Every time I go out for shopping, there are a few styles of women dresses that persistently attract me for no reason at all as I already have most of them in adequate quantity. It is not surprising to see the latest styles in jeans for women or in palazzo pants or in culottes, as these mark the beginning of a new trend which is going to last for long. But the latest styles do not mean that these would be suitable for everyone at every point in time. This is the reason I am always inclined to what suits me best, or what I am complimented for the most.

The last time when I went for an impromptu shopping session with Amit, I was quite obvious to the fact that I would hesitate a bit. He sarcastically pinpointed towards the women dresses in skater styles which I am a big fan of. The way he showed me the way to the same, I knew that he was hardly interested in making me buy one of them. To save myself from further taunts, I went against his expectations and turned myself towards the section of jeans for women. Seeing me walk towards the different aisle made him realise that I was quite adamant about not buying the skater women dresses this time, but did he actually know the reality? I am sure he did not. Women are women, they are stubborn and a bit crazy for the things they are highly fond of, especially when it comes to fashion apparels. No wonder, while I was looking at the stylish collection of jeans for women, I was getting distracted because of the previous aisle which I surpassed.

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To make the next move, I looked at a few palazzo pants and culottes as the latest summer styles, he accompanied me to both the sections, made me try out a few of the selected ones and we finally bought one of the culottes for our next month’s long weekend trip. Buying the stylish pair of culottes and two palazzo pants made my shopping experience fantabulous, but if I would have bought one of the skater women dresses, it would have made my day. Lacking the confidence of confessing, we both went out of the shopping outlet with a big smile on the face.

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The evening was quite enjoyable and I even tried the culottes at my home with one of my flattering ladies tops. It was late at night and there was no option left but to sleep. And the expected happened in the dreams, I was posing in front of the mirror in the little cute pink shaded skater dress which he made me see at the shopping mall. The very next morning, I took out time from the schedule and started searching the same style of women dresses online, and guess what? I was fortunate enough to see the same at, without wasting much of the time, I simply ordered it online and kept it as a secret so that I could dress it up surprisingly on the trip.

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The craze to buy skater dresses never ends, these always make me feel a bit younger to what I am. Keeping my body type in mind, I think these dresses compliment my shape and size, in comparison to other styles like palazzo pants and jeans for women. Having known the facts, and my fondness for the same, I am always unable to control myself in such situations. Finally, the stage of satiation reached and I could enjoy the sense of relief after buying the same.

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I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way and trust me there is nothing wrong in getting inclined for the same styles of ensembles every time. It is your body and you know the best what suits it, so don’t be scared, just buy what you feel and dress them up in the elegant way.


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Bollywood’s Sri Lankan beauty hardly fails to make a style statement and sets hearts aflutter every time she steps out. Be it award shows, promotional events, casual outings, weddings or vacations, there’s something to learn from her every time and upgrade our look. Not to mention, add new and versatile pieces to our wardrobe also. She manages to turn on heads each time and has hardly let stylists down. The gorgeous actress has come a long way from what her style used to be previously. Start jotting down notes as you find out about the important lessons each one of us can learn from:

1) Neon can look subtle

So you love clothes in neon shades but you also don’t wear them since they intimidate you. You don’t have to inject a big dose of neon in your outfit. Go for a pop of neon in a subtle manner just like Jacqueline does. She has teamed up her monochromatic outfit beautifully with a neon pink jacket. Her clean makeup further elevates her look.

Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez

2) Layer jewellery sensibly

There are some jewellery rules which work like a charm and make statement pieces work beautifully. If you want to layer different jewellery pieces, do it on one area. If you are stacking bracelets on your hands, keep the jewellery pieces for your neck and ear simple and sleek. Otherwise you run the risk of looking like a decked Christmas tree. Similarly if you are going for a statement neckpiece, don’t make your look overwhelming by going for statement earrings.

Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez

3) Sporty Look Isn’t Just For Playground

Because whoever said sporty and glamorous look can’t come together clearly had no idea about what style means. One can always count on Jacqueline to make even simple sporty dresses look glam. So the next time you need inspiration for styling your sporty dress or ways on how to wear baseball cap with a dress, you know who to turn to. Now you know how to style them, add more pieces to your wardrobe by shopping from India’s mega online Fashion store at non-bank breaking prices with the help of Jabong coupons available on
Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez

4) Kurta and pants doesn’t has to be boring

Jacqueline looks every bit ethereal here! The way in which she has rocked this outfit is beyond words. She isn’t decked in jewellery and makes for a real cool inspiration for women who despise kurta and pants thinking they might just look the same like everyone else. You can shop for a lot of trendy kurta and pants online at prices which won’t hurt your pocket by using Fashion And You coupons via
Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez

5) Mix and match with stripes

Stripes have made a big comeback this season and can be seen just all over. One of the best ways to hide and highlight different body parts is by creating illusions through different kinds of stripes. Go for vertical stripes for the areas where you want to create a slimming effect. Diagonal ones work great too. Opt for horizontal stripes for the parts wherein you want to create extra weight. She has completed her look here with a statement neck piece which adds color to her otherwise monochrome outfit. In her second look, she has opted for a very casual look by pairing her striped tee with distressed jeans.
Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez
Style Lessons from Jacqueline Fernandez

These are just a few of the amazing looks she sports every time and wows everyone! She is a style inspiration especially for women with curves and do not know how to dress up and flaunt them.

Disclaimer: Pictures used are not mine. All the pictures are linked to their original sources. This post is a guest post. 
Hair has always been the only ornament for a lady to have naturally. From Rapunzel to Cleopatra everybody has cherished a dream of beautiful hair. 
Women have always given efforts to get nice hair. Earlier, it used to be herbal, natural packs and masks. Now, that turned into going to salon, heading for a hair spa. But, both of them require a lot of time and endurance; and what modern women lack is TIME. 
So, what to do? Should we stop dreaming about gorgeous ramp- ready hair? No, there has to be an answer, and the answer is TRESemme! Yes, they will do magic to your frizzy, dull hair and make it so soft and smooth like satin.


As a Bollywood lover I have always adored the lovely long hair of Rekha, Poonam Dhillon, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Diana Penty. I love their hair and deeply wish to get that kind of hair some day. TRESemme made my wish come true. Now my hair is so silky smooth that I keep caressing it again and again.

Why I like TRESemme?

I am a very snooty kind of a person when it comes to hair-care. I love my hair so I don’t want to experiment. The only reason why I like TRESemme is that it does what it claims. There is no point of exaggerated, star-studded commercials. I thinks it’s unnecessary when it comes to TRESemme.
What TRESemme did to me?
Oh! it just made my hair ramp-ready, like they says. Well, there’s a hint what TRESemme did to my hair.
How did I twist, turn and style with TRESemme?
There’s a few samples of hair styles that I managed to do with my soft and smooth hair that caused by TRESemme.
A braid headband for that classy touch
A perfectly messy bun
A rope bun updo
A rope bun

A rope updo with a hint of flowers, perfect for summers

So, get your hair ramp-ready this summer and be the celebrity. Be stylish, live well. Thanks for reading.

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