Achieving a flawless and stunning look with a side-part wig can be a game-changer for your overall style. Whether you’re new to wearing wigs or looking to enhance your side-part wig game, here are some tips and tricks to help you slay your side-part wig:

How to Slay Your Side-Part Wig?

  •  Find the Right Wig

Select a high-quality side-part wig that matches your desired style and blends seamlessly with your natural hair color. Consider hair texture, length, and density to ensure a realistic and flattering look.

  • Prep Your Natural Hair

Before applying your side part wig, prepare your natural hair by braiding it or using a wig cap to ensure a smooth and secure foundation. Tuck away loose strands or flyaways to create a clean base for your wig.

  • Customization is Key

Customize your side part wig to make it look natural and tailored to your face shape. Pluck the hairline and parting area to create a more realistic appearance, and trim the wig to suit your desired length and style. Remember to proceed cautiously and gradually make minor adjustments to avoid over-plucking or cutting too much.

  • Secure Your Wig

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, use wig clips, combs, or adhesive products specifically designed for wigs. Adjust the straps or hooks inside the wig to achieve a snug fit that stays in place throughout the day.

  • Style with Confidence

Experiment with different styling options to slay your side part wig. Use a flat iron or curling wand to add waves, curls, or sleekness to the hair. Create volume by teasing the roots or applying volumizing products. Play around with accessories such as headband wigs, scarves, or clips to personalize your look and elevate your style.

  • Take Care of Your Wig

Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your side part wig in top shape. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing, conditioning, and styling your wig. Use products specifically formulated for wigs to maintain their texture and shine. Store your wig on a stand or in a cool, dry place to prevent tangling and damage.

  • Confidence is Key

Rock your side part wig with confidence and embrace your unique style. Remember that wearing a wig is an opportunity to express yourself and enhance your beauty. Own your look and strut confidently, knowing you’re slaying your side part wig.

Can you change the part on a wig?

The part on a wig typically refers to the section where the hair is divided. While some wigs have a fixed part, others offer the flexibility to change the parting. Here’s what you need to know about changing the part on a wig:

  • Pre-Plucked or Freestyle Part

Some wigs come with a pre-plucked or freestyle part, which means the hair is not sewn in a specific direction. With these wigs, you can change the part by brushing or combing the hair in the desired direction. It allows for versatility in styling and parting options.

  • Adjustable Part

Certain wigs have an adjustable part feature, allowing you to shift the parting to different positions. These wigs usually have a movable or detachable piece at the crown area that can be shifted to create a new part. It allows you to customize the parting according to your preference.

  • Sewing or Gluing Method

If you have a wig with a fixed part that you wish to change, it is possible to alter the parting by using sewing or gluing methods. It involves carefully lifting the existing part and repositioning the hair in the desired direction. However, this process requires precision and skill to ensure a natural-looking result. It is recommended to seek assistance from a professional wig stylist for this modification.

  • Wig Cap Construction

The construction of the wig cap can also affect the possibility of changing the part. Lace front wigs, for example, have a sheer lace material at the front that allows for a more realistic-looking part. These wigs offer greater flexibility in changing the parting than those with closed-cap construction.

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Can you cut the sides of a wig?

Yes, cutting the sides of a wig to customize its style and fit is possible. Wig customization is standard among wig wearers to achieve a more tailored look that suits their preferences and facial features. Cutting the sides of a wig can help create a desired shape, enhance the wig’s overall appearance, and ensure a more natural and comfortable fit.

Before cutting the sides of a wig, it’s crucial to consider its construction and determine if it is suitable for cutting. Some wigs, particularly those with wefts or tracks, may need help cutting the sides. Examining the wig’s structure and determining if it can withstand the cutting process without compromising its integrity is essential.

Side Part Wig from Luvme Hair

Side part wigs are popular among those looking to enhance their natural beauty and experiment with different hairstyles. Luvme Hair offers a wide range of side-part wigs known for their quality and versatility. Whether you’re new to wearing side part wigs or want to take your styling game to the next level with a Luvme Hair wig. Slaying your side part wig from Luvme Hair is all about selecting the right style, correctly applying the wig, customizing the hairline, and experimenting with different hairstyles. Additionally, taking good care of your wig and protecting your natural hair is crucial for maintaining a flawless look.


With these tips and tricks, you can slay your side part wig and confidently showcase your style and personality. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy the versatility and beauty of your side part wig.

Hi, guys! Today, I am going to write about something very quirky and fun like wigs. We are generally made to believe that wigs are for those who have very thin hair or are completely bald. But that, my friend, is not the case anymore. You can always oomph up your look by simply wearing a wig. It also lessens the time of doing your hair every time you go out for a party. I was recently introduced to who have the best possible collection of natural-looking wigs.

About Beautyforever

Beautyforever Mall Is A Global Human Hair Enterprises, Which Has Variety Of Human Hair Products, Such As Human Hair Weave, Lace Closure, Hair Extension, Colored Weave And Various Of Accessories. We Specialized In Set Design, Production, Sales. Service Over The World.

Remember the times when you had to reach a party at a certain time but you are stuck with styling your hair, using various hot tools and if you are like me, you realise you are a jerk when you are halfway through styling your hair and that doesn’t come out to be as good as you saw on Pinterest, you wish there was something that could make it easier. This is why you’ll need a wig that is already styled up for you and looks exactly like your hair because they all are made with human hair, unlike the ones you generally see in stores or on cheap sites.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

The human hair wigs on come in various textures from curly, kinky curly, jerry curly to straight, kinky straight, body wave, water wave, deep wave, natural wave. Also, their lengths vary somewhere from 10-26 inches. You can also browse through different hair colours to make the wig naturally blend in with your original hair colour.

Among the different weave bundles, I totally loved their Brazillian Body Wave Bundles because they look extremely natural and the texture is something that you can rock everywhere from parties to work or other functions. They have quite a variety in human hair weaves- Virgin Brazillian Hair, Virgin Indian Hair, Virgin Peruvian Hair and Virgin Malaysian Hair. With all these varieties, they have made sure you get your perfect match.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

They have also a 6×6 closure lace wigs. If you don’t know what that exactly is, let me tell you.  A 6×6 hair closure size is 6 by 6 Inch. A high-quality lace has strong breathability, so the bigger the lace size is, the stronger the breathability is. A 6×6 lace front closure is generally placed at the front top of your head. The coverage area is bigger. The lace closure 6×6 is 6 inches width and 6 inches length. The hair is knotted into the high-quality lace hole, smooth for touching, and comfortable for wearing.

Best human hair wigs online beautyforever

So, next time you stuck at styling your hair, you know where to go. Human hair wigs can sound a little intimidating since we do not know where they are sourced from but with Beautyforever, you can trust 100%. They have virgin hair bundles which means they have not been used before you. If you get used to them, you will realise that these are one of the best accessories one could ever own. So, pick your favourite now!

Hey, guys! If you remember my recent Snapchat stories then you must know that I have been to the Radiance Salon last week to try the Moroccanoil Hair Smoothing Spa using the amazing products from the new Moroccanoil Smooth range. I had promised you guys to write down my experience on the blog and now I am here with it.

Moroccan Argan oil is something that needs no introduction. Argan oil is produced from the kernels of Argan tree that grows mainly in South-Western part of Morocco. Argan oil is great for your skin and hair that it is popularly called liquid gold. With each use of Argan oil, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, results in soft, smooth and glowing skin and hair.

Moroccanoil is a brand that pledges to transform beauty industry with all their hair care products infused with genuine Argan oil. Recently they had invited me to try their Smoothing Hair Spa treatment using the new Smooth range. Read to know all the steps to beautiful hair-

As I stepped into the salon, I was seated by the very polite staff and then offered water and beverages which I found really sweet. Then I was introduced to the expert (I forgot his name. I always forget names :/) who was about to turn my unruly mane into beautiful tresses.

Hair Smoothing Spa Treatment Using Moroccanoil Smooth Range: The Process-

Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Spa Experience|

The process started with examining my hair. The expert told me that I have a combination hair type- oily scalp and frizzy hair. He advised me to use two different shampoos- one for the scalp and another for the hair. After he was done with examining my hair, he went straight ahead to wash my hair.

Step 1: My hair was washed thoroughly using the Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo. It felt so nice because of the mild fragrance it contained.

Step 2: My stylist mixed some drops of Moroccanoil Treatment Oil with the Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask and made a mask according to the thickness and length of my hair. He then divided my hair into sections and applied some amount of the mask to each section very carefully. He made sure that the product does not go up to the scalp.

Step 3: He then started massaging my head which felt so relaxing and rejuvenating that I almost fell asleep. The massaging ensures that the product is distributed evenly and it also helps in improving the blood circulation which boosts hair growth.

Step 4 (Optional): The fourth step was a 3 minutes steam which my stylist said is not necessary with Moroccanoil products making it convenient for using at home.

Step 5: My hair was rinsed again using the same smoothing shampoo and then my stylist used a pump of the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream and applied thoroughly to the lengths of my hair to protect my hair from the heat of the blow dryer.

Step 6: Finally, my hair was blow-dried and set to step out of the salon.

Here is a before and after for you-

Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Spa Experience|

Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Spa: My Thoughts

I totally loved the experience from start to finish. The way my hair felt after the treatment is inexplicable. It made my hair visibly and touchably soft, airy and really bouncy. My hair smelt divine after the treatment.Moroccanoil treatments do not require steam so you can try it at home. The products are a little expensive but they are totally worth the price you pay. The difference is visible after the first use. Moroccanoil products are free from harsh chemicals like sulphates, phosphates and parabens which makes them safe to use, unlike other haircare products. The new Moroccanoil Smooth Range is enriched in “AminoRenew™ which restores amino acids back into frizzy, unruly hair. This infusion mends broken disulphide bonds, which helps to align the hair shaft— resulting in more manageable hair with a smooth appearance.” (Source:

Moroccanoil products are meant for treating all types of hair. They have products for each hair type, treating all kind of hair concerns. These are great for chemical treated hair. My hair felt so shiny, soft, silky, smooth and frizz-free. The effect lasted on my hair for the entire week until the next wash. Even after washing my hair off a few days after the session, it felt soft and smooth. I really loved the whole experience. I would suggest you to give this treatment a try. You will definitely love it.

Moroccanoil Smooth Range: Price

Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Spa Experience|

  • Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo- 1800 INR (250ml)
  • Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner- 1800 INR (250ml)
  • Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion- 2250INR
  • Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask- 2790INR (250ml)
Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Spa Treatment in Kolkata
My stylist at the Radiance Salon who did all the magic.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, be safe & keep smiling!

The Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner Duo and My Current Hair Story
In recent times, a lot of you have told me that I have gorgeous hair. Thank you for that. But, that’s not the story. Let me tell you why. Yes, I am blessed with a voluminous hair. Once I shampoo my hair it just becomes so puffy but it’s not thick usually. I used to have very thick hair, but as time passed on my hair grew weaker and thinner. It surely looks voluminous and thick after washing and blow drying but what we see is not always the truth.

I got a chance to use Garnier‘s new launch which is a duo called Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner. I wish to review them later this month so I thought of sharing my current hair story and the factors I am concerned about. Let’s have a look-

The first and most terrible problem I am facing now-a-days is hair fall. It might be extreme educational stress that I am going through now or my ignorant lifestyle. I tend to sleep very late and I consume very less water. I don’t think my diet has affected my hair fall as I love veggies and I eat a lot of them daily. 
Secondly, I am facing dandruff problem throughout the year. It’s not flaky, it’s rather very sticky. I have used different anti-dandruff shampoos but they failed to solve the problem. The dandruff is gone after washing but it keeps returning in a few days.

Thirdly, I have a oily scalp problem. I wash my hair in every 2 days but this has not helped me at all. I feel a need to wash my hair every alternate day as it starts feeling greasy from the second day.

So, this the current condition of my hair. I am looking forward to the Garnier Triple Nutrition duo. I hope they succeeds in eliminating the extremely stubborn dandruff and oiliness. Stay tuned to read my next post on this for updates. Till then stay safe and keep smiling! 

 photo CDC9FF6FF5EC04AD8EE1C7D59049EBD7_zpsec8626b0.png
Hello everybody, I am here with a haul post as promised in my last post (Hope you’ve already read it, if not then please do it nowJ). This is going to be my second haul post here. But the difference is, all the products I am going to show you here, have bought with my own moneyJ. This post will be much more refined than the last. Between 4th – 12thMarch, I was in a shopping mood. I needed some skincare items and some makeup products too. I bought from four different websites because I didn’t find all the required products in one single website. Websites that I bought from are- Nykaa,, Snapdeal and

I got some skin and hair care products from and Snapdeal, and  some lipsticks and nail paints from Nykaa and

Let’s have a look on what I got in March-
~Medplusbeauty Haul~

1. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo.
2. Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Rose Addict.

~Snapdeal Haul~

3. Inatur Pomegranate Scrub.

~Nykaa Haul~

4. Fab India Orange and Cinnamon Face and Body Gel Scrub.

5. Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 13.

6. Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 2. Haul~

7. Colorbar Exclusive Nail Color- 15

8. Maybelline Color Show nail paints in Tenacious Teal and Coral Craze.

I am using a few products from this list and the skincare products are almost ready to be reviewed. If everything goes well, I will post the reviews next week. I hope you liked this post. Please feel free to share your views. Thanks for being here.  I will be back with a new post very soon 🙂

 photo CDC9FF6FF5EC04AD8EE1C7D59049EBD7_zpsec8626b0.png
Women with fine hair often complain that their hair is fragile and their hair fibre tends to break easily. Fine hair tends to be flat at the roots and becomes oily quite quickly. Fine hair is also difficult to style and quickly loses its shape.
The strength and thickness of the hair depends on the structure of its cortex. The cortex is composed of keratin and makes up thebody of the hair fibre. The mass of the cortex defines the overall diameter of the hair fibre. For fine hair, the quality and mass the cortex are lower than that for thick hair and this is what makes fine hair look limp and more vulnerable to breakage.

Kérastase creates the Volumifique range to cater to the specific needs of fine hair. Building on Kérastase’s current range for fine hair Volumactive, the Volumifique range goes further in terms of performance and lightness. A volume innovation, Volumifique is Kérastase’s 1st thickening effect hair care range to create shapely hair texture. The products of the Volumifique range have a unique combination of Système Ampliflex and Intra-Cyclane.Système Ampliflex provides external action which reinforces the hair fibre and adds body and shine to the hair. Intra-Cyclane works from within to create long lasting shape memory.
Volumifique products offer textures especially tailored for fine hair. Stylight® Textures as they are called are the new generation of anti-heaviness textures which are completely absorbed by fine hair, offering volume and lightness.
Volumifique offers a 3 step regime that guarantees the transformation of fine hair:
01 Bathe: Bain Volumifique: Creates feather light volume on fine hair. Soft and light, the formula gives a visible thickening effect on the fibre without weighing it down.
Pack Size: 250ml, MRP: 1500 INR

02 Treat: Gelee Volumifique: Rinse-out transparent conditioner care with ultra-light texture that integrates the most powerful volumising ingredients. It offers soft cosmetic touch and spectacular volume.
Pack Size: 200ml, MRP: 1900 INR

03 TEXTURISE: Mousse Volumifique: Amplifying mousse that revives hair with long-lasting substantial volume and structure. Mousse Volumifique reinforces support and gives hair a natural feel and shiny finish. Mousse Volumifique Protects the hair from heat styling. Volume is safeguarded by an anti-static effect.
Pack size: 150ml, MRP: 1700 INR

The results of the Volumifique Range are visible almost instantaneously, with efficiency even on long hair. Roots are lifted. Hair is shaped uniformly. Hair becomes a playground for style. With time, shine is locked for a hair texture with depth and contrast. Volume and lightness are like imprinted into the hair.
Volumifique will be available across Kérastase Salons from the month of November onwards.

 Hello again dearies. First of all, forgive me as I was unable to post on yesterday as I promised you due to some personal reasons. But, it’s never late what it comes to fashion. Today I am going to share with you my choice of accessories for school/college days. Let’s start with Scarves.

Scarves– This can be a style statement for you. A regular outfit can be jazzed up with a scarf.
  1. ASOS Geeky Cat Print Scarf (Shop)
  2. Forever 21 Polka Dot Scarf (Shop)
  3. Forever 21 Rose Garden Scarf (Shop)
  4. Forever 21 Striped Metallic Infinity Scarf (Shop)

Stockings/Tights/Socks– These can be worn to enhance your girly go-to look. Here are my picks.
  1. Basically Amazing Socks in Poppy (Shop)
  2. Grab a Bite Socks [Top left] (Shop)
  3. Clouding Around Socks [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Landlord of the Dance Slipper Socks [Bottom left] (Shop)
  5. Tread Delightfully Socks [Bottom right] (Shop)

Hair Accessories– Now, let’s add some spark to the hair. Let the cuteness be revealed.
  1. Classic Bow Headwrap (Shop)
  2. Faux Pearl Bow Hair Pins (Shop)
  3. Diamond Bow Hair Clips (Shop)
  4. Braided Chain Headband (Shop)
  5. Spiked Faux Suede Headband (Shop)

Hats/Caps– Just to spruce up your persona.
  1. Studded Denim Military Cap (Shop)
  2. ASOS Pearl And Floral Print Cap (Shop)
  3. ASOS Felt Ears Cap (Shop)
  4. Vans Hello Kitty Trucker Cap (Shop)
  5. Barbour Summer Wax Cloche Hat (Shop)

Belts– How could you forget to style your waist line? Check them out.
  1. Cinch You’ve Been Got Belt (Shop)
  2. Pieces Soa Waisted Belt (Shop)
  3. Perforated Heart Belt (Shop)
  4. Sash Samba Belt in Teal (Shop)
  5. Cute Skinny Belt (Shop similar)

Sunglasses– We girls always need something stylish to protect our persuasive eyes. Let’s have a look.
  1. F3647 Clear Wayfarer Sunglasses [Top Left] (Shop)
  2. Made for Beach Other Sunglasses [Bottom Left] (Shop)
  3. F3754 Round Sunglasses [Top right] (Shop)
  4. Chill Haute Sunglasses [Bottom right] (Shop)

So, that’s it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to comment. If you have a suggestion for me, don’t hesitate, just post as a comment. Please do link your posts in the comment box if you have done similar posts or willing to do one. I would love to add your links in my posts. Stay tuned to read more Back to School/College posts coming up soon. Goodbye till next time. Take care!
Next post will be about Back to School/College Jewelry+Watches. 
Disclaimer: All the images are from corresponding websites that I’ve linked down below every picture. I just edited them to make compilations.
Hair has always been the only ornament for a lady to have naturally. From Rapunzel to Cleopatra everybody has cherished a dream of beautiful hair. 
Women have always given efforts to get nice hair. Earlier, it used to be herbal, natural packs and masks. Now, that turned into going to salon, heading for a hair spa. But, both of them require a lot of time and endurance; and what modern women lack is TIME. 
So, what to do? Should we stop dreaming about gorgeous ramp- ready hair? No, there has to be an answer, and the answer is TRESemme! Yes, they will do magic to your frizzy, dull hair and make it so soft and smooth like satin.


As a Bollywood lover I have always adored the lovely long hair of Rekha, Poonam Dhillon, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Diana Penty. I love their hair and deeply wish to get that kind of hair some day. TRESemme made my wish come true. Now my hair is so silky smooth that I keep caressing it again and again.

Why I like TRESemme?

I am a very snooty kind of a person when it comes to hair-care. I love my hair so I don’t want to experiment. The only reason why I like TRESemme is that it does what it claims. There is no point of exaggerated, star-studded commercials. I thinks it’s unnecessary when it comes to TRESemme.
What TRESemme did to me?
Oh! it just made my hair ramp-ready, like they says. Well, there’s a hint what TRESemme did to my hair.
How did I twist, turn and style with TRESemme?
There’s a few samples of hair styles that I managed to do with my soft and smooth hair that caused by TRESemme.
A braid headband for that classy touch
A perfectly messy bun
A rope bun updo
A rope bun

A rope updo with a hint of flowers, perfect for summers

So, get your hair ramp-ready this summer and be the celebrity. Be stylish, live well. Thanks for reading.

This post is written for a contest on Indiblogger, TRESemme Get Your Hair Ramp -Ready.
For more hairstyles visit TRESemme India Youtube Channel.

All images are subject to copyright. Please do not copy and paste. Thank you.

This entry has won the Winner’s prize in the contest. Thanks TRESemme!

So girls, hope you’re doing well this love-season! Well, Valentine’s Day is 4 days away, so I decided to write some V’Day tips for the next five days.
Today, I am going to writing about hair care. You don’t want to present your frizzy hair before your man or you don’t want to entangle his fingers in your hair. That would be so awkward, isn’t it? Don’t panic friends. I am going to give you some easy home-made remedies to get rid of frizzy and dried up hair and get silky smooth hair in a few days. Let’s get started….
Tip 1: Mix coconut oil and castor oil in 2:1 proportion. Add 1 or 2 Vitamin E capsules (broken) into the mixture. Gently massage it on your scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it off next day. Do this process for three days continuously.
Tip 2: Apply Henna onto your dried up and frizzy hair. Check twice that you are applying Henna and not Mehendi. Mehendi will make your hair coloured, where Henna will make it soft and silky. Add one egg white, juice of half lime, curd in the Henna powder. You can add dash of coffee to add a little colour to your hair. Make a smooth paste and apply it all over your hair (Not into the scalp). Keep it for dry off, after dried wash it off with a mild shampoo. You will see the difference instantly.
Tip 3: Mix 2 tbsp of honey and one ripe banana and make a smooth paste. Apply it on your hair, leave it for drying. Wash off with mild shampoo.
Tip 4: Break two eggs into a bowl. Add two teaspoons of olive oil and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix it well and massage gently on your hair and scalp. Leave this for 15-20 minutes. Wash thoroughly with mild shampoo.
Tip 5: Heat two tbsp of coconut oil and 5-6 curry leaves in a pan. Allow it to cool down. Gently massage on your hair and scalp. Immerse a towel in warm water. Wring out excess water from the towel. Wrap on the towel on your head for half an hour and then wash your hair thoroughly with mild shampoo.

That’s all friends. Hope this works out for you and make this V’Day the best V’Day in your life. Let me know, how these remedies worked for you. Thanks for reading. Good luck girls!!
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