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Guys, the shopping season is here! Valentine’s Day is almost here and a lot of us are still planning to shop for their loved ones. Today, I thought of talking about a few things that might be apt for this shopping season. I know there are a lot of people who still prefer to shop at the stores but I personally do not like the idea. Though for some particular things I need to visit the stores but 99% of the time I go for online shopping. It’s just my thing. I am going to share why I prefer online shopping over mall hopping.

1. No Queues, No Crowd.
The thing freaks me out the most when I go for shopping is the crowd. You can’t properly see an item and you have to make quick decisions or the item you eyed for will be gone, forever. I don’t like to be forced to choose things for purchase, to be pushed by the crowd in a store. That’s why I always prefer online shopping which allows you to shop from wherever you are, may be from your bedroom, wearing your PJs, listening to your favourite track. Ah, that’s my idea of shopping!
5 Reasons to Shop Online| cherryontopblog.com

2. No Need to Roam around the Mall for One Piece of Garment.

Have you experienced something like this? Were you ever in search for something but couldn’t find it in the store you thought you might find it in? Well, that happened to me many times. I now don’t like searching for something in a mall rather, I search for it online. It gives me more chances to filter and find the one I want, if not the exact then the one very close to that.
5 Reasons to Shop Online| cherryontopblog.com

3. Doorstep Delivery.

When you are shopping online, you don’t have to think about carrying the truckload of things you purchased. You just have to relax and wait for the doorbell to ring. Every time you receive a package, it’s like birthday presents from you to yourself. You are nothing less than a prince/princess!
5 Reasons to Shop Online| cherryontopblog.com

4. Discounts!!

The best thing about online shopping is the huge discounts that most of the e-commerce sites offer you throughout the year. A beauty/fashion blogger like me could not get anything better than this! Every week the e-shopping portals add some new collections from different brands. I am a student and I admit I don’t get enough pocket money to renew my wardrobe every season unless I get attractive deals. Some e-commerce sites also offer coupons or cashback offers which are great. Shop with IndusInd Bank credit card. I have to say this is the number one reason why I love shopping online.
5 Reasons to Shop Online| cherryontopblog.com

5. Gift Anyone Across the Country without paying extra for Postal Services

This option has saved my life! You know how difficult is to gift someone residing far away from your place. I have most of my family members residing in different cities. Online shopping has become my rescuer now as I can send gifts to my friends and family without paying for postal services or courier services. I can order gifts with my own money to anywhere I like. Life couldn’t have been any simpler.
5 Reasons to Shop Online| cherryontopblog.com
So guys, here are the five reasons why I think online shopping is the best. What are your thoughts? Do you think I missed any point? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be back with another post very soon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

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