If you are considering purchasing a home in Buckeye, Arizona, consider one with no HOA. The average fee of an HOA community in Buckeye is around 1300 USD semi-annually, which you are required to pay at all costs. Not doing so might result in the Association foreclosing on your property.

But that’s not the only reason behind people looking for no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye. For instance, a non-HOA house allows you to do what you want with your property, and there are no special assessments. In this article, you will know why buying a home without an HOA is the best choice you can make.

Make repairs without any consultation

One of the top benefits of a property without an HOA is that you have complete control over it, allowing you to do whatever you want with it, including making repairs when needed or adding new features to the property.

If something needs fixing, you don’t need to consult the HOA before making repairs—you are free to do what feels suitable for your situation and budget. If you are planning to fix the flooring or renovate your living room flooring with marble, then a plate compactor will be relevant. You may also be able to make improvements to your land without needing permission from the HOA, such as adding ponds or fences.

According to the HOA laws of Arizona, ARS 33-1817, the association cannot deny permission to alter a specific part of a homeowner’s property, provided it follows the design and plan of the community. However, the process is cumbersome, involving various complexities and often involving legal issues.

No fines for violating a rule

If you purchase a home and then find out that there’s a rule regulating the color of paint you’re allowed to use on your house, but you’ve already painted it, the HOA can fine you for violating their rules. In a new HOA home, you won’t have to worry about paying fines if something changes with the HOA rules after you buy your home. However, it’s essential to consider local market trends and factors like Will South Carolina home prices drop to make informed decisions about your real estate investment.

For example, you buy a house with an HOA at $250 per month because it has excellent amenities (pool, clubhouse), and the monthly fee seems reasonable.

The first year goes by without incident, and everything seems fine as far as enforcing these fees goes—until one day when they send out notices informing everyone that every homeowner who doesn’t pay their dues will be fined $1000 per month until they do pay up!

Moreover, HOAs in Buckeye often have complex laws that might cause trouble for somebody if they aren’t fully aware of them. For example, you might park a vehicle in your driveway that you use for your job in the neighborhood, but the HOA might have a rule against parking these and cite them as a parking violation.

No monthly HOA fees

You won’t be paying monthly HOA fees, which is good news because it means you can save money that would have otherwise gone toward those monthly payments.

And because there are no more HOA fees to pay, you can use the savings for other things—like retirement or your children’s education. It’s easy to see why this option has become so popular among homebuyers in recent years!

As mentioned above, according to the laws of Arizona, the Homeowners Associations in Buckeye have a right to confiscate your property if you don’t pay the fees in time. However, per revised statutes 33-1803, associations cannot impose dues 20% higher than those they charged the previous year.

These are some reasons to buy no HOA homes for sale in Buckeye. The most important one is that you can do what you want with your property without worrying about getting fined or having the entire community tell you how wrong it is. If you are searching for a new property and want to avoid HOAs, you will benefit in plenty of ways.



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