Hello, you guys! We have successfully reached the 5th day of the Fall Party. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because I think I am doing great by posting everyday and sad because we have two more days until the party is over. But, not to worry, I have a lot of exciting posts coming after that! So, today’s post will be about an easy-peasy  brownie recipe. I call this the lazy people’s brownie. Anyways, let’s start.

I love baked food, especially brownies because they are so easy to make and you can eat them hot! Waiting for a cake/brownie is just not possible for me. Recently, I found a lazy edition of brownie that you can make in your coffee mugs! If you are a person that gets midnight cravings, like me, this recipe is perfect for you. Put all of your ingredients in a mug, microwave it and you are ready! Check out the recipe below-


All purpose flour (maida)- 50 g
Castor sugar- 30 g (Depends on how sweet you want your brownie to be. I like it semi-sweet.)
Butter- 2 tbsp (melted)
Coco Powder- 2 tbsp
Milk- 50 ml


First, mix the dry ingredients in a microwave-safe mug. Then add the wet ingredients. Keep mixing until the mixture turns smoother. Clean up the edges and put the mug in the oven. Microwave in 100% (900w) for 3 minutes. Take out the mug and serve hot with some vanilla ice-cream.

Isn’t it easy? Do try this recipe at home and let me know how yummy it was! I will be back again with a new post tomorrow. Till then, be happy & keep smiling!

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Hey all!

I am here again to present to you the videos I made while using the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker. Also, here is an unboxing video for you too. This will help you to understand the functions better. I have also showed you a recipe of Cold Coffee my style! Check that out and let me know whether you liked it or not.

Easy-Peasy Cold Coffee Recipe

Ingredients: Instant coffee, sugar, water, milk, ice-cubes
Method: Make your espresso first. If you are using a coffee-maker or any espresso-maker then there is no hassle but if not then simply mix your instant coffee with hot water to make the espresso manually. Then add some sugar (as per your taste. I like my cold coffee less sweetened), cold milk and stir it till sugar gets dissolved into the coffee mixture. Add some ice-cubes to make it really cold. You can add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to it to make it much more exciting! 
I hope this seemed easy for you. Make it at home and let me know how it turned out! 
P.S.- I apologize for the poor editing. I have not edited a video in my lifetime and I have just started trying it. So, please do forgive me. 
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