Hi, guys! Hope you all are safe and doing great. I am back with another post and today it is all about reducing the extra kilos that most of us must have put due to the lack of opportunities to work out while a lot of us were working from home, sitting at one place for hours during the lockdown and unlock period. I have such a body type that even if I gain one kilo of weight, it is going to get added to either my waist or in my butt. To be very honest, a well-toned lower body, if not slimmer, is something I really like for myself. Today, I will share some tips that have helped me and I am sure would help you as well to shed those bulges from your lower body.

Weight gain is something that happens way before you start to realize it. Each woman has a different body type and body shape, but one thing in common with every woman out there. Women generally tend to gain more weight in their lower portion or back portion of the body compared to the upper portion. Once you start forming bulges in the mentioned areas, it is very difficult to reduce them. It takes months of strenuous exercises and following a healthy diet. Only then you can win the war against it.

The few things that I will be mentioning might sound cliched but if you strictly and religiously follow them, you will definitely start noticing the change. Here is the list of ways that you can consider if you are trying to lose weight from your buttocks.


Regular exercising irreplaceable when it comes to reducing lower body fat. It might take time, but this is the most effective and safest way of reducing those extra kilos. There are a bunch of effective exercises that are proven to work for losing weight while toning your body. You can do squats which are known to give you your dream booty, or you can try out various yogasanas (advised to do under professional guidance). Lunges, burpees, and side leg raise, and many others are really fruitful for achieving a firmer lower body.


This is I think is the most underrated way of losing weight. People nowadays spend money on hi-tech machines or well-equipped gyms but nobody pays attention to the benefits of brisk walking. You don’t need a treadmill, nor do you need to go to a jogger’s park. At least 30 minutes of brisk walking on your terrace could help you burn that stubborn fat. Apart from losing weight, regular walking helps you with your appetite and fight many diseases as well.


One of the most crucial things that directly impact your weight loss or gain is your food habit. Healthy eating is more important than eating less. You don’t need to skip your meals, rather keep eating in an interval of 3-4 hours. This will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight rather than fasting. You must stop eating junk and processed food. That not only increase your waistline but also affect your immunity. I am not saying you should eat only salads, just eat everything in the right quantity. Avoid sugar and fried food and include as many green veggies in your diet as possible. Calculate your calory intake as per your everyday diet and follow a routine of eating well and eating in time.


Apart from the above pointers, there are also some ways that you can consider to get a firm and toned butt and thighs. Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream is such a revolutionary product that helps you achieve a firm, well-toned and voluminous booty. This is a very effective cream that lifts and plumps your lower body with regular use and gives you smooth bum skin. With regular use, it improves the contours and curves of your bum which is a boon for flat butts. Formulated with the natural goodness of Chamomile, Nutmeg, Macadamia seed oil, etc., this exceptional booty lift cream is free from any kind of harsh metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, fertilizers, or any kind of harmful additives.

Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream | Cherry On Top Blog

One more option that you can try out in case you hardly have the time to work out but look forward to having a great bum is the Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream. This one helps you get a fuller, plumper bum that is smooth in texture. This Cream is very easy to use and effective at the same time. If you are wondering how to apply bum cream, here’s how to use it:

  • Take the required amount of the cream on your palms and apply it over your butts.
  • Gently massage the area for a couple of minutes till the cream gets completed absorbed. Allow it to dry for some time.
  • Repeat the process twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed for the maximum of benefits. For best results, use it twice a day daily for a span of at least 6 weeks.
  • The best part is Namyaa Bum cream contains caffeine that helps to cut down the cellulite naturally without any side-effects.

The product has a luxurious, rich look as it comes in a sleek white bottle and a silver cap. This is easily available on Flipkart or Amazon. It is originally priced at Rs. 1200/- but you can always get it on discounts online for Rs. 599/-. Just like the other Namyaa feminine care product that I have reviewed before, this one is also effective.

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