Your infants are the precious little part of you that you must protect at all costs. These initial shopping sprees for your baby are the most fun and adorable part of parenting. And buying anything for them can be a stressful activity for young parents. You can consider this article as your right guide to buying slippers for girls and boys. Since we are here to know how to buy the right footwear for your kids, let me also walk you through the type of footwear you must buy for your baby’s right growth. 

  • Slippers: When you let your child take the first few steps barefoot you prepare them with the right balance. And slippers become the first great footwear option for them. When you Buy slippers for girls and boys you must keep in mind that they should provide the right comfort. For slipper shopping, it is advised that you find the perfect size so that the toddler can wear it perfectly. As a parent, you want to focus on so many things at once when you buy slippers for girls and boys. Right from the look, the feel, and functionality too. 
  • Shoes: Many parents prefer shoes as it gives this added protection to your child’s feet. If you are someone who generally buys slippers for girls then you should let her experiment with shoes too. You can even go to the store to try the right fit and let the baby decide which ones they find comfortable. I have overheard parents discussing that baby shoes with lace can lead to a potential choking hazard. 
  • Sneakers: Sneakers are the most trending shoes that can easily be paired with any outfit. They complete any outfit and can be effortlessly paired too. For parents who are sneakerheads just wait for the moment when their Kid is ready to try their first pair of shoes. When your infant is learning to walk you must provide them with non-slippery and sturdy footwear options.  
  • Sandals: I have seen many parents get confused when it comes to buying sandals as they find them to be tricky footwear. As the age from infancy to the toddler is very crucial to shaping their building bones we worry so much about choosing the right footwear. As a personal suggestion, we would suggest that you go for velcro straps instead of metal buckles. As these are easy to strap on and do not complicate the whole process of making your child independent from an early age. This is a great tip to include when looking for comfortable footwear and making your child grow on his/her own terms. 

These little time frames when you are buying absolute essentials for your baby are honestly the joys of parenting. Because soon these cute little things are going to be young adults thriving in the world outside. So try to preserve these small moments when you buy slippers for girls and boys. Some day, they will be a sweet memory.


The trends in shoes for Women keep evolving from time to time. To create a good outfit with all the different types of footwear, you need to have a variety to choose from. Well, we went on a shopping spree to buy the most beautiful pair of shoes and have shortlisted a few that you need to buy. Sharing a list of 9 of our favourite shoes for women that you definitely need to add to your closet. 

Sneakers: Sneakers will always be on the list for the cool, trendy feel and also the comfort and ease it provides. When shopping for this type of Shoes for Women, you are bombarded with options that might confuse you. But the important part is knowing how to pair them correctly, so as a safe option, I would suggest going for solid white sneakers. 

Pumps: When you are leaving for work and do not know how to complete the outfit, you just have to reach for the Pumps. As the name suggests, this footwear just pumps up your overall look.  

Loafers: Stylists consider loafers to be the more dressy clothing option that should be kept for suitable occasions. This footwear gives you a trendy Parisian vibe and can literally be worn with every other basic outfit. 

Crossover Strap Sandals: I feel these are more like classic chic-looking sandals that can be worn with any type of outfit. These go really well with your everyday outfits and cute dresses too. 

Sports Shoes: If you are planning a casual outfit, then you have to consider buying a pair of sports shoes. As they are those types of Shoes for Women for any casual outfit. Popping on the sports shoes with a casual dress just adds a little jazz to the whole outfit.

Clogs: Clogs and crocs are the perfect staples for Spring and Summer looks. As this funky footwear is in trend during those months and is functional too. For any outfit giving a beachy vibe, they just fit in well, adding to the overall look. 

Peep Toe Sandals: These types of shoes work really well for women with narrow and wide feet as they give them enough space. Someone who wants to get an elongated look must go for these with some high heels.

Moccasins: These are the Shoes for Women that give a classy vibe and can be styled with formal wear as well as party wear. My go-to choice for this footwear would be the one with textured leather, as it will be the best statement piece. 

Slip-on Shoes: As per me, slip-on shoes are the only type of Shoes for Women that are not just comfortable but stylish too. You can experiment with your look and get slip-on shoes made from colourful printed fabric for women. It is the simplest way to clash prints in an outfit. 

With these options being laid out, you can go ahead and choose the right ones for you. Pay attention to the price and practicality of the footwear instead of being blown away by the look and feel of the shoe. 


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