Do you ever secretly wish to go back to your school or college days, to revisit your classrooms and to relive the most unforgettable moment with your friends? Well, I do.  We all have a child within us. We might be busy in work or other stressful issues, but we all want to relive our childhood once. So, I am going to celebrate my school days with posting some back to school hair-styles, make-up, outfit ideas, tips and much more throughout this month. I’ll start from tomorrow and will hopefully pursue this till the end of this month. Hope you enjoy the series of posts. I hope I would let you find your childhood again.

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Share your thoughts on the comment box. Also, if you have done similar posts before or willing to do one, then please paste your back-to-school posts in the comment box below. I will add the links on my posts as well. 
Thank you so much for reading. Good bye till tomorrow.
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