7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|

Hello all, hope you are doing well. As winter has bid us goodbye long ago and spring is almost over, so it is the time to usher summer- the brightest of all seasons. Last week, as a part of my Spring Cleaning, I was de-cluttering my wardrobe to organize my spring/summer clothes and found out that I have some ideas to share with you guys. Almost all of us are get puzzled when it comes to clean and organize your wardrobe. What to keep and what to throw out is the biggest question that keeps coming back to our minds. Today, I thought why not let you guys know what I am keeping in my spring/summer closet and what I am weeding out. I hope your wardrobe worries get reduced after reading this post. Let’s start-

7 Things You Should Keep in Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

1. Say hello to Crop Tops

It is the time to bid adieu to your favourite loose sweaters and welcome the summery crop tops. I was not a crop top person even a few of months ago. I was not sure if I can ever pull off a crop top confidently. Despite the fact, I had ordered a crop top from Forever 21 last October. Recently, I found that out lying at the corner of my wardrobe, neglected. I thought of giving it a try and planned on to pair it with my palazzo pants. Guess what! I wear this combo almost all the time. For those who feel like I felt, if you guys are not comfortable with the little peek-a-boo, do try pairing your crop tops with high-waste pants or skirts.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
AND Multicoloured Printed Crop Top

2. Switch over to Flared Bottoms

I don’t like wearing denim during spring and summer. I love to switch over to the other options such as skirts, chinos or palazzos. Recently, I have discovered my love for palazzos. I have always been a little sceptical about wearing palazzos considering my short height but then the ‘try everything’ theory worked and I got a pair for myself. Now, I don’t even think of getting back to my jeans. Skirts and palazzos are the comfiest of all bottoms. You must try them for summers.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
Chumbak White Flared Skirt
7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
Label Ritu Kumar Navy Blue Printed Palazzo

3. Make some space for Maxi Dresses

Believe it or not, Maxi Dresses could be your best friend for this Spring/Summer. I have grown a love for maxi dresses when I bought my first from Limeroad. I am planning on buying some more so that I can have one maxi dress for every occasion.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
Latin Quarters Cream Coloured Embroidered Maxi Dress

4. Bring back those Jumpsuits/Playsuits/Dungarees

When it comes to fashion with comfort, I can only think about jumpsuits. You can add as many of them as you want and you won’t get bored of them. I will suggest adding pastel shades to make your wardrobe look summery and also it will make you feel refreshed.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
TOPSHOP Cut-out Playsuit

5. Layer up you outfits with Summer Jackets

I love layering my outfits. It gives every outfit an edge and something to break the mundaneness. I don’t do it during summers (you know how extreme Indian summer is), but in Spring, I love to do it. There are a few variety of items that you can use for layerings, such as summer jackets, shrugs, kimonos or even an over-sized shirt can play the role.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
Dorothy PerkinsWhite Floral Lace Back Kimono

6. Replace your boots with Strappy Flats

Let’s admit, Winter is long gone. Those booties on your shoe rack are of no use now, unless you are a person who does not mind wearing boots in summers. It’s now time to bring back those forgotten heroes to work. In spring/summers, you need something that keeps your feet fresh and allows air to pass through your shoes. Sandals are the best for this season. I personally love wearing strappy sandals or ballerinas throughout the year.

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
ALDO Lovea Beige Sandals

7. Add bright Jewellery

If you love accessorizing yourself as much as I do then you cannot forget to add your favourite summer baubles to your wardrobe. I love wearing my dainty pieces all year round but I am really looking forward to getting some new jewellery in bright shades. Maybe I will try out some neons too!

7 Changes You Need to Make to Reorganize Your Wardrobe for Spring/Summer|
KAZO Yellow Metal Necklace

That’s it, guys. I hope you found this post helpful. I can’t wait to know your thoughts on wardrobe organization. Tell me in the comments, which are the items you are getting rid of this summer? If you are following me in any of my social medias then do send me some pictures of your organized summer closet. I would love to take a peek at your wardrobes. Also, do add me on Snapchat to know what all I do in a day. My Snapchat username is ‘sayantinee

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V-day! Let’s not make it a D-day! I know it’s the time to celebrate love, but it would be incomplete if not for good fashionable clothes and accessories! Now, as the special day of the year is just around the corner many of you must have started preparing for it in advance. For all those who are a bit confused about their looks, let’s play your guardian angel. We understand that you want to look hot so that your lover doesn’t look here and there. Ahem! That’s quite a task, ladies. First, believe in yourself, and be willing to experiment. Don’t be that same plain Jane. 

So, how can you look hot on Valentine’s Day? Here are a few dresses you can try.

Lace dress in bright shade

You can feel the love in the air, right! And, what’s the color of love? Did you just say red! Then go for it! Ladies, red is the perfect shade to wear on V-day. Pick a lace dress in red, and be that style diva your beau always wanted to see in you. Pair it up with nice heels in black and go for designer earrings to accentuate the oomph factor.

Sweater dress to beat the chill

The winters are not yet over, and if you are stepping out for a luncheon then a sweater dress is just perfect. We saw this dress from the label Next on Isn’t it flirty as well as classy! Complete the look with blue-shade aviators or a pair of square sunglasses, and wear white sneakers. The style is quite upbeat and will make you look young.

White dress for a hot look!

If you are going to spend your entire day with your man then sport a flowy white maxi in lace or chiffon. First, it is comfortable. Second it gives you an elegant look. You can put bright makeup to complement it. Team it up with a shrug or a denim jacket for a windy evening, and wear boots to add a bit of edge to your look. You can wear fashion jewellery in beads and layers too. 

LBD to shimmer

One can seldom go wrong with an LBD. If your dinner date is and you are clubbing, then a skimpiest of short black dress can work wonders. I would say, choose a shimmery black party dress and sparkle throughout the evening. Your beau will find it hard to take his hands off you. Pair the look with stone-studded earrings, and a pair of high heels.

Ooze oomph in racy side-slit dress

Why not flaunt your legs and make others envy. It’s Valentine’s Day and you can be risqué. You can work your mojo in a body-hugging attire with a side slit, and be a head-turner. Wear long danglers, a rose-gold designer watch, and a pair of strappy sandals. Seeing you in this attire your guy can’t help, but thank his lucky stars. 

So guys, which look would you choose for V’Day? 
Let me know in the comments! 

Author Bio
Usha Lakra is a stylist/fashion blogger working with India’s leading e-commerce company. She has been writing for celebrity fashion and is an avid Bollywood buff. This fashionista can always be contacted for style tips as they are always up her sleeve. Here she reviews ‘The Juice‘ cover page.
Hello all! Hope you’ll are doing well. So, are you done with your Valentine’s Day planning? Have you decided what to wear on that special day? If not, then I have a guide for you to choose the perfect outfit for the upcoming occasion. I have created a few ensembles to give you an idea of what kind of outfit you can choose for the different times of the day. So, here it is-

~Daytime Drama~

~Midnight Magic~

I hope you guys liked my effort. I will be glad if you get any help from this post and make your Valentine’s Day more stylish. Thanks for being here. Good luck and have a happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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It’s the time of the year when pretty summer dresses and cute maxis are replaced by exquisite cholis and traditional salwars. That’s right! We are talking about Diwali, Dussehra and many more festivals which are just around the corner. Elle 18 tells you how to gear up for the festivities with new rules, new textures and new tricks!

Elle 18’s make-up cheat sheet is the perfect guideline to add sparkle to your eyes

  • Ditch the boring black kohl for every outfit- It’s time to dial up the drama element with eye sparklers in vibrant colours of purple, silver,blue and grey. Even better, team it up with the kajal.
  • The not-so-conventional one’s amongst you can add a warm brown eye shadow along the crease, apply some mascara on your lashes and kohl on the inner rim.

Keep Calm on the Face+ Shiny on the Lips

  • Opt for Elle 18’s Sleek Glow Foundation which will make your face glow and ensure a perfect finish.Rub it onto your cheekbones and blend upwards towards your eye for a glowing rosy complexion. It will help your makeup stay locked in place and keep it from evaporating too quickly.
  • If you want to keep it simple, go for shiny lips that will make heads turn at any puja! Elle 18’s Strawberry Blast Lip Smoothie goes brilliantly with any lip smoothie to ensure your lips look soft and pouty all day.

                                                                 Let your lips do the talking

  • A rich textured color palette with shades of  red, mauve, maroon, plum, coral are every festive season’s hot favorites and every girl’s ‘go to’ look for any occasion.  Enjoy those lip smacking Diwali delicacies and ensure your lips do more than just that, by applying Elle 18’s color pops like Strawberry Falls or Rosy Blush to seal your lips with care and colour.
  • Pale lips are also a huge trend this season. So if you decide to go wild in the eyes then go nude on the lips. You can try Elle 18’s Vanilla Heat Lip Smoothie to achieve this look.

So go all out and look gorgeous this festive season.
How many times you carry a huge make-up bag or torso to the school or college. Never, right? But touch ups during the long weary periods is a must. Stocking up the nuts and bolts is must. So, what are the essential things that must be in your pouch? I have created a list (in no particular order) for you. Check out the list-
  • Moisturizer: If you have dry skin, you would certainly need a moisturizer during the school/college hours. Be it moisturizer or hand cream or body butter; keep them in your bag to avoid dry skin.
  • Lip Balms/Chap-sticks: Lip balms are quite important because, in school/college, we need to do a lot of job talking, blabbering and gossiping. So, our lips get chapped several times and lack moisture. Mending it by applying lip balms or chap sticks to avoid persecutions.

  •  Facial Wipes: Facial wipes come into two different varieties, dry and wet. It’s good to use a wet wipe as it contains moisture. There are several kinds of wipes available in market, cleansing, moisturizing, makeup removing, soothing and a lot others. You should choose a cleansing wipe as it does all the necessary things for you. Cleansing your face and neck during school/college is more than important.

  • Blotting Sheets: Some of you might have experienced patchiness or shine on your skin after a few hours of putting makeup or cleansing your skin. To make your skin look matte and natural use blotting sheets to blot the redundant oil from your skin.
  • Hand Sanitizers: This is also an essential thing that should be kept in your BSK. In school/college, we meet several people, go to toilet and do more other jobs that could defile our hands. So, we should use a hand sanitizer to basically keep our hands clean and prevent germs to invade into our body. 

  • Nail Clipper: Nail clippers can be proved as your emergency assistant. Think, you are rummaging inside your bag and one silly nail breaks. For a girl, when a nail breaks it feels like a heart-break! So, having a nail clipper in your survival kit is very important.
  • Rubber bands, Bobby pins: It’s almost impossible to maintain untied hair throughout the long hours of school/college. So, keep some rubber bands and bobby pins in your bag, so that you could manage your hair whenever you need to.
  • Eye Lash Curler: Eyelash curler can help your eyes to open up instantaneously. Keep an eyelash curler to transform your weary eyes to rejuvenated eyes.

  • Deos/Mists: Body odor during the periods is the biggest turn off one can have. Stinking body is certainly a no-no. Keep deos or mists in your bag to freshen up yourself.
  • Water: Always keep a bottle of water in your bag to avoid dehydration and skin impurities. Keep in mind, 8 litres of water per day is essential to keep healthy. 
      Hope you enjoyed this post. Please drop your queries, suggestions and complaints in the comment box. Feel free to share this anywhere, just give the due credits to this blog. The Back to School/College is about to end. Only one post till the end. Tomorrow will be a makeup related post.
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