Hello, beauties! Thank you for taking your time out to read my post. At the beginning of this year, I promised myself to start writing in new categories on this blog so that you guys do not get bored of the content I share. I did a small analysis of the content and I noticed that despite this being a beauty and fashion blog, I post more beauty related posts than fashion posts. This year, I am determined to post more fashion related posts for you. This thought gave me a beautiful idea. We all envy the closets of our favourite stars or the outfits they wear in a particular movie. So, I thought of decoding their styles for you and find you similar but inexpensive items so that you get inspired by or replicate the outfits yourselves. The internet is full of these types of articles. I love reading them and even got inspired by some of them when I was a teenager. So, I thought of creating the same for my own lovely readers. From now on, I will be decoding celebrity styles in different movies and post them under the ‘Celeb Style‘ category. Today’s post will be all about decoding Shraddha Kapoor’s style in the movie Ok Jaanu.

I loved Shraddha Kapoor’s style in Ok Jaanu. The movie is out and a lot of you must have watched it. I haven’t watched the movie yet. I have watched the trailer a couple of times and loved Shraddha’s signature style in the movie. From her makeup to her wardrobe, it is all about basics and casuals which I loved because it is quite similar to my own style. I always prefer wearing casual and comfy clothes whenever I go out. In this post, I will list some of the outfits that Shraddha wore in the movie and will also link the similar items that you can find online. So, let’s start-

1. Basic White Tee/Shirt & Blue Denim

The two things you should always have in your wardrobe is a basic white tee/cami and shirt and a pair of blue jeans and you are sorted. These items come in handy in every situation. You can dress them up or down, mix and match, pair it with anything. Here are the similar items that I found. (Direct links to the items provided below.)

Get the Look:

  1. White Shirt// 2. Blue Skinny Fit Jeans// 3. Basic White Cami

2. Overalls/Jumpsuits/Playsuits

Celeb Style: Shraddha Kapoor in OK Jaanu| Flaunt Your Basics| Cherry On Top

Jumpsuits/Playsuits/Overalls give your wardrobe another element. These things are fun and suitable for any casual event. They are extremely comfortable to wear that’s mostly why they are liked. Here in this snapshot, Shraddha is wearing a cute pink crop top, a denim overall and a pair of wedged sneakers. Here are the similar items that I found- (Direct links to the items provided below.)-

Get the Look:

  1. Crop Top// 2. Denim Overall// 3. Backpack// 4. Wedged Sneakers

3. Chequered Shirt Dress

Celeb Style: Shraddha Kapoor in OK Jaanu| Flaunt Your Basics| Cherry On Top

Shirt dresses are another cool thing in your wardrobe. They can be chic and sporty at the same time. 2016 was all about shirt dresses and t-shirt dresses. I loved Shraddha’s chequered shirt dress in one of the posters. Here are the similar items that I found (Direct links to the items provided below.)-

Get the Look:

  1. Chequered Shirt Dress// 2. Black Sling Bag


4. Graphic Tee & Flared Skirt

Celeb Style: Shraddha Kapoor in OK Jaanu| Flaunt Your Basics| Cherry On Top
Image Source:

The next outfit I am going to talk out is this cute graphic tee and flared, pleated skirt combo. I am not much into skirts but whenever I see these type of combo I love it. It is very basic, very casual yet it has something chic and classy that makes it perfect for a lot of events. Here are the similar items that I found- (Direct links to the items provided below.)

Get the Look:

  1. Graphic Tee// 2. Pleated Midi Skirt


 5. Classic Black and White

Celeb Style: Shraddha Kapoor in OK Jaanu| Flaunt Your Basics| Cherry On Top

How could we conclude without giving a tribute to the classic black and white combo! Black and White does not only give a retro look but also it has the edge and class we always look for in an outfit. No matter what occasion it is, not matter what place it is, work or party, nothing can beat black and white. One of the poster’s had this killer outfit by Shraddha Kapoor and I am absolutely digging it. In this picture, Shraddha is wearing a black cut-out top and a pair of black and white vertical striped trousers. As we cannot see the outfit properly, let’s assume she has worn a crop top and straight cut trousers. Here are the similar items that I found- (Direct links to the items provided below.)

Get the Look:

  1. Cut-out Crop Top// 2. Oxfords// 3. Striped Trousers

As I said earlier, I loved Shraddha Kapoor’s Signature look in Ok Jaanu. I loved how she has maintained the minimal yet chic style. I also loved the fact that all the outfits shown in this movie can easily be found in everybody’s wardrobe. Through this post, I tried to help you find the similar outfits worn by Shraddha keeping is as much budget-friendly as possible. Let me know which of these outfits you liked the most.

Will you be re-creating any of her looks?


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Hi, guys! Happy Tuesday to all of you. This is going to be the first OOTD of 2017 and I am really excited about it. I have not done an outfit post in a long time so, I think it would be exciting to you too! Today’s post is in association with Indian Bow Tie Company which is a brand that makes the quirkiest bow-ties from different fabrics and they are extremely stylish.

Let’s start this post by writing a little bit about the brand, Indian Bow Tie Company. As their website says, “Indian Bow Tie Company is an exclusive brand based out of Jodhpur, India. We offer you a wide range of hand-made bow ties. We’re a bunch of people just trying to provide a solution to anyone looking for the perfect bow tie for any occasion.” All their bow-ties are handmade and exclusively designed. You get a vast range of products to choose from. These bow-ties are made of different materials like cotton, satin and wood. Their products are so versatile that you can pull them off for any occasion from casual to formal and add some edge to your outfit. You can also customise your bow-ties as per your own taste. Check out their website to find a few for yourself!

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

In this post, I am going to show you how I styled my bow-tie that I got from the Indian Bow Tie Company. First of all, let me tell you a little bit about this bow-tie. So, this bow-tie is from their new collection which is the 2016 collection. I really love the snakeskin pattern on this. This particular design had been everywhere throughout 2016- from shoes to purses to dresses. I feel this design gives a very edgy and classy look to the entire outfit. This snakeskin bow-tie is made of pure cotton fabric and has buttons on the two sides as closure.

Now, to my outfit. I wore this full-sleeved oversized sweater and paired it up with a pair of slightly faded blue jeans. I really loved the colour of the sweater. I had worn too much black for the past two winters so I thought of bringing back some lively colours to my life (read closet). I love baggy, oversized sweaters. They are the comfiest thing in the world. This particular sweater has thickly knitted and keeps you warm and cosy.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The jeans have a great fit. They are not too tight or too lose. They are just perfect for me.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The shoes I am wearing are just regular sneakers that have some glittery effect to them. These are the shoes that I literally lived in since I got them.

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

Casual and Edgy Winter Outfit ft. Indian Bow Tie Company| Cherry On Top

The best thing about the Indian Bow Tie Company bow-ties is that they can be used in so many different ways. You can wear this with a basic shirt or a shirt dress to give it an oomph or you can wear it as a choker. It’s totally up to you. We have always seen a bow-tie as a formal accessory, mostly related to men’s fashion, but that’s not the story. There are so many ways women can flaunt a bow-tie, that too with style and class.

~Outfit Details~

Sweater- Shuffle (Jabong)
Jeans- Lee Cooper (Brand Factory)
Shoes- Amazon
Bow-tie- Indian Bow Tie Company

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A relationship is like flowing water; they move with their own ebb and flow. The initial attraction, sparks and excitement often wear off, making the relationship bland and insipid. The gushing emotions of the honeymoon period often give in to monotony. Is this the story of your life too? Do you feel your love has somewhere got lost in the banality?

Hey, don’t fret. No one said relationships were easy! Like everything else major in life, they just need a little effort and maybe some excitement. Maybe it’s time you rekindle the love in your relationship, maybe, it is time to bring back the same old charm and unpredictability.

The best way to revisit the old fun filled days is with a Platinum band. A Platinum band is synonymous with love, companionship, and togetherness. Seal the eternal bond with the metal and express that you care. Here are a few ways a Platinum can rekindle the love in your relationship.

Keeping it simple & classy

In the current over the top, ostentatious world of volatile relationships- keeping things simple is crucial for a healthy stable relationship to grow and survive. Communicating clearly, never going to bed angry and compromising on the small things can go a long way in keeping the bond strong. Platinum is the best choice for celebrating each other whatever be the occasion. Although platinum may be more expensive than other metals, the reason for this is that most platinum jewellery is purer and will contain 95% pure platinum as compared to other metals. So, nothing can express your love for each other better than a simple but elegant platinum band. Try these aesthetically designed ones at an online store like CaratLane.

Forever platinum on your anniversary

Life is fleeting but true love is everlasting, and nothing signifies eternity better than platinum. In today’s fast-paced world finding your soul mate is a rare and a beautiful thing. But building on a foundation of trust respect and love can mean spending a lifetime together. The purity of the bond between soul mates is beautifully reflected in platinum jewellery and identical platinum bands. For example, engraved love bands would be the ideal gift for your loved one on your next anniversary.

Renewing your wedding vows 

Bring back the spark in your love life by renewing your wedding vows. A relationship will pass the test of time when two people make a choice to keep it that way. Either throw a big party or just plan a romantic evening with your partner to celebrate that eternal bond you both share with each other.  Once again celebrate the day you knew you were truly meant to be together. Renew your wedding vows with platinum rings that are everlasting and promise to stay with each other for a lifetime.

Do things together

There are several crazy things couples can do together. Nevertheless, there are some things worth doing which can help redefine and strengthen your relationship with your better half. For instance, try each other’s hobby to show your partner, your love for them. You both could even try a new hobby together like skating, cooking a meal, or maybe even camping. You may also go shopping together for these exquisite matching platinum bands we found at, a true symbol of love that stays firm through thick and thin. Each time you wear them, it will remind you of the strong bond you share!

Finally, just exist together happily! The best relationships whether romantic or platonic, are those where you can just sit quietly together without always feeling the need to fill the silence. Simply snuggle up with your partner and watch an entertaining movie you both like together.

The kurti is the quintessential women’s dress in India. It is cool, trendy and highly versatile. The fact that it is still making an appearance on the runway clearly indicates fashion designers have faith in this simple yet elegant item of clothing. Kurtis provide an easy alternative to the modern woman who wants to look fashionable without having to wear wraps of cloth on her body.

Well, the versatility of this dress has seen a proliferation of designs many of which are appearing on runways and in fashion magazines. Here are some of the trending kurti designs that fashion designers in the country are working on:

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

1. Tail Cut Kurti

It has made its presence on the Bollywood carpet with fashion icons, such as Sonam Kapoor and Kangna Ranaut donning the same for social functions. It is perfect for parties and the short side on the front gives a tail-like effect on the back. It is comfortable to wear and you can accessorise with jewellery, sunglasses and flats.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

2. Anarkali Kurti

This is one the most popular kurtis and it has undergone a revolution in terms of design. Anarkali kurtis redefines your fashion style and adds a touch of grace and glamour. It works perfectly with any body shape and you can wear it to wedding, party, or even a formal event. Most models accessorize using ethnic jewelry to give it a more authentic feel.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

3. Angrakha Kurti

This is a borrowing from the traditional kurtis worn by royal court’s performers. It has received a contemporary touch of glamor and appeal. It is a simple design of double wraps tied with the help of strings. It is popular with Bollywood actors and celebrities in India. Some of those who have tried it out include Anushka Sharma, Karen Kapoor Khan among others.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

4. Trail Cut Kurti

This is one of the most popular kurti trends in India today. Kalki Koechlin and Twinkle Khanna have worn this design and it has now become one of the hottest fashion styles in the country. It features C-cuts from both sides and it comes in different materials including chiffon, georgette, silk and crape. It is perfect for day wear, dinner occasions, romantic dates and any other use. You can also pair it with leggings, skinny jeans or treggings.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

5. Dhoti Kurti

It was just a matter of time before the dhoti styled kurtis became a trend. Like with all dhoti-inspired lady wear, this kurti is having a big impact in the fashion industry. It is loose and comfortable and this makes it perfect for any type of parties. The dhoti kurtis gives a designer feel to your party wear and heads will keep turning. It is now easy to buy designer kurti online and select from a large inventory of high-quality dresses.

Top 6 Trending Kurti Designs in India Today

6. Flared Kurti

Flared style never gets old in lady’s fashion. It reignites the ordinary kurtis into a fashion gem instantly. You can go for wide or narrow flares but remember flares are best for taller ladies.

The fashion industry in the country is buzzing with the kurti rebirth. From indo-western styles, gown styled kurtis, Pakistani kurti to the printed kurta, there is no stopping this revolution. Go on and sample some of the best kurtis in the market.

Guest post by Sudeshna Thakurta

A twelve-year-old girl often stood in front of the mirror in a pretty dress and slathered petroleum jelly from a tiny tub of Vaseline on her lips. The transparent gel glided on the lips, caught the light and made the lips look even more appealing. Putting on the sandals, she would walk out of the house. One sight of a group of aunties in the lane and it took ten exact seconds for her to eat it up. Five years later, a plump teenager adjusted her kurti and rushed off to her tuitions. Boards over a good dress any day, agreed; but how could she let the aunties make a remark about how her ass was a little too fat for someone her age. Five more years down the line, she, still slightly plump, particularly in the middle, tucks her black tee in a pair of faded blue jeans and walks without taking any notice of who else did in fact care enough to make a remark.

Well, the twelve-year-old was I and the story is my little journey to become who I am today. Same person, same surroundings, the only possible explanation for the change could be education, (and not knowledge or observation, mind you!) most people would infer. Being the only child to parents had made me believe that this was just my insecurities and me. Over years, as I understood, this insecurity was prevalent in most women. The last two years spent at a ladies hostel changed me. I saw girls change their outfits twice or thrice, to say the least, every time they are to step out: some hiding their ugly hairy feet, rest covering up a scar or two. All of this, just to avoid unwanted attention.

The struggle to wake up in the morning is real. To put together a decent outfit is a cure to the pain. However, the prying eyes, the way the society thinks makes it much more difficult to find a fix. As a woman dresses up and takes one last look at her reflection in the mirror, parallel lines of thoughts cross her mind. Is the lipstick a little too bright for a first date? Is the liner a tad too much for a casual brunch? Should I be wearing these earrings in the first place? The sight of another woman on the roads avoiding every sly comment, walking tall changes you. A smile from another woman, facing the same challenges as you do strengthens you, hoping that the toil is definitely worth it; it makes our day a tad bit brighter.

Then reading, writing and social media introduced me to a bunch of people so confident with their own self that they professed their love for dressing up via their blogs. While they experimented and kept doing what they loved, some with their well thought of stories and concepts defied the traditional norms of beauty. They have made us realizse how beauty is more than what meets the eye. Trust me, when I say that when my beloved grandmother said the same, it did sound like a mere consolation. She, in her white cotton saree, long hair, oiled and tied back into a bun and white and blue rubber chappals cued me towards the existence of a third world where your physical appearance or your choice of clothes and shoes did not define beauty.

With the advent of social media, you see several women pose for their front camera and put up their pictures, accompanying it with a caption, which many of us might want to label stupid and unnecessary. However, it is a shame when you see them posting their pictures, sometimes, a few taking off some valuable time from their lives; indirectly, sharing tips and tricks from their vanity that might work for you being shamed for the very same reason. (Courtesy: the meme corresponding to the decrease in the number of fashion bloggers in Delhi given that Sarojini is not going to be around anymore) To have random people treat them as a mere eye candy is one thing but to have people label them, judge them and ask them to fix something is another.

Vinitha Shetty, a fashion blogger from Mumbai is one such woman. Embracing herself has been tough for her, like most of us. There were people appreciating her and sharing bits and pieces of their stories, it broke my heart when I read the comment asking her to Photoshop the scar.

Perks of Being a Fashion Blogger| Cherry On Top

It takes time and patience to be okay with a scar or any acquired physical mark on your body. Therefore, when she dared to share the story of how she acquired a scar five years ago and had finally accepted it as a part of her being, it made me happy. Scars are stories, adventures slightly derailed from the usual route and experiences that moulded us into better humans; even if it does so in a very, very small way. It takes courage to reach out to others, to let them know that they are not alone. Let us just appreciate that someone cares to take some time out of their busy lives to share their experiences.

To say the least, this is the mere tip of the iceberg. There are all sorts of people out there. From offensive comments to direct messages to the fraandship requests, they are dealing with it all just so that we know that the last minute hesitation is obvious. It is a mere need for a breather, to catch up on life without any inhibitions, while the chai ki nukkad wala dada and his friends and the perverted uncles in public transport give us characteristic stares, obnoxious comments and question our intentions. I realize that there are plenty of us sharing our views but as John Green (Yes, out of all writers in the world, I chose to quote him.) would say, it is nothing more than a “shout into the void”. Much to our disappointment, we still live in a society where people are not tolerant, refuse to acknowledge a difference in opinion and make their peace with it and raise an eyebrow at our bare shoulders in an off shoulder dress.

On a completely orthogonal (or maybe, partially relevant) note, aunties please stop staring at us. Out of all people, we expect you to understand and support us. Do you hear us complaining of your dressing choices? Of course, you do not. We can make fun of how odd that rani coloured salwar suit looks too, you know. But we do not. Why do you ask? If we, women do not support each other, who will? Food for thought, is it not?

About Sudeshna:

Eternal love for bhutta and rain; black coffee over tea; bibliophile; falling in love with life, very very slowly. Check out her blog at

Every time I go out for shopping, there are a few styles of women dresses that persistently attract me for no reason at all as I already have most of them in adequate quantity. It is not surprising to see the latest styles in jeans for women or in palazzo pants or in culottes, as these mark the beginning of a new trend which is going to last for long. But the latest styles do not mean that these would be suitable for everyone at every point in time. This is the reason I am always inclined to what suits me best, or what I am complimented for the most.

The last time when I went for an impromptu shopping session with Amit, I was quite obvious to the fact that I would hesitate a bit. He sarcastically pinpointed towards the women dresses in skater styles which I am a big fan of. The way he showed me the way to the same, I knew that he was hardly interested in making me buy one of them. To save myself from further taunts, I went against his expectations and turned myself towards the section of jeans for women. Seeing me walk towards the different aisle made him realise that I was quite adamant about not buying the skater women dresses this time, but did he actually know the reality? I am sure he did not. Women are women, they are stubborn and a bit crazy for the things they are highly fond of, especially when it comes to fashion apparels. No wonder, while I was looking at the stylish collection of jeans for women, I was getting distracted because of the previous aisle which I surpassed.

Black Skater Dress| StalkBuyLove

To make the next move, I looked at a few palazzo pants and culottes as the latest summer styles, he accompanied me to both the sections, made me try out a few of the selected ones and we finally bought one of the culottes for our next month’s long weekend trip. Buying the stylish pair of culottes and two palazzo pants made my shopping experience fantabulous, but if I would have bought one of the skater women dresses, it would have made my day. Lacking the confidence of confessing, we both went out of the shopping outlet with a big smile on the face.

Palazzo Pants| StalkBuyLove

The evening was quite enjoyable and I even tried the culottes at my home with one of my flattering ladies tops. It was late at night and there was no option left but to sleep. And the expected happened in the dreams, I was posing in front of the mirror in the little cute pink shaded skater dress which he made me see at the shopping mall. The very next morning, I took out time from the schedule and started searching the same style of women dresses online, and guess what? I was fortunate enough to see the same at, without wasting much of the time, I simply ordered it online and kept it as a secret so that I could dress it up surprisingly on the trip.

Culottes| StalkBuyLove

The craze to buy skater dresses never ends, these always make me feel a bit younger to what I am. Keeping my body type in mind, I think these dresses compliment my shape and size, in comparison to other styles like palazzo pants and jeans for women. Having known the facts, and my fondness for the same, I am always unable to control myself in such situations. Finally, the stage of satiation reached and I could enjoy the sense of relief after buying the same.

Blue Jeans| StalkBuyLove

I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way and trust me there is nothing wrong in getting inclined for the same styles of ensembles every time. It is your body and you know the best what suits it, so don’t be scared, just buy what you feel and dress them up in the elegant way.


Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by Stalk Buy Love, however, this is an honest guide from a woman to other women.


Hi, lovelies! Hope you are enjoying these rainy weather. If you are taking some time out from your busy schedule to read my post then I am sending warm hugs and hot chocolates on your way! Today, I am going to talk about an international online shopping portal called that stocks a huge variety of modern women clothes and accessories that too with very affordable price tags. I am sure you would want to know more about it. is very popular among women who love shopping internationally within a very limited budget. They have an array of clothes, bags, shoes, beauty accessories like makeup brushes and a lot of other ‘womanly’ stuff. The sell the most stylish formal or casual clothes, considering the ongoing trend. Thus, it is very popular among the fashion lovers. They have a great range of products across categories. Their jumpsuits and dresses are totally must-haves for your wardrobe.

Order, Dispatch and Delivery

Ordering from DressLink was really easy, just fill up your cart with your desired products and click checkout. So far as the payment options are concerned, they have options like Credit Cards, Paypal and Western Union money transfer. They ship internationally across various countries. The dispatch for my order was really quick and so was the delivery. I placed my order on May 28, it was dispatched on May 31 and I received my package on June 11. The delivery was made by Aramex and it was quite smooth. Other shipping companies that they have are FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS and China Post.

Shipping Cost and Customs

Their products are priced at a very inexpensive rate but it isn’t the same with the shipping cost. The shipping charges may comparatively seem to be a bomb. They have a ‘free shipping’ option also. Check out this page for the same. For my order, I did not have to pay any customs.

Quality of DressLink Items

When you are planning to buy from a site that sells extremely inexpensive clothes or accessories, you certainly are sceptical about the quality. What is most common with these type of sites is the poor quality of the material used for the clothes, sizing issues and complete difference from what is displayed as a reference image. Most of the time people get a wrong sized item or cheap quality material. But with DressLink, I did not find the same. The items I bought came exactly same as it was displayed in the reference image and the sizes were true to the size chart. I am really impressed with the quality of the products.

Here is what I bought-

My DressLink Experience and Haul|

  1. Sleeveless Elastic Waist Trouser Jumpsuit Overalls (USD 3.56)

  2. Half Sleeve Back Zipper Office Pencil Dress (USD 3.79)

  3. Slim Leggings Stretch Pants Thick Footless Tight (USD 1.91)

As you can see, these are very reasonable priced. You can get a few items even within a budget of $10! They have always some huge discounts going on on a number of items. Also, they have a ‘flash buy’ category where you can buy any item for only $0.01 which is insane!

 Have you guys shopped from

What was your experience? Share them with me in the comments. I will post an OOTD soon using items from my haul. Till then, be safe

Hi, guys. Happy Friday! Hope you had an amazing week. Today, I am going to talk about an Instagram store called Rutuz Craft Studio and the products available there. Also, there is a discount code for you guys in the end of this post. So, keep reading!

I am always on Instagram, posting pictures, liking others’ and exploring pages. One of my favourite things to do on Instagram is to find stores that sell unique items, from cute phone covers to jewellery. Recently I was contacted by this page called Rutuz Craft Studio to check out their feed and the jewellery they stock. They also asked me if I could review their products and let you guys know about them. How could I have said no to those pretty baubles! After knowing that they are totally hand-crafted. You guys know, I am obsessed with handcrafted things. I think they have the most powerful impact. After all, fashion is not only about wearing things, it’s also about feeling and loving what you are wearing.

I received these three things from them-

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

The technique used to make this beautiful neckpiece and bracelet is called crochet technique. It is a mesh of copper wires holding the small, pretty glass pearls. The design might look flimsy at first but that is not the face at all! Both the neckpiece and the bracelet are really sturdy and they are also very flexible. They are supposed to be moulded to the neckline and wrist in order to get the perfect shape and flawless look. The earnings have a French back closure that is great as I tend to loose all my push-backs.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

The best thing about these baubles is that they can be paired with almost any type of outfit- be it western, ethnic or fusion. You can wear it to style a classy off-shoulder dress or a saree. Crafted using a minimalist design, these baubles are great for using both daytime and night time and for almost every occasion.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

If you are not someone who loves to accessorise but there is some special occasion where you want to wear some jewellery then you can certainly try these out because they are very light-weight (you can’t believe until to hold them yourself, even the earrings feels heavier than the neckpiece), very minimalistic and really classy. Women of almost any age can wear these.

New Obsession- Hand-Crafted Jewellery by rutuzcraftstudio|

Rutuz Craft Studio has many other handmade pieces of jewellery stocked at their Instagram store that you can check out. They all are handmade. From earrings to hand harnesses, there is a huge variety of stuff to choose from. I am sure you will like their collection.

Now, for the most exciting part. Rutuz Craft Studio has decided to offer a 10% discount on their entire collection to my readers. All you have to do is mention the *secret* discount code which is cherry10 while buying from them. You can shop from them by contacting their store on Instagram (handle- @rutuzcraftstudio) or you can also shop via Whatsapp.

I hope you guys loved this piece of information. I will be back with a new post this week. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

Hello, all! It’s been a long time since I talked about fashion. So, I thought why not talk about some fashion that would be best for the upcoming monsoons. Dressing up for work in monsoons is a headache. You can’t wear anything to  your office unless if you have a very cool boss! Today I’ll be talking about ethnic wears that you can add to your workwear closet. All the pieces I talked about in this post are completely budget-friendly so that you don’t have much to think about before heading to buy them. Let’s start-

Monsoon, to me, comes with a dose of fresh colours such as bright greens, yellows and blues. I can easily relate to  nature- drenched with fresh shower, cool breeze and a bit of sunshine. Depending on my choice of colours, here I have picked a few of my favourite Kurtis from Rangriti that you would love to check out-

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon|

This high-low asymmetrical Kurti comes in a neon green colour which I found is perfect to brighten up a gloomy monsoon morning. Pair it up with churidar or a palazzo depending on your own preference.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon|

Somehow, I have a leaning towards white clothes. I know it can easily get dirty on the muddy roads of India but I cannot overlook a white garment if I am shopping for myself. To me, whites are perfect for every season. Monsoons might bring frequent rainfall but you can’t ignore the humidity. So, wearing a white will be comforting for you.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon|

Orange is again a very vibrant colour to cheer you up in a monsoon day. It’s also something that you can easily wear to work. A perfect everyday wear ethnic, isn’t it?

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon|

Yellow is another of my favourite colours for daytime dress-up. This particular colour of this Kurti has a slight neon hint to it which is making it more appealing. The white motifs are subtle and not clumsy which makes it perfect for work and also for the humid weather.

Ethnic Workwear for Monsoon|

This one is my absolute favourite because of the indigo colour and simple prints. Blue is my favourite colour and I like to incorporate blue in almost everywhere. One can style this up in multiple ways, with salwars, churidars, palazzos and also maxi skirts.

Rangriti has a great collection of different types of kurtis, kurtas, palazzos, jackets, dupattas and other ethnic garments. They have a variety of fabrics, colours and designs for every occasion that too within budget. Their kurtis start at only Rs 250, can you imagine! I insist you go through their collection once. I am in love with their everyday wear kurtis.

Monsoon is a season that comes as a relief with a lot of freshness, fragrance and tranquillity. It definitely has its downsides, every season has but you cannot refuse to be grateful to monsoon. I hope you pull off all your ethnic looks beautifully in this monsoon. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

Hi, guys! I am here again with a new post. If you follow me on my social medias (If you don’t then please do) you will know that I wasn’t feeling well for the past couple of days and that resulted in a heap of pending posts. Now, I am having restless days and sleepless nights just to catch up with all the work that I missed out.

Tonight I am going to talk about the sunglasses I’ve been wearing ever since Summer arrived and I am also getting a lot of questions about where I got them from. So, I thought of dedicating one full post on my favourite sunglasses ever. Get ready!

Shades of Summer|Vincent Chase Reflectors|

Shades of Summer|Vincent Chase Reflectors|

These gorgeous blue Vincent Chase reflectors are from Lenskart. They have a huge stock of prescription eyeglasses, lenses and sunglasses. They have brands like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Fossil, Ray-Ban, John Jacobs, Fastrack, Vincent Chase etc. There are always some discounts going on site-wide, so, you always get a good deal over there. Also, when you register with them, your get first eyeglasses frame absolutely free. My boyfriend and I have have been their loyal customer for about two years now. The reason we love Lenskart is their range of products, all of them are genuine and also, there is always some discount. You must check out their range of sunglasses for women. You will definitely fell in love with it.

Vincent Chase Reflectors from Lenskart

These blue Vincent Chase reflectors are very lightweight, sits perfectly and comfortably on my nose and does not hurt. The blue tint gives a cooling effect to my eyes when in the sun. I have a very sensitive pair of eyes that turns red and watery when I step out of my home without sunglasses that have a very dark tint to it. These sunglasses protects my eyes from the harshness of the sun and my eyes never feel itchy or watery when I put these Vincent Chase Reflectors on. The price, I believe, is 1499INR for this pair.

Vincent Chase Reflectors from Lenskart (5)

Shades of Summer|Vincent Chase Reflectors|

I found out this brand called Vincent Chase a year ago while exploring the brands at Lenskart and it has become my favourite since then. The sunglasses are within budget, the quality is good and they have a lot of good designs in their stock. You will definitely want to check the entire Vincent Chase collection at Lenskart. Check out some more reflectors from Vincent Chase here.

That’s it for this post. Let me know if you like this kind of posts where I pick up and write about any of my fashion accessories. I’ll love to do more of these in future. Pour in your thoughts in the comments. See you next time in another new post. Till then, be safe & keep smiling!

Disclaimer- Lenskart was so kind to sponsor this post. Thank you, Lenskart! 

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