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Hello people, I can’t suppress my happiness to announce that it’s the 3rd birthday of Cherry On Top! I can clearly remember the day when the idea of my own beauty blog popped up in my mind. Back then, I was already active and engaged with my first blog, Another Part of Me.

Beauty and fashion have always been a part of me as writing poetry have been. I can’t distinctly distinguish between the two because both are exclusively attached to my psychic self. I had to give that a form in order to make it prominent enough so that I can completely absorb myself into the aim of accomplishing my dream. Finally, with your love, support and acceptance, it happened.

Cherry On Top has gone through numerous changes since its birth. But, the things that never changed are its honesty, candidness and obviously your love for it. I love it when people say that my blog is good and they enjoy reading it. I know it’s your love and support that encourages me to come up with new ideas which eventually lead to a enjoyable blog.

I promise to come up with more exciting posts in the future. I am planning to post my first YouTube video at the end of this month. I am also planning to start a couple of new segments on my blog to assist you to explore your inner-selves. Also, I have started showing you my everyday life, sneak-peeks and behind the scenes/camera activities on my Snapchat (sayantinee). So, if you are on Snapchat then don’t forget to follow me there 🙂

Thank you by cherryontopblog.com

I want to take the time to Thank all of you from the core of my heart for your support. Thank you!

As a small token of gratitude I have a giveaway for you guys. I am giving away this gorgeous layered neck piece from Pipa+Bella. It’s a Rafflecopter giveaway. Please read the following points carefully before entering.

  • This giveaway starts from 14th January, 12:00am to 13th February, 12:00am. 
  • Giveaway is only for Indian Residents.
  • Anyone who is above 18+ is eligible to enter this giveaway.
  • There will be 7 mandatory entries and 4 optional entries. If you don’t complete the mandatory entries, you’ll be disqualified and I will not be answerable to any questions regarding this.
  • Optional entries obviously give you the chance to gain some brownie points, which will acquire more chances for you to win.
  • This is a Rafflecopter giveaway.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly, I repeat, randomly. I am not answerable to any questions regarding the selection of winner. Just believe in my honesty and transparency. I can click some snapshots of the randomizer or can do a video of the process if you want a proof of it.
  • I will ship the prize within one week of the declaration of winner. 
  •  The prize is bought with my own money. Pipa+Bella is, in NO way, compensating me or nor it’s a sponsored giveaway by the brand. I am NOT endorsing Pipa+Bella by this giveaway.
  • Feel free to drop me an email at sayantineebh@gmail.com if any problem arises.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s all, guys. I hope you love this giveaway. All the best to you!

Image source- birthdayimage.net

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