

The virus can also transmit through non-sexual genital touch, but this is uncommon. While oral-genital and hand-genital transmission of some HPV strains has been documented, there may be still more, less obvious routes to contract the virus.

Some statistics about HPV that you must know

  1. HPV infects around 660 million people worldwide.
  2. 80% of sexually active men and women get infected with HPV at some points in their lifetime.
  3. A large majority of cervical cancer (more than 95%) is due to the human papillomavirus (HPV).
  4. Cervical cancer is 2nd most common cancer among Indian women.
  5. Every 5 mins one individual loses their life due to HPV-related cancers in India.
  6. In India, the mortality rate of HPV-related cancers is about 60%.

With this, you can be clear about why it’s important that you and your partner know about the HPV infection.

Prevention of HPV

There are 3 ways mainly in which both people in a partnership can be protected.

  1. Safe sex practices, such as using a condom during intercourse or dental dams during oral sex can reduce the risk of infection significantly.
  2. Regular cervical screening for the virus in women is another way the infection can be caught early on.
  3. There’s a preventive vaccine as well, for which you can consult your gynaecologist.

While you can and should work on making your relationship strong, do not neglect the sexual health conversations. Know about your partner’s sexual history, or insist on safe sex only. Screen yourself and explain why all this is extremely important to safeguard your and your partner’s health and well-being.

Here’s wishing a good journey together. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any relationship advice. And to know more about HPV infection and prevention, head over to If you are shy about reaching out to a gynaecologist or if you have any concerns, you can speak to the expert on the website itself. Remember, you have to be aware so that you #DontGetCaughtByHPV.

Motorcycling can be both a sport and leisure activity. It is loved by many men and women, because it allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful nature you’ll encounter during a road trip. Riding a motorcycle is also a quick and good way to commute to your job and back. A beautiful motorcycle outfit can give you the confidence you need to take the bike out for a ride every day and will offer you good protection while you’re on the road. But not all motorcycle clothes are trendy enough to wear to work or another important engagement. Keep reading to pick the right motorcycle outfit and enjoy a lovely day without any outfit worries or mistakes.

A black or colorful motorcycle helmet

There are a number of items that every motorcycle user should purchase. Firstly, picking the right motorcycle helmet is essential. Motorcycle helmets offer you protection if you are involved in an accident. The helmet will provide protection for your head while hitting the ground or the bike, and will also protect your neck from any harm. A broken neck can be deadly and therefore a helmet should never be taken for granted.

Motorcycle helmets do not only offer your protection, but can be quite a nice accessory as well. A full face motorcycle helmet with a sun visor can give a tough bad-ass motorcyclist look that the car drivers on the road will only be jealous of. If a tough look is what you’re going for, choose a black helmet, or a black helmet with some subtle color accents. This will combine very well with a leather jacket or suit. For a friendlier look, choose a colorful helmet, such as one completely in red, blue, orange, or really any color that you like.

Trendy motorcycle gear
Source: picture from by tookapic 10-12-2015

A leather or textile motorcycle jacket

Besides the helmet, a trendy motorcycle jacket will come in handy. A leather jacket is a true fashion statement and doesn’t burn if you hit the ground. It can offer good ventilation in the summer so that you don’t sweat on hot and sunny days. However, for cold winters a leather jacket is less suitable because it does not offer any warmth. During this season, you can opt for some extra thermal layers in combination with your leather jacket, to keep that tough biker look, or try a multi-layer textile jacket with thermal layers. This jacket will keep you warm in the winter, but is too hot for the summer and could cause overheating.

Black leather jackets can give you that real tough biker look that you’re looking for, while brown leather jackets give more of an Italian summer feeling. Combine a leather jacket with a black leather pair of pants or a pair of jeans specially made for motorcycling. Jeans made for motorcycling are enforced and will offer protection during an impact, whereas regular jeans will tear and burn.

Trendy motorcycle shoes

The newest trend regarding motorcycle shoes is shoes that look like regular shoes, but actually aren’t. Before trendy motorcycle shoes were invented, most bikers used to wear their own shoes, or motorcycle boots. Unfortunately, regular shoes do not offer the protection you need on the road, whereas motorcycle boots do offer protection, but are difficult to walk in.

To solve this problem, motorcycle clothing producers started to develop trendy shoes that were stylish, comfortable to walk in, and offer great protection. These shoes look like regular sneakers or boots, but are enforced with Kevlar patches or protective layers of special fabric inside the shoes. Not only do these shoes fit better with your daily outfit, but they also take away the burden of having to bring another pair of shoes for work or for other activities.



If you are one of the many women who prefer the comfort, practicality, and style of sneakers to teeter on high heels, it’s time to discover the ideal kicks for life’s most memorable moments!

While you may not wish to wear sneakers to a wedding, there are still plenty of special occasions where a pair of stunning designer running shoes would not go amiss. It could be from smart-casual business meetings to lunch with the girls. Fortunately, some of the world’s foremost fashion houses think so too, which is why these days you will even find eye-catching pairs of Gucci sneakers for women appearing on the runway.

But how do you go about choosing the right pair of designer sneakers that will carry you effortlessly from work to a restaurant or party? Pair with seamless socks that made out of breathable fabrics like cotton or merino wool socks and ae super soft and comfortable, visit Q for Quinn Inc. Read on for some helpful tips to help you find the shoes that will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Choosing The Best Designer Sneakers For Special Occasions

Consider Your Arches

The most essential quality that any shoe should offer is comfort. This is far more vital than the label or even the shoe’s aesthetic. Casting aside those unfortunate maxims about pain and beauty, comfort is crucial to your enjoyment of any occasion, and the sneakers you choose should ideally make you feel as if you are walking on air. To help you choose the right pair, be sure to consider the size of your arches so you can find a shoe that will keep your feet well-supported. Whatever kind of arch you have, opt for the sneakers that meld most closely to the unique shape of your feet. Before you buy, give them a little ‘test drive’ to make sure they don’t pinch or rub.

Material, Girl!

Whether you are eyeing up one of these stunning pairs of women’s shoes by Gucci from SSENSE, or indeed sneakers from any of the major labels, you should consider the material they’re made of. Leather trainers are recommended, as leather is known for providing a more comfortable feel against your skin compared to synthetic materials. On the other hand, you may prefer some canvas high-tops or designer sneakers made with a breathable combination of suede and mesh. At the end of the day, the material you opt for will depend on your personal preference and any skin sensitivities you may have.

Set A Budget

When it comes to buying designer sneakers – or anything, for that matter – it’s a good idea to set a budget in your mind beforehand. Sneakers come with a wide range of price tags. Knowing exactly how much you can afford will not only help you narrow down your potential choices but can also help you avoid disappointment.

Buy On The Bigger Side

Did you know that your feet can swell by up to one shoe size during the course of the day? As a result, it’s recommended that you go designer sneaker shopping in the afternoon or evening for a more accurate fit. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying a pair that seem to fit perfectly in the morning but end up pinching your feet uncomfortably by mid-afternoon. Never buy sneakers that fit like a glove; there should always be a little room for expansion.

By using these tried and tested tips, you will hopefully soon be the proud owner of designer sneakers that will help you stand out in any crowd – and make sure you feel comfortable while doing so!

Direct mail is one of the earliest and still-used political and commercial promotion methods. Despite its antiquity, it is one of the most successful and economical forms of targeted advertising accessible to real estate business owners. Anyone wanting to deal in real estate would benefit from understanding how efficient direct mail postcards are for their business.

What is Direct Mail?

Any advertising effort that uses unsolicited mail is known as direct mail. One of the most affordable direct marketing methods is a direct mail campaign with postcards, which both large corporations and small enterprises can use.

Why Is Direct Mailing Of Postcards Still Effective?

Why would you bet money on a marketing tool better known as “snail mail”? In the end, this phrase alludes to the possibility that the recipient won’t get your letter for a few days. It suggests that utilizing the postal network to send a message is somewhat antiquated on a larger scale.

Postcard mailing is still very much in the marketing industry, even though you would prefer to get texts instead of letters and e-statements instead of postal invoices. Data & Marketing Association research shows that the consumer response rate for postcard mail increased by 43% over the previous year. Additionally, the prospect engagement rate increased by 190%. Instead of only surviving, direct mail is prospering.

Strategies For Running A Successful Direct Mail Campaign With Postcards:

  • Targeting Returning Customers: Direct mailers aren’t simply for acquiring new real estate clients. Postcard campaigns work very well to keep in touch with past clients and encourage referrals. Smart real estate postcard marketers look for opportunities to interact with past customers and give them a solid reason to do so.
  • Customize: Advertising with a human touch is quite popular with consumers. According to research, consumers are far more inclined to interact with advertisements they perceive to be personally relevant. To engage new real estate consumers more personally, provide pertinent personal information or targeted promotions in your postcards.
  • Follow-Up: Experienced real estate agents who utilize postcards for marketing plan distribution cycles and schedule when to follow up with prospects. It doesn’t always follow that a subsequent postcard sent a few weeks later won’t be successful just because the previous one didn’t elicit a response.
  • Establish A Mixed Campaign: Real estate businesses nowadays seldom depend only on direct mail. Direct mail postcards, email follow-ups, and digital marketing may be effective mixed marketing techniques. Make every effort to market your real estate company and pursue leads from potential clients.
  • Utilize Codes To Monitor Response: Having a mechanism in place to monitor response is crucial. Without monitoring mechanisms like promotional QR codes, it’s hard to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can tweak and develop your campaign going forward if you can monitor the effectiveness of your direct mailings.

Final Thoughts:

Recognize that postcard mailing marketing success requires patience. Before you halt your efforts, give them time to show results. Gaining patience and confidence in your postcard direct mail marketing will help you attract new real estate businesses and retain existing clients at a much lower cost.








In 1935, the American company AO Eyewear launched a new style of sunglasses that was then contracted by the U.S. Military and designated for the Air Corps; thus, the name aviator glasses. These glasses are intended to be worn under a pilot’s headgear, with lenses that could either be dark or reflective and made from steel frames that should hook perfectly and securely behind the person’s ears. The aviator’s large lens design is slightly convex compared to earlier sunglasses models.

For its practical use, the lenses are made more prominent to cover the whole field of vision of the user to reduce the amount of visible light entering the human eye and block ultraviolet radiation from the sun to the eyes from any angle. After the second world war, the sunglasses were made available commercially to the public.

Aviator Glasses in Pop Culture

In pop culture, these aviator glasses rose in popularity as prominent figures in music and film wore them. Among these celebrities are Slash, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Tom Cruise, Freddie Mercury, and Elvis Presley, earning the aviators the reputation of completing the “cool” outfit. It became a staple for tough guys, hippies, rock stars, military men, and more.

With the rise of the tomboy-cool chic look in the 1970s, pioneered by women like Gloria Steinem, Stevie Nicks, Bianca Jagger, and Debbie Harry, aviator sunglasses have become popular in the female market as well. This trend sold for those opting to move to the more modern jeans and sunglasses looks, a bold statement of enjoying men’s traditional style while mixing feminine values. Nowadays, blogs and websites show that you can pair every outfit with the proper aviator glasses—celebrities and influencers on the internet sport even casual dresses or the usual jeans and shirt pair. 

Various styles, shapes, and materials can fit any woman who wants to add aviator glasses to their look. Here are a few of the best aviator glasses that you can choose from:

  • The Teardrop Style

The teardrop style is considered the aviator’s classic and original lens shape you can find in most stores. Among other lens shapes, this type of sunglasses provides the most protection to the eyes from sunlight. Since this design covers from brow to cheekbone, this is the perfect shape for women with oval faces. Women with oblong-shaped faces also look good with oversized aviators, balancing the length of their faces. People with heart-shaped faces can also select this as a safe choice. These aviators can create a balance for people with triangular faces and further accentuate your face shape. 

  • The Navigator Style

Square-shaped aviator glasses, also known as navigators, have rectangular-shaped lenses to provide complete eye coverage for the user. This aviator adds some angles to your look for people with round-shaped faces, making a good balance in the roundness and corners. Heart-shaped faces also go well with these glasses, accentuating the curves of one’s face. At the same time, this is the ideal lens shape for those with longer faces.

  • The Round Style

The tea shade glasses featured circular lenses, which designers then adapted into the aviator style, hence the round-shaped aviator glasses. The round-shaped lenses are perfect for those with square-shaped faces, making their visage less angular and softening the look. Larger round lenses are also suitable for women with oblong faces, which is a safe option for people with diamond-shaped faces. 

Five Best Aviator Glasses Any Lady Can Pull Off | best aviator glasses for women

  • The Panto Aviator

The panto is another iconic lens shape defined by having a high hinge and an entire base, oval lens, creating a broad view, also known as pantoscopic. Modern brands then incorporated it into aviator glasses commercially. Panto aviators incline more into fashion than purpose, making it a good choice for those who want to look chicer in their outfit with a little less seriousness and ruggedness than the classic aviators. This is good for square-shaped faces as it softens corners. The oval shape of the lenses can make diamond-shaped faces less proportionate. 

  • The Sporty Style

For those going on activities outdoors, the sporty aviator glasses have a squared-off bottom and broader lenses to better wrap your face and keep the sunlight out from your eyes. These aviators are also lighter in comparison to other shapes. This style looks perfect for people with rounded faces, as the corners of sporty aviators can cut the angles and create corners for the face.


Whether going for a casual outdoor party or planning to look chic on your next outfit while keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s harsh rays, aviator sunglasses are perfect for you. Choosing the right inspiration, model, and colour to match your overall look with your glasses can make a whole new statement for your get-up. Remember that the essential things to consider if you’re planning to purchase new aviator sunglasses are the style, material used, and lens colour. Next time you’re going out, grab your pair of aviator glasses, and you’re ready to go.

Are you a working woman? If yes, there’s one crucial thing you must possess. That’s a bag. This is a tool you cork use to carry work-related items like pens, notebooks, laptops, files, and other documents. You can also use the bag to pack your clothes and other essentials when going to business seminars or workshops that’ll take a few days before returning home. 

For sure, a work bag is part of your professional attire. However, you need to select the right work bag. You can achieve that by: 

  1. Finding A Bag With A Durable Material 

One of the most important things to consider when finding a work bag for women is the material. This is important since the material will determine its durability. For that reason, you may want to find a bag made of durable material.  

The main benefit of choosing a durable bag is to save money. Buying a non-durable bag may force you to return to the market to purchase a new one. This will hurt your finances.  Therefore, to ensure you save a lot of money, make sure you select a work bag that’s not only useful but sturdy. 

Leather Work Bags

You can consider various materials for your work bag, with leather being one of them. With good care and maintenance, bags made from leather material can last for several years. That said, you can buy full grain leather work bags for women at, where they stock a range of handbags and laptop bags for women. 

leather work bag for women
Laptop Bag from Von Baer
  • Selecting A Work Bag With The Right Size

Although some women ignore it, size is an important feature to consider when purchasing a work bag. Work bags for women come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. 

The size selection will majorly depend on what you’ll be carrying to and from work. For instance, you may choose a small size if you want a bag that can hold just a pen, a notebook, and a few documents.  On the other hand, if you want to carry a large laptop and a few documents, you can settle for a medium-sized bag. 

However, if you consider going with your work bag to business trips and seminars, then you can choose a large bag. This enables you to pack essential items for the trip. These may include laptops, phones, files, clothes, pairs of shoes, toothpaste, etc. The idea here is to find a bag in the right size for all your work-related needs.  

  1. Purchasing Breathable Work Bags for Women 

If you’re carrying laptops and other electronic gadgets to work, one of your best options is to use a breathable bag. This refers to the ability of the material to absorb moisture and release it through the material itself.  

You need to note that, over time, moisture will likely damage your electronic tools. This will cost you a lot of money to repair or buy new tools to replace the damned ones. You could have avoided that by finding a bag made from breathable material.  

A breathable material will help regulate moisture in the air within your bag. As a result, your laptops, phones, and other gadgets will remain safe.  

  • Opting For A Work Bag With A Suitable Color

Bags for women come in different colours. However, not all of them can be suitable for work and official duties. Some colours are better suited for non-formal activities or events. Therefore, you may want to avoid buying any bag you find without considering the colour. 

Going to work means wearing official attire. For that reason, the choice of your colour should complement or match what you wear.  

While that is the case, sometimes, you may want to purchase one bag that complements all your work attire. In such a case, you may select a bag in black or brown. These two colours can go with any official attire.   

However, considering your taste and preference for colour would be a good idea. But any colour you select should be presentable in official duties.  

  • Picking A Light Bag

If you’re looking to enhance the productivity of your work, you may consider picking a lightweight work bag. This is especially if you’re walking for a long distance to the workplace. 

You’ll likely get tired if you carry a heavy work bag. And even before you reach the workplace, you’re already physically and mentally exhausted. As a result, you won’t be as productive as you should be. For that reason, you may consider finding a light work bag.  

  • Buying A Work Bag From A Reputable Seller 

Lastly, you may want to work with a reputable seller to find the right work bag for women. This is important since the quality and functionality of your bag will majorly depend on the manufacturer. Therefore, if you want to find a good work bag, it’d be a good idea to shop for it from a suitable manufacturer.  In other words, strive to purchase your bag from a reputable seller.  

Any seller with a good reputation might be an indication that they sell high-quality bags. Therefore, you’ll likely shop for the right bag from such a seller.  

Apart from the reputation, you may also want to consider the place of origin for your preferred bag. This is important because different regions or nations produce work bags with different qualities.  

For instance, you can find two leather bags, but their quality may differ significantly. One of the main reasons behind that is the place of origin.  

In addition, you may consider finding a seller who offers warranties. This lets you return the bag, especially if it fails to serve your needs effectively.  

There are several countries known to produce high-quality work bags for women. Research and buy a bag manufactured from one of those regions.  


A bag is a must-have tool if you’re a nine-to-fiver. It enables you to carry necessary items to work. This helps enhance your comfort and flexibility. However, you must select the right work bag. You can implement the strategies in this article to help you find the right bag that suits your needs.

When studying Mary Cassatt’s drawings, a few things become abundantly clear. Firstly, her skill in the Impressionist style of painting ranks among the best of its kind. Any of her most famous artworks are equal in both skill and emotion when compared to the best-known impressionist painters, such as Renoir and Monet.

Contrary to other impressionist painters who focused their brushes on scenes of nature, urbanism, or industrialism, Cassatt focused predominantly on the portrait. In particular, portraits of the everyday routines of women.

Cassatt lived during the time of the women’s rights movement, and this female empowerment is evident throughout her artwork. But most of all, for American artist Mary Cassatt, the relationship between mothers and their children captivated her so much that it inspired most of the artwork she created during her successful career.

Mother and Child (1898)

Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt 1898

The symbol of the mother and child is perhaps the most fundamental image known to humankind. Every living creature that has lived and survived on the planet had a mother. Even the Earth itself is known to all people as the great mother. But, as everything has a mother, everything was also once a child.

American painter Mary Cassatt understood this fundamental principle of the world and used it as her inspiration. Her claim to fame came from these mother and child paintings, and no artist is more famous than Cassatt in this maternal narrative.

In Mother and Child, an adoring mother embraces her child lovingly, and their hands connect them. The child stands naked and free as a symbol of innocence and purity. This painting can be seen as Cassatt’s Madonna and child piece, a famous religious theme found in classical art. It is just one of many drawings she would dedicate to this initial image.

Children Playing at the Beach (1884)

Children Playing at the beach by Mary CassattChildren Playing On The Beach – Mary Cassatt

When you think of Mary Cassatt’s artwork, images of children immediately come to mind. Her famous ‘children’ paintings have captured the hearts of many art lovers, and when it comes to conveying an impression of the innocence of a child, Mary is the best.

She painted dozens of paintings involving children. Each one uniquely embodies the magic and simplicity associated with being a child. Her paintings titled Little Girl in a Blue Armchair and Girl in a Straw Hat have been universally praised and rank among her most famous paintings.

Another such painting is her 1884 piece quaintly titled Children Playing on the Beach. In the painting, two children play in the sand with the calm ocean waves as their backdrop. You can practically feel the freshness of summer in such a way that only an Impressionist-style painting can achieve.

The Cup of Tea (1879)

The Cup of Tea by Mary Cassatt 1879

Cassatt was a well-known feminist and proponent of equal rights for women. She lived during a time of massive change for women and benefited tremendously. As a result, she became famous for paintings of domestic scenes involving women’s daily lives.

One of the extraordinary skills any artist can have is to turn something mundane, like the everyday events of ordinary life, into something beautiful. Cassatt was a master of this, which is wholly evident in this 1879 painting of an upper-middle-class woman enjoying a cup of tea.

The Cup of Tea is just one of many artworks Cassatt would produce dedicated to highlighting the dignity of women. Each painting consists of a high degree of gracefulness and delicateness. If you study Mary Cassatt drawings, her fine attention to detail is a marvel.

Feeding the Ducks (1896)

Feeding the Ducks by Mary Cassatt 1896

Feeding The Ducks – Mary Cassatt

Like many other impressionist painters, Cassatt was also known for paintings involving water. Water has always played a part in the art for its hypnotic movement and symbolic meaning; in the Impressionist movement, however, it seemed to play a more significant role than in other artistic movements.

Cassatt incorporated water into her painting to accompany and amplify her other artistic ideals, such as everyday life, family, the innocence of children, and a mother’s love. All these motifs shine through beautifully in her 1896 painting titled Feeding the Ducks.

In the painting, a mother and a daughter sit in a boat as a group of ducks approaches them. They reach out their hand to feed the ducks some bread, symbolizing the relationship between human beings and nature. They are accompanied by a second woman, perhaps a family member or a servant. The wet nurse or maid is another theme throughout Cassatt’s art.

Self Portrait (1880)

Self Portrait by Mary Cassatt 1880

As painter Mary Cassatt is most famous for being a portrait artist when most artists were moving away from the genre, it is only fitting to take a moment and talk more about her incredible self-portraits.

Mary Cassatt’s artwork involves many characters and scenarios from late 19th and early 20th-century life. Whether two women fanning themselves at the opera, or simply a woman reading the paper or sending a letter, Cassatt’s ability to portray these otherwise uneventful scenes is genuinely spectacular.

Although she mostly spent her time painting and portraying others, she also created a couple of self-portraits; however, she didn’t produce many. This can be perceived as a clear signal of her successful schedule as a painter, meaning that she didn’t have the time or the need to paint portraits of herself.


The more you learn about Mary Cassatt’s famous paintings, the more her incredible talent as an artist becomes apparent. Like other Impressionist painters, there is an unspeakable quality of wonder and beauty within her artwork that you could admire for hours on end. She is genuinely one of the best of her era.



In today’s fast-paced life, you may not always have the time to juggle too many balls in the air at all times. While some mornings you manage to slay like a pro, some mornings are sheer hell. There’s no end to work but you gotta take some me-time out for yourself. Be it pampering yourself with skincare remedies or wearing your favourite bronzer, there are many ways to look presentable. After all, it’s the need of the hour in today’s modern times, right? Though we know it’s difficult to squeeze in a lot of time for yourself, it’s not an impossible task. So, here’s a piece of good news for all the too-busy women out there, we’ve got some amazing beauty tips for you to take care of yourself and manage that everyday rush.

Keep reading to find out some of the fabulous beauty tips for all busy women dreaming to look and feel beautiful in a flash!

Effective Beauty Tips for Women Who Are Always in a Rush

Managing work and personal life is itself a cumbersome process for any woman. Not saying it’s only her job to do but if she does it, we want them to take care of themselves too. Our curated list of beauty tips for busy women is like a beautiful reminder for you to follow these easy shortcuts for looking and feeling beautiful every day. Find out how!

Plan Out Everything in Advance

One of the best beauty tips for busy women to save time is to plan out everything in advance. The maximum time we spend every morning is because of choosing clothes, deciding the type of makeup look, hairdo, and all of that. Imagine if you take 5-10 minutes a night before and plan out everything in advance, you can save your time from that morning rush of planning things out. The good you’ll plan out things before, the better and sorted day you’ll see the next day.

Prep Up Your Skin with a Hydrating Moisturiser

No matter how busy your life gets, some things should always remain a priority. One such thing is skin preparation. After you clean your skin with a mild cleanser, the next step is to tone it. It just refreshes your skin and balances the pH level of your skin. Once you’ve toned your skin, the next step is to moisturise it with a hydrating moisturiser containing feel-good ingredients. Remember, only good skin can help you achieve your desired makeup look.

Try Replacing Foundation with BB Creams

Trying to replace foundations with BB creams will help busy women save time. Foundation is a makeup product that requires proper technique, brush, and time to apply properly. Whereas BB creams are multi-tasking and easy to apply, protect, moisturise, and even tone the skin. So if you’re running short on time, BB creams are for you. Make sure to invest in one that contains good ingredients and is backed up by a well-known brand.

Don’t Shy Away from Using Multi-Purpose Products

Women love using multi-purpose products. They are easy to carry and handle making the lives of every busy woman easily glammed up. From using lipsticks as eyeshadow colour, lip tints as blush, lip gloss as a highlighter, to bb creams in place of foundation, multi-purpose products are just the best. The best part? They save your makeup bag space too!

Use Coconut Oil to Remove Makeup

Not only you would have heard of the morning rush but the end of the day tiredness too. It’s obvious women who work the whole day indoors or outdoors are less likely to have the energy to clean their makeup for hours. So here’s an easy way to remove makeup if you’re in hurry or tired by taking some coconut oil on a cotton pad. With the help of coconut oil, you easily and quickly wipe off your makeup. Trust us, the results are quite effective!

Try Using Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have enough time to shampoo and condition your hair, dry shampoos are worth a try. They can make your hair look amazingly great in only a few minutes. All you need to do is apply it to your roots and massage it smoothly. It’ll instantly make your hair look voluminous and beautiful.

Work is important but so is your skin and look. Therefore, we want all the busy women to look fresh and confident with ease and convenience. And because we value your time, we have helped you with some of the easiest and most effective beauty tips for busy women like you. Hope our tips help you in looking beautiful and healthy in no time.











Your infants are the precious little part of you that you must protect at all costs. These initial shopping sprees for your baby are the most fun and adorable part of parenting. And buying anything for them can be a stressful activity for young parents. You can consider this article as your right guide to buying slippers for girls and boys. Since we are here to know how to buy the right footwear for your kids, let me also walk you through the type of footwear you must buy for your baby’s right growth. 

  • Slippers: When you let your child take the first few steps barefoot you prepare them with the right balance. And slippers become the first great footwear option for them. When you Buy slippers for girls and boys you must keep in mind that they should provide the right comfort. For slipper shopping, it is advised that you find the perfect size so that the toddler can wear it perfectly. As a parent, you want to focus on so many things at once when you buy slippers for girls and boys. Right from the look, the feel, and functionality too. 
  • Shoes: Many parents prefer shoes as it gives this added protection to your child’s feet. If you are someone who generally buys slippers for girls then you should let her experiment with shoes too. You can even go to the store to try the right fit and let the baby decide which ones they find comfortable. I have overheard parents discussing that baby shoes with lace can lead to a potential choking hazard. 
  • Sneakers: Sneakers are the most trending shoes that can easily be paired with any outfit. They complete any outfit and can be effortlessly paired too. For parents who are sneakerheads just wait for the moment when their Kid is ready to try their first pair of shoes. When your infant is learning to walk you must provide them with non-slippery and sturdy footwear options.  
  • Sandals: I have seen many parents get confused when it comes to buying sandals as they find them to be tricky footwear. As the age from infancy to the toddler is very crucial to shaping their building bones we worry so much about choosing the right footwear. As a personal suggestion, we would suggest that you go for velcro straps instead of metal buckles. As these are easy to strap on and do not complicate the whole process of making your child independent from an early age. This is a great tip to include when looking for comfortable footwear and making your child grow on his/her own terms. 

These little time frames when you are buying absolute essentials for your baby are honestly the joys of parenting. Because soon these cute little things are going to be young adults thriving in the world outside. So try to preserve these small moments when you buy slippers for girls and boys. Some day, they will be a sweet memory.


Creating the perfect spa atmosphere in your home is all about incorporating design elements that give the space a luxury feel, as well as using ‘spa’ materials to get the desired effect. Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a heavenly retreat or you simply want to make a few tweaks to make it more inviting, the following tips will help you enjoy that spa-like experience daily.

Clear Out the Clutter in Your Bathroom

Bathroom cabinets that are overcrowded with toiletries and other things will not give your space a relaxing feel. To declutter your space, start by getting rid of any items that are outdated or have not been used in a long time. Also, store any items that you don’t regularly use inside cabinets, drawers, or baskets so that they’re out of sight. The counter space should be for those items that you use every day and hopefully, this is only a couple of products at most. Everything else should be properly tucked away out of sight.

Make It Easier to Store Items

Another way to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is to incorporate more storage options. This includes putting in cabinets to store your hair spray, shampoo, or lotion among other things. You’ll also want to install hooks and shelves to organise your belongings. To make things easier, keep all the similar items in one place. You may also create categories by separating the items into small containers.

Include Natural Elements in Your Décor

One of the simplest ways to get your bathroom to feel like a spa is to bring in some natural décor to the space. Consider placing some potted indoor plants on the floor, the countertops, as well as other bathroom, surfaces for a more natural appearance. Alternatively, you may try suspending your potted plants from the ceiling instead. Make sure that you choose plants that will flourish in humid conditions because that’s what your bathroom is like.

Upgrade Your Toiletry

Decorative elements, such as visually pleasant bath items that match in with your colour theme, may help to reinforce the spa atmosphere. If your favourite items do not come in spa-worthy containers, try decanting your hand soap, full-size shampoo, and conditioner into attractive bottles to give them a more luxurious appearance. Clear glass jars are ideal for storing goods such as sponges, cotton rounds, and cotton balls.

Arrange your items on a tray next to the sink to give your vanity area a more elegant touch.

Create a Sense of Tranquility with Colors

Soft and subdued colours are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Consider avoiding high-contrast colour combinations like black and white or blue and orange when designing your bathroom. These combinations might look aggressive and stimulating rather than tranquil and relaxing. Nature-inspired shades such as seafoam green and sky blue may be used with warm, earthy neutrals to create a serene colour scheme that would look right at home in an expensive spa.


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