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It’s the first day of September that means Mahalaya is in about a couple of weeks and that marks the onset of the great Indian festive season. Keeping the unfavourable situation in mind, I am assuming most of us are not yet ready for the festivities which is quite normal! In today’s post, I will be showing you how you can make your existing outfit festive enough to rock the upcoming celebrations.

I have always believed in ‘less is more’. My wardrobe is always full of things I actually wear (despite a few). I am definitely not a hoarder when it comes to clothes. So, most of the time I am either repeating my outfits which you must know if you follow me on Instagram or I mix and match and honestly, that is my favourite thing to do especially with ethnic wear. If you think creatively, making an ethnic outfit from scratch isn’t that tough. All you need is a plain solid coloured kurta or tunic and a gorgeous dupatta like the one I got from Omgee Fashions. To make it all a little more put together, add some statement earring (they can never go wrong!), make a sleek hairstyle and throw on some of your favourite makeup and voila! You are ready to rock. Now, here are some pictures of how my look turned out to be.

Indian Festive Outfit from Scratch | Omgee Chanderi Dupatta | Cherry On Top

About Omgee Fashions-

Welcome to Omgee fashion, your number one source for all versatile, timeless & quality wear with functional details for the modern you!!
We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of all party occasion wear, with a focus on SOLID, SECURE PLATFORM , HIGH QUALITY IMAGERY, CROSS SELLING, SIZE GUIDE, AND REASSURIRING POLICIES From ethnic, western, to pre-nuptial and bridal, we have something for every occasion! Founded in 2018 by PRIYANKA, omgee fashion has come a long way from its beginnings in MUMBAI. From an early age our founder Priyanka knew she wanted to establish her own fashion house. With a diploma in Fashion & Textile Designing, she started her career at a merge age of 19. After 9 years of hands-on experience in designing, manufacturing, and merchandising, she successfully started her own label under the name “OMGEE FASHION”, with a philosophy to create stunning, comfortable and remarkable ensembles for the modern woman.

I am obsessed with this teal chanderi dupatta from Omgee Fashions. It’s a premium quality dupatta with work all over it. The quality is extremely good and goes well with any solid colour ethnic piece. It’s perfect for any Indian occasion be it a puja or a wedding party. I had a great time styling it.

I hope you liked this little fashion post. I’d be waiting to read your thoughts on the outfit and styling. See you soon!

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With just a couple of kurtis and a few pairs of leggings or trousers, your dressing needs can be sorted for a few months, and you will also not worry about looking great in what you have worn. Kurtis is one of the most preferred dress type for many Indian women because they are not just comfortable, but also versatile.

They are not just a darling to the middle-aged women, but you will find old ladies, college girls and children also loving them in equal measures. The rayon Kurtis, in particular, is one of the most preferred Kurtis amongst the Indian women and with it comes to a wide range of types and styles that allows every woman the pleasure to look at their very best during any occasion. But for you to enjoy having your Kurtis on at all times, and to tap into the power of their versatility, it is imperative to know how to style them the correct way.

To help you out, here is a look at some of the rayon Kurtis types and the various styling options you can use so that you can always be amazing every time you have them one:

Tail cut rayon Kurti

Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options | Cherry On Top

If you have any asymmetrical Kurtis, then you will find great similarity between them and the tail cut Kurtis. Just as the name suggests, these Kurtis are designed with a slightly longer back which creates the impression of them having a tail. This particular design makes them ideal for anyone who desires to bump up their style instantly and immediately become the centre of attraction.

It is best suited for young to middle-aged women who are tall, petite or have body shapes such as triangle, pear or hourglass shapes. It works well for occasions such as parties and casual events, but if you are attending a formal or an official event, then the tail curt Kurtis may not be the most suitable choice. On accessories, it works well with jeggings, leggings or any bottom that has a full length.

High low cut Kurtis

Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options | Cherry On Top

High low cut kurtis is another variation that falls under the asymmetrical bucket classification, though they don’t have any specific definition, only that they feature a straight hemline. This is the right kind of Kurtis for you if you are a young or a middle-aged woman of any body type. It is ideal for wearing if you are attending either formal or informal events. Due to its versatility with bottom combinations, it is a popular choice for many college girls in India and other places around the world. As far as the accessories go, you can use it with leggings that are either tall or just at ankle length. They will also work very well with printed treggings and jeggings.

Flared Rayon Kurtis

Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options | Cherry On Top

If you like flared dresses, then you will instantly fall in love with the flared rayon Kurtis. It is the right kind of Kurti if you are in love with chic and elegant looks. With their designs, they can gracefully swing both ways and this makes them ideal for both informal and formal wears. They have a hemline which opens up on either side and this gives them a little bounce you walk in them.

As one of the most attractive Kurtis designs, they are very popular with young and middle-aged women who are tall and have body types such as triangles, round or pear. For the accessories, they will work well with leggings, jeggings and anything long enough past the ankles. Whether you need a daily wear or something for college or office, you will not be disappointed with the flared rayon Kurtis. Stylecaret will help you find your Kurtis with the best prices.

 Kaftan style Kurtis

Rayon Kurtis Types and Their Styling Options | Cherry On Top

Kaftan or poncho style clothes were a great hit during the 1950s and somehow, the trend never died and now it is very strong in the Kurtis fashion industry. This design is not only comfortable but also airy and ideal for those who wish to conceal any unflattering flab. With its design, small bodies may seem to disappear in it, but if you have a small body and you find one that fits well, then you will be very pleased with them.

The Kaftan style Kurtis is most preferred to by young and middle-aged women who are tall and have a triangle, pear, and round shaped bodies. You can use it for both formal and informal events, but if you are attending an official event and you have a small body, you should avoid it because it will make you appear casual due to its size relative to your body size. For the accessories, you can always use it with full-length leggings.

Front slit rayon Kurtis


If you want a regular Kurtis to have a little twist of elegance, then you can consider going for the front slit Kurtis. What makes this design stand out is the position of the slits. For the normal Kurtis, the slits are always on the sides, but with this one, the slits are right in the front. If you pair it with palazzos, you can be guaranteed that your heads will be turning when you pass. The design bests suit young to middle-aged women who are tall and depict body shapes such as petite, pear, triangle or hourglass shapes. If you have a round body type, however, this may not be the most ideal type of wear, especially if you are attending a formal event. But as the office, party or daily wear, they will never disappoint you.

Shirt style rayon Kurtis

Shirt style rayon Kurtis is extremely popular because they are not only comfortable but also very stylish. If you are fond of wearing your boyfriend’s shirts, then you can relate to this kind of Kurtis. They are a wonderful choice if you are looking for a blend of contemporary and traditional. They are well suited for young and middle-aged women with any body type. They are ideal for daily wear, college and for the office, but due to their simplicity, they may not be the right choice for going to parties. On the accessories, you will never go wrong when you pair them with treggings, jeggings, leggings, and the normal jeans.

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Hi, everyone! Hope you are doing well. During summers, not very often we get the chance to dress up like we want to. That’s because the heat and the humidity don’t allow us to do so. The fashionista inside us goes through restricted ideas of summer fashion. Dressing up and finding the best outfit can be a little tricky. We need to choose the colour, fabric and fit very wisely. You need something that is made out of breathable fabric like cotton, rayon and linen, something that complements your body type at the same time fitting you loosely so that your body gets the space to breathe, and colours that are soft or bright depending on the time you are wearing it.

Today, I wanted to share my idea of summer fashion with an embroidered kurti and colour block palazzos. 

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Cherry On Top

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Cherry On Top

This Imara kurti from Myntra is made of 100% Rayon which is completely breathable and super comfy to wear on a hot and humid summer day. I loved wearing this during the shoot. I could pose for hours and still feel comfortable in it. It felt like I am wearing my home clothes. The short sleeves make it perfect for summers. The hemline is a bit curved and it has got red colour blocks on either side of the hemline which is not visible in the photos. The buttoned down back is the thing I liked the most about this kurti. Back buttons are not usually found in ethnic pieces so I really loved it. I also liked the edgy intricate, geometrical embroidery around the neckline. This kurti has a boat neck.

The solid red palazzos from People are also made of breathable Rayon fabric. The cut and fit of the palazzos are perfect for me. It shaped my body very well. I loved how flowy and breezy these are. The material made it very comfortable to wear them. Palazzos are best to perk up your summer fashion game. Tuck in your top/kurtis to make your legs appear longer while wearing palazzos

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Cherry On Top

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Cherry On Top

I paired up these wedged sandals from Reliance Footprint to style my outfit. There are several reasons for me to love these sandals. Firstly, they are silver and I love everything that is gold and silver. It adds a bling to your ethnic ear. Secondly, the heels are super comfortable to walk on. Thirdly and most importantly, it adds height to my body to make me look taller. Palazzos tend to make short women look shorter, so you need to take care of that. Reliance Footprint has a great range of women shoes at a very reasonable price range. You definitely need to check it out. Currently, they are having a Buy 2 get 50% off sale which you can’t miss. I bought a lot of shoes already! #sorrynotsorry

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Reliance Footprint Wedges| Cherry On Top

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Reliance Footprint Wedges| Cherry On Top

~Outfit Details~

Top- Imara from Myntra//
Palazzos- People//
Wedges- Reliance Footprints//

Amit and I have worked so hard to get the best pictures for this post. So, don’t forget to let us know if you like them or not!

Summer Hues | How to Style for Summers | Cherry On Top

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Hello, all! It’s been a long time since I talked about fashion. So, I thought why not talk about some fashion that would be best for the upcoming monsoons. Dressing up for work in monsoons is a headache. You can’t wear anything to  your office unless if you have a very cool boss! Today I’ll be talking about ethnic wears that you can add to your workwear closet. All the pieces I talked about in this post are completely budget-friendly so that you don’t have much to think about before heading to buy them. Let’s start-

Monsoon, to me, comes with a dose of fresh colours such as bright greens, yellows and blues. I can easily relate to  nature- drenched with fresh shower, cool breeze and a bit of sunshine. Depending on my choice of colours, here I have picked a few of my favourite Kurtis from Rangriti that you would love to check out-

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

This high-low asymmetrical Kurti comes in a neon green colour which I found is perfect to brighten up a gloomy monsoon morning. Pair it up with churidar or a palazzo depending on your own preference.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Somehow, I have a leaning towards white clothes. I know it can easily get dirty on the muddy roads of India but I cannot overlook a white garment if I am shopping for myself. To me, whites are perfect for every season. Monsoons might bring frequent rainfall but you can’t ignore the humidity. So, wearing a white will be comforting for you.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Orange is again a very vibrant colour to cheer you up in a monsoon day. It’s also something that you can easily wear to work. A perfect everyday wear ethnic, isn’t it?

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

Yellow is another of my favourite colours for daytime dress-up. This particular colour of this Kurti has a slight neon hint to it which is making it more appealing. The white motifs are subtle and not clumsy which makes it perfect for work and also for the humid weather.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon| cherryontopblog.com

This one is my absolute favourite because of the indigo colour and simple prints. Blue is my favourite colour and I like to incorporate blue in almost everywhere. One can style this up in multiple ways, with salwars, churidars, palazzos and also maxi skirts.

Rangriti has a great collection of different types of kurtis, kurtas, palazzos, jackets, dupattas and other ethnic garments. They have a variety of fabrics, colours and designs for every occasion that too within budget. Their kurtis start at only Rs 250, can you imagine! I insist you go through their collection once. I am in love with their everyday wear kurtis.

Monsoon is a season that comes as a relief with a lot of freshness, fragrance and tranquillity. It definitely has its downsides, every season has but you cannot refuse to be grateful to monsoon. I hope you pull off all your ethnic looks beautifully in this monsoon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

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