Hello all, how are you doing. My exams are going on and I am not very well because of the chaotic and hectic life these days. Hope this sorts out soon.

Today I am going to talk about the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker that I received long ago, sometime in February. Blogadda gave me this opportunity to try out a product from the amazing range of Hamilton Beach home appliance and without any hesitation I chose the Espresso and Cappuccino maker to try out as I am a coffee-lover. It has been more than a month and I finally got some time to express my opinion about the product.

Here is how the product looks-

It’s sleek, doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it’s not too heavy. I mean, if I can life it easily, anybody can. The body is metallic matte and steel in colour. The top part has a steel plate on which you can rest your coffee cup while making another one and it will remain hot. It has a water reservoir at the back with two level indicator- from minimum to maximum. It also comes with a ground espresso filter holder with two filters and one measuring cum tamping tool. You fill the filter with ground coffee and press the coffee with the help of the tamping tool. Then you set the filter holder in the slot and slide the lever all the way down, it will secure the filter holder and lock it. There the two indicators on the body, one red and one green. The red one indicates that the power in on and the green one indicates that the machine is ready to be used. In the middle of these two indicators there is a power switch and below that, there is a control knob that can be moves to both left and right direction. When it is positioned right, the steam comes out of the movable nozzle at the right, you can use the steam to boil and froth the milk; and when it is positioned left the espresso comes out of the two nozzles. It has a removable tray that collects the excess drips of coffee. All the parts are easily washable but it is NOT dishwasher-safe.
At first, I had faced some problem using this, specially because if the lever is very tight to pull down, but after the first use it became very easy. It is really easy to use it. It comes with a user’s manual that makes it easier. 
Other than making espresso and cappuccino a gazillion times, I have also made Cinnamon Cappuccino and Cold Coffee a few times.
I am very grateful to Blogadda and Hamilton Beach that they chose me to try out this product. This Espresso maker makes every coffee-addict’s life simple. 
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