The Off-Shouldered Trend is Present Everywhere! When it’s burning hot outside, the ultimate thing you wish to be feeling is safe by your outfits. So just stay cool, we have come with the latest trend that we have been seeing ladies diving in the summer in the flowing and sexy off-shouldered tops and dresses. The off-shouldered tops and dresses permit you to showcase a very small portion of your skin without looking very much overboard. We would say they are the ideal combo of sexy and sweet.

There is one thing which we are presently seeing much more in this season – the last shoulders. The trend of off-shouldered dresses has really captured the imagination of each top retailer because they look for motivation from the track.

The Off-Shouldered Shake- Styling Off-Shouldered Tops | Cherry On Top

Top tips on wearing the off-shouldered tops:

  • Summer holidays:

The maxi dresses without or with straps simply hanging off the shoulders are just ideal.

  • Balance:

The off-shouldered tops are amazing for the women with hourglass or pear shaped bodies because it simply balances out the proportions.

  • Strapless bra:

Albeit it possibly sounds odd, you should better off wear a strapless bra instead of no bra. The issue with the silicon transparent straps is that they are basically seen. Thus, you should better opt for a good strapless bra and simply forget thinking about all kind of messes. Opt for a beige one as you can wear it easily under black or white tops also.

The Off-Shouldered Shake- Styling Off-Shouldered Tops | Cherry On Top

Hair and accessories tips for the off-shouldered tops:

  • Big-chest tip:

Simply avoid wearing the long necklace on top of your blouse if you have a big chest. The reason is that your boobs will look very weird. Nevertheless, you always can go with the off-shouldered tops with the straps, particularly when wearing a bra below.

  • Hair:

You can simply go with a complete hippie appearance by wearing down messy hair with the tousled beach waves. At the time of sunny days, you may like to expose your tan shoulders and prefer a shabby ponytail as well.

  • Accessories:

Two options are there for you. You can layer numerous thin necklaces with various sizes or you can also layer a big yet shorter necklace.

The off-shouldered tops to wear in the office:

  • In case you wish to adapt this latest trend to the slightly more corporate type of clothing, try out this kind of top with a pencil skirt or elegant trousers. Always remember to wear the high heel shoes and also get a touch of professional makeup.
  • The structured off-shouldered tops or silky dresses can really go nicely for lunch in your city.

The Off-Shouldered Shake- Styling Off-Shouldered Tops | Cherry On Top

The outfits to be matched with the off-shouldered tops:

  • Keep it simple with a hot off-shouldered black outfit and couple it with sneakers for a model-off-duty appearance. You can add your favourite sunglass and you’re ready!
  • Choose a cold-shoulder peasant top along with a shook denim skirt for that a little boho approach. Maintaining the proper balance between chic and casual, this is the single way of wearing the off-shouldered trend.
  • Try an ordinary floral off-shouldered dress with a statement jewellery for a casual yet polished appearance.

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