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When we receive the news that we became aunts, uncles for the first time, we experience an indescribable joy and then we ask ourselves – What should I buy for the new family member? Of course, we can always choose the classic way and buy pillows, blankets, diaper cakes, or choose something better. Buying gifts for a first born is a real adventure in terms of expression and creativity. Here are some ideas that can help you choose the right gift for a first born baby girl or boy.

1. Short sleeve bodysuit

Finding a bodysuit that is made of soft and quality material can be hard. It is important to choose a bodysuit that is made of 100% cotton which makes it perfect for every day.

2. Hand and Footprint maker

These packages come with a frame so that you can preserve these priceless memories.

3. Blooming Bath Baby Bathtub

Most babies hate bathing, but with this gift, they will have a lovely bath time experience. It is a convenient way to bathe a baby especially because these products are made from soft materials.

Personalized wall stickers

Personalized wall stickers are the perfect gift if you want to participate in the decorating process of the baby’s room. The best thing is that they can be applied anywhere.

Personalized silver spoon

Can you imagine a better baby gift than this? Parents will be thrilled and the child will have a wonderful item from their childhood when they grow up.

Silver/ Gold Expanding Bangle

This is a classic and unique gift that is available in different styles. The best thing is that it can be expanded and worn for many years.


Playmats are something that every new parent needs. Playmats that are made of soft materials will provide endless hours of fun for the baby.

Teething necklace

Teething necklaces are the perfect solution for mommies whose babies love being held all the time.

Photo album set

We all love giving unique presents, so a personalised photo album set might be the right one.

Name puzzle board

These boards are educational and a great way to teach your baby how to spell their name and help them learn the letters from an early age.

This post was written by our guest writer, Rana Tarakji.

Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, an online lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog.

Guest post by Sudeshna Thakurta

A twelve-year-old girl often stood in front of the mirror in a pretty dress and slathered petroleum jelly from a tiny tub of Vaseline on her lips. The transparent gel glided on the lips, caught the light and made the lips look even more appealing. Putting on the sandals, she would walk out of the house. One sight of a group of aunties in the lane and it took ten exact seconds for her to eat it up. Five years later, a plump teenager adjusted her kurti and rushed off to her tuitions. Boards over a good dress any day, agreed; but how could she let the aunties make a remark about how her ass was a little too fat for someone her age. Five more years down the line, she, still slightly plump, particularly in the middle, tucks her black tee in a pair of faded blue jeans and walks without taking any notice of who else did in fact care enough to make a remark.

Well, the twelve-year-old was I and the story is my little journey to become who I am today. Same person, same surroundings, the only possible explanation for the change could be education, (and not knowledge or observation, mind you!) most people would infer. Being the only child to parents had made me believe that this was just my insecurities and me. Over years, as I understood, this insecurity was prevalent in most women. The last two years spent at a ladies hostel changed me. I saw girls change their outfits twice or thrice, to say the least, every time they are to step out: some hiding their ugly hairy feet, rest covering up a scar or two. All of this, just to avoid unwanted attention.

The struggle to wake up in the morning is real. To put together a decent outfit is a cure to the pain. However, the prying eyes, the way the society thinks makes it much more difficult to find a fix. As a woman dresses up and takes one last look at her reflection in the mirror, parallel lines of thoughts cross her mind. Is the lipstick a little too bright for a first date? Is the liner a tad too much for a casual brunch? Should I be wearing these earrings in the first place? The sight of another woman on the roads avoiding every sly comment, walking tall changes you. A smile from another woman, facing the same challenges as you do strengthens you, hoping that the toil is definitely worth it; it makes our day a tad bit brighter.

Then reading, writing and social media introduced me to a bunch of people so confident with their own self that they professed their love for dressing up via their blogs. While they experimented and kept doing what they loved, some with their well thought of stories and concepts defied the traditional norms of beauty. They have made us realizse how beauty is more than what meets the eye. Trust me, when I say that when my beloved grandmother said the same, it did sound like a mere consolation. She, in her white cotton saree, long hair, oiled and tied back into a bun and white and blue rubber chappals cued me towards the existence of a third world where your physical appearance or your choice of clothes and shoes did not define beauty.

With the advent of social media, you see several women pose for their front camera and put up their pictures, accompanying it with a caption, which many of us might want to label stupid and unnecessary. However, it is a shame when you see them posting their pictures, sometimes, a few taking off some valuable time from their lives; indirectly, sharing tips and tricks from their vanity that might work for you being shamed for the very same reason. (Courtesy: the meme corresponding to the decrease in the number of fashion bloggers in Delhi given that Sarojini is not going to be around anymore) To have random people treat them as a mere eye candy is one thing but to have people label them, judge them and ask them to fix something is another.

Vinitha Shetty, a fashion blogger from Mumbai is one such woman. Embracing herself has been tough for her, like most of us. There were people appreciating her and sharing bits and pieces of their stories, it broke my heart when I read the comment asking her to Photoshop the scar.

Perks of Being a Fashion Blogger| Cherry On Top

It takes time and patience to be okay with a scar or any acquired physical mark on your body. Therefore, when she dared to share the story of how she acquired a scar five years ago and had finally accepted it as a part of her being, it made me happy. Scars are stories, adventures slightly derailed from the usual route and experiences that moulded us into better humans; even if it does so in a very, very small way. It takes courage to reach out to others, to let them know that they are not alone. Let us just appreciate that someone cares to take some time out of their busy lives to share their experiences.

To say the least, this is the mere tip of the iceberg. There are all sorts of people out there. From offensive comments to direct messages to the fraandship requests, they are dealing with it all just so that we know that the last minute hesitation is obvious. It is a mere need for a breather, to catch up on life without any inhibitions, while the chai ki nukkad wala dada and his friends and the perverted uncles in public transport give us characteristic stares, obnoxious comments and question our intentions. I realize that there are plenty of us sharing our views but as John Green (Yes, out of all writers in the world, I chose to quote him.) would say, it is nothing more than a “shout into the void”. Much to our disappointment, we still live in a society where people are not tolerant, refuse to acknowledge a difference in opinion and make their peace with it and raise an eyebrow at our bare shoulders in an off shoulder dress.

On a completely orthogonal (or maybe, partially relevant) note, aunties please stop staring at us. Out of all people, we expect you to understand and support us. Do you hear us complaining of your dressing choices? Of course, you do not. We can make fun of how odd that rani coloured salwar suit looks too, you know. But we do not. Why do you ask? If we, women do not support each other, who will? Food for thought, is it not?

About Sudeshna:

Eternal love for bhutta and rain; black coffee over tea; bibliophile; falling in love with life, very very slowly. Check out her blog at  http://laughterthatechoes.blogspot.com

There is no one who wants to go replacing their wedding bands every few years because they got some low-quality ones. There are just so many options for wedding bands nowadays based on the metals they are crafted from. Gold is the most popular choice thanks to the fact that it has been used since the Biblical times. Gold must have been in plenty during this time. This is probably because the people were few and so it was easy to get gold. However, today with a population of seven billion people the world does not have enough gold to make wedding bands for every soul that exists on this planet.

For that reason, people are turning to tungsten carbide. Yes, tungsten is being used to make wedding rings. This is one of those metals that people do not talk much about because they do not even know that they use them in their homes. Filament bulbs, for instance, use a tungsten bulb for them to work. Now it is being used to make wedding bands as well. Actually tungsten wedding rings are not new to the market. They have been around for a very long time. It is only thanks to Hollywood that they have become popular. They are a fantastic option, especially for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men| cherryontopblog.com

Long lasting bands

To be more specific the material that is used to make these wedding bands is tungsten carbide. This is one of the hardest materials known to man. Actually, it is the hardest material second only to diamond. Polished tungsten wedding bands are sure set to last for a very long time on top of looking very stunning. The polishing gives them that shiny silvery look. Some are black rings but extremely shiny. Tungsten carbide once polished does not lose its sheen. It will remain like that for an eternity.

Men are constantly engaging in some tough tasks like fixing their cars, cleaning the roof and other manual jobs. You do not want to remove your ring lest you lose it- that will not look so nice on your forever-and-always record. Therefore, you need to get a ring that will allow you to do your work comfortably without having to remove it or risk it getting damaged. This is where the tungsten wedding rings come into the equation. They are perfect for men thanks to their scratch-proof nature. Moreover, they exude this manly character making them ideal for men.

Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men| cherryontopblog.com Wedding Bands that Will Last Forever- Polished Tungsten Carbide Bands for Men| cherryontopblog.com

Here is the most interesting thing about tungsten wedding bands; they can match with just about anything. It does not matter whether your skin colour is white, yellow or black these rings are fine on anybody. Gold rings, on the other hand, tend to look misplaced on some people’s fingers. A tungsten wedding band will work for everybody and every kind of fashion style. In fact, it enhances the other jewellery pieces you might be wearing. This is truly a wedding band that will work perfectly for your tastes and preferences.

Author bio

Sujain Thomas has been blogging about tungsten wedding bands for a while now. These rings have gotten everybody fascinated. They are the ideal wedding bands for all who are looking for unique, strong and affordable rings. To find out more about tungsten carbide, visit her blog today.

Images from tungstenrings.com

Go “Neon” this festive season and dazzle the world around you in‘Bollywood Style’.
Going elegantly traditional during festivals is a not just a norm in many households but it’s also an evergreen way to look your best. Even designers swear by traditional attires, especially sarees, and classify them as perfect for the festivities. Saree undoubtedly has always been and till date is an eternal garment given to its versatility and uniqueness that allows transitions in the style that it is adorned in. When it comes to being sensuous but with grace and elegance, Saree sure is a hit with all, regardless of age and occasion.
Talk about experimentation and this six-yard garment has immense scope providing options to come up with a distinct look every time. Numerous different saree trends were seen this year itself, hottest amongst which were neon coloured sarees. It is most sought after by the Indian designers and is totally in vogue these days, and why not? Adding a splash of neon to any outfit does project a bold and zany attitude grabbing a lot of eye balls. Sarees in shocking shades of neon green, tangerine orange, acid yellow or hot pink really proved to be the fastest “glowing” trends this fashion-season.
Touch of Neon in Kareena’s Look
It’s a rage with the Bollywood community who have really embraced this trend. The chiffon saree look best in these sparkling neon colours. However, different fabric’s such as Silk, Faux Georgette,Semi Chiffonsareeswith patches of neon colours in them or totally in neon shades are also available for women who love to carry style in the ethnic sense.

You can pretty much go for a hallowed Kanjeevaram in electric colours or a neon yellow Banarasi silk saree with a deep blue border.Drape it in “Mumtaz style”, like a “Lehenga saree” or go for the regular “SeedhaPallu” look which anytime outnumbers any latest trend in saree draping hands down. Then there are ready-to-wear sarees which are again a hot seller amongst those who find it cumbersome to wear a saree.
There are no rules when wearing electric hues as it widely depends on one’s ability to pull off a look. If sarees in exuberant neons appear too ‘in-your-face’ to you then let these colours play hide n seek with you. Opt for designs with neon hues in the piping, border, embroidery threads or just in the finishing. Escalate the impact of shades of neon in your saree by teaming it up with blouse or accessory in pastels or neutrals of the same colour family. 
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Alice is English Hons. Graduate. She has a keen interest in writing for trendy & traditional clothing. She has a deep fashion sense which helps her to keep updated in clothing & knowledge on the popular & latest clothing line in India according to the season.
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